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Sound Healing

I am currently co-leading SpiritSong Circles with Laurie Markoff at Harmony Center in Medfield. Check out Harmony Center's website. SpiritSong empowers one to sound out her/his own "song", freeing him/her from constraints imposed by self or others, and also releasing blocks to energies that have been stuffed that may be the underlying causes of dis-ease. It can also open the singer to a more personal relationship with Source, whatever name one is comfortable with.

I've also led Sound Healing Circles: an improvisational sounding where the members of the circle hold a healing intention for one or more people lying in the center of the circle. These circles can be subtle or very energetic, disonant or beautifully harmonic. I will put a notice on my News page when I schedule my next one.

I also play and teach Native American Flute (I am not a Native American), work with crystal and metal bowls, and have extensive experience with Peruvian Whistling Vessels.

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