The Balance

Words and music by Tom Maynard

Aren't we tired of being afraid?

Tom Maynard: vocal, guitar, lead guitar; BOSS Micro BR: percussion

Where the hell are we going and where have we been?
Seems we’re running in circles; look, we've come ‘round again
You’d think with lessons learned we'd make a different choice
Instead it seems we’ve lost our voice
Collective amnesia and laryngitis, too
Letting someone else define what’s true

Watch the rain come tumbling down to nurture and give birth
But too much rain can flood and drown all the children of the earth
Somewhere there’s a wildfire raging for want of all this rain
We need to find the balance once again
Help us find the balance once again

They’ve got us fearing our shadows; that’s how they keep in control
Narrow down our vision and tightening their hold
They keep on reminding us of all we have to lose
In every story on the evening news
They shine their blinding light to dazzle in our eyes
While slight of hand obscures the lies


Yes there’s a fire raging; it’s burning out of control
Injustice is the tinder and anger fans the coals
If only a soothing rain could take away the heat
But hatred pounds a violent beat
And vengeance blinds the eye to any other way
A chance is lost that grief betrays
All chances fading into gray
And love is lost amidst the fray