Pairing: S/X/William
Rating: maybe NC-17… maybe just a hard R. Judgment call, there. LOL
Disclaimer: Not Jos, blah-blah-blah.

For my purposes, Spike is Spike. William is also a vampire but never took on the Spike-persona. William is therefore more like the William from the show, if that makes any sense. LOL

Sweet Seduction

Tisienne Blue

The fact that there was begging involved was just a plus, as far as he was concerned.

Then again, begging wasn’t entirely uncommon when he and his brother spent time with their oh-so-pretty boy.

Granted, ‘boy’ might not be exactly the right word because Xander was going on forty now, but he still looked much the same as he had when the three of them had started this… whatever it was they were doing.

Yeah, close to twenty years and their human could pass for the same boy he’d been.

William figured it was quite possibly due to the regular sips of vampire blood he and Spike gave their boy.

That or the very frequent swallows of cool, rich spunk Xander seemed to delight in. After all, chemically, semen and blood were virtually identical, so it stood to reason that vampire jism would be quite similar to their boys second favourite fluid.

It was the warm, wet tongue lapping at his fingers that drew William’s mind away from his reflections and back to the present.

“Yes, Xander,” he murmured, pressing one slick digit into that open, panting mouth for just a moment before pulling it away, “was there something which you… desired?”

Xander groaned and gazed up, wondering whether this was the night his should-have-been-patented puppy-eyes would fail, then blinked slowly and licked his lips. “Please… please, Will… I need it… can I… please… want it so much…”

Spike chuckled, pulling the man’s round ass back harder and arching up in his chair, swollen cock rubbing tauntingly against that hot, luscious seat. “Poor pet’s beggin’ for it, Will-luv… soddin’ gorgeous when he begs, yah?”

William found himself licking his own lips as his hand dropped, gathering more of the thick, viscous fluid and presenting it to the brunette. “Yes… yes, he is, Spike. And so very… agreeable. More so than he was in the beginning.” His fingers flexed, caressing the dips and whorls of their Xander’s palette and he gasped out one soft, unneeded gust of air. “Perfectly lovely, our Alexander is, brother.”

Brown eyes closed as Xander’s tongue wrapped longingly around Will’s fingers, dragging every possible whisper and hint of flavour from them as he rocked himself back and forth, back and forth on Spike’s lap.

If anyone had told him back in the beginning that he would come to crave the attentions and affections of these two men—vampires, yes, but men none the less—he would have told them they were crazy. And yet, here he was, sucking sweet, seductive glory from William’s fingers while Spike… “Ohhhh…” he groaned, eyes closing with sheer bliss as Spike’s fingers rose as well, offering a similar taste. “Gods…”

The blonder twin chuckled, his free hand ghosting lightly up Xander’s chest before finding one tightly budded male nipple and pinching hard. “Yah, luv… know ya like that… think we’ll have ta pierce it again in just a little while, hmmm…?”

“Guhhh…” the brunette moaned around the four fingers currently stabbing in and out of his mouth. “M-more,” he demanded when they left him.

Two sets of blue eyes met in an amused gaze and matched chuckles trembled in the air. “Always wantin’ more, aren’t ya, pet?” Spike murmured, pulling that long, strong spine back against his chest, fingers dancing demandingly over lightly heaving skin. “Lucky for ya, me an’ Will don’t mind givin’ in ta your…”

“Desires,” the other blond finished with a heated look at their boy. “And no, we don’t mind at all, Alexander. It… pleases us to satisfy your… urges.”

One strong, toned hand stretched out, joining Will’s on the firm coolness, and Xander moaned happily as the tip was pressed to his lips. “Fuck… you do, Will. Both of you… Jesus, so…” He moaned again, opening his mouth to take it in, tongue swirling wickedly around the ridge just past the top, then closing his lips tightly and sucking hard, working for more of that perfect flavour, that thick richness he craved.

“Bloody hell… so fuckin’ pretty when he sucks,” Spike growled, one hand slipping down Xander’s chest to rub slowly, firmly at thick hardness. His hips moved harder, pressing into that luscious ass over and over again, and the only thing that could possibly be better was…

“Lovely, lovely mouth, dearest… your lips are so tight, so red… I could watch you do that all night, Alexander…” William groaned, fingers tightening around Xander’s for just a moment. “Knowing how you love it, darling boy, it’s… wonderful.”

The brunette moaned, lapping almost delicately at the small dribbles, reveling in the sweet fulfillment. “I… God, too good, Will. I can’t…”

Spike smirked and pulled the bottle of chocolate sauce from their joined hands, tossing it aside before lowering his lips to Xander’s neck, fingers busily unfastening their bloke’s jeans. “Can’t wait ta slip inta you, pet… now that you’re all sugared up an’ such… fill ya so good, luv, an’ Will…” he chuckled again.

William nodded, quickly divesting himself of his own trousers and shirt. “I’m going to fill your mouth, dearest. And you’re going to show me again just how… blissful it is, yes?”

Xander moaned, raising his hips as the jeans were pushed down, past his thighs and to his calves. He held the position a moment longer, letting Spike achieve a similar state, and when the blonder vamp pulled him back, and down, and that long, thick cock slid quickly, roughly into his prepared hole, he gasped, neck arching as much as his back. “G-god…”

Spike growled softly, pulling the boy down just a bit more, sheathing himself fully. “Ya ready ta assume th’ position, Will?” he grunted tightly, relieved when his brother nodded and smiled.

“Oh… oh, yes,” William murmured, one hand rising to stroke thick brown hair gently while the other circled his hard shaft, presenting it confidently to the red lips he’d been admiring earlier. “I believe myself to be… more than ready, brother…”

Brown eyes gazed at the deep pink shaft with just as much lust as they’d done the bottle of chocolate earlier. “Mmmm…” Xander groaned, licking his lips as William shifted closer to stand between his spread thighs, “Chocolate and you, Will…? Heaven.” Not to mention, Spike wouldn’t let him start moving until Will’s cock was deep in his hot throat, but… that was just as it should be.

His mouth opened wide and Xander whimpered wantonly, hips finally allowed freedom as Will’s shaft slid inside, his own motions making Spike’s thick readiness mirror the motion from behind.

Oh, yeah… if anyone had told him twenty years ago that he’d be here now, with these two vamps… with a cock deep in his ass and an identical one thrusting shallowly at first in his mouth…? He would have said they were crazy.

Fortunately, he would have been wrong.

The End

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