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Getting On

Tisienne Blue

Part Five

The bathtub clearly hadn’t been designed with the idea of two grown men sharing it in mind, but with a good bit of shifting and wriggling they managed to find a comfortable position.

Xander mumbled softly, not actual words but simply contented sounds, though William was fairly sure the man didn’t realize he was doing it, and he’d be damned if he was going to call attention to it, in any case. Not when those sounds made him feel so… warm and welcome, anyway.

He leaned back into the broad form behind him, hands rubbing lightly up and down the strong thighs he was nestled between, and when Xander’s strong, capable hands slid the soapy washcloth over his chest, William let his head fall back onto one solid shoulder, enjoying the sensation of the long, hard shaft sliding slightly against his back.

“ ‘s nice,” he murmured, the warm water soothing a variety of aches he hadn’t even noticed. “Usually just shower. Might have to change that…”

A sly smile spread across Xander’s lips as his hand slid down trailing cloth and soap to the waterline. “Mmmm… yeah, me too. Suddenly seeing the appeal of soaking, here. Probably wouldn’t be anywhere near this good alone, though.” He rubbed his cheek against William’s hair, lips finding the edge of the man’s jaw and pressing a slow, soft kiss to the warm skin as he released the washcloth and stroked William’s turgid length playfully. “Just making sure you’re clean,” he murmured when the action had the blond pressing back harder against him.

“B-bloody… no, I’m incredibly dirty, pet… think it m-might take a bit more… w-washing to clean me up… bloody hell, Xander…”

His hand slid slowly, teasingly, fingers toying lightly with Will’s foreskin then sliding down to cup and roll the man’s lightly haired sac before slipping back further and dancing around the tight pucker he’d been inside so recently, and when William was a begging, pleading mess, writhing against him so hard that water was splashing over the edge of the tub, Xander finally spoke. “Remember when you promised me anything, baby…?”

“I… oh, God…” He could barely remember his own name, he was so aroused. “X-xander, please… please, luv… please, pet…”

Xander chuckled and stroked Will’s shaft a bit faster, increasing the pressure as the blond gasped huge gulps of air. “I was gonna ask you for something entirely different, baby,” he heard himself saying, “but I have a better idea. I’ll tell you when you can think again, okay?”

“Unnngh… y-yes… a-anyth-thing… j-just d-don’t s-s-stop…” William wasn’t sure of what he was saying but it made Xander’s hand move faster still, and that was truly all that mattered right then. His body pressed back harder into the muscled mass of his lover’s and he cried out sharply as the incredible sensations rose higher and higher, finally cresting and breaking over him. “Xanderrrrrr…!” he mewled, the back of his head pressing hard into the man’s shoulder as he came right there in the bath.

His own orgasm came as a shock, but Xander was too busy experiencing it to wonder at the fact that William cumming with his name on his lips had that powerful of an impact. Instead, he wrapped his free arm around the blond’s waist and pulled him tighter to him, sliding his own tender flesh along the indentation of Will’s spine. “God…” he groaned, breathing hard as he spilled his last.


Another night, another bath, and they’d actually managed to end up under the covers this time, William thought with a shy smile. And it was a good thing, too, because the last thing he needed was to catch a cold so soon after meeting and discovering Xander. He shifted slightly, his scarred leg laying over Xander’s knees and when the brunette merely looked at him and tightened his arm around him, William couldn’t help but smile even more.

“What’s so funny?” Xander asked, the fingers of his non-Will-holding hand tangling with long, pale digits lightly. Maybe they were both Will-holding hands, he decided with a grin. Then again, it wasn’t like that was any hardship, so he just kissed the blond’s hair lightly.

William shrugged, hiding his blush by pressing his face against Xander’s broad chest. “Nothing. I was just thinking… as angry as I was about it at the time, I’m rather glad my car broke down the other night.”

If William had been looking, Xander was sure he would have caught an entirely too gay and utterly sappy look on his face. Still, “Me too, baby… and thank God I offered to return the cement to that purveyor. I…” He swallowed hard and stared fixedly at the ceiling, tracing the familiar crack in the paint as he forced himself to go on. “Remember when you said ‘anything’, Will? I… did you mean it?”

His embarrassment forgotten for the moment due to the oddly tentative tone of Xander’s voice, William nodded slowly, his cheek grazing one dusky nipple. “I’ll not be parading naked down the street or anything of that nature, but… yes, Xander. I… oh, for fuck’s sake. I… what are we doing here, Xan? I mean, are we… that is to say, is this… oh, bloody hell, I know we’re blokes and a good shag is just a good shag but is this something…” He bit his lip nervously, wondering if he’d just screwed up the best thing to happen to him in… ever.

“Something what?” Xander murmured, relief singing through him as he understood what Will was trying to ask. “Something more than just a suck and fuck…?” He took a deep breath and released it loudly. “God, I hope so. I… look, Will. I don’t know the why or how of it, but… I want you. Not just a fuck. Not even some sort of casual on again-off again thing. I… it’s just… the minute I saw you standing there in the dark, looking so damned right, I…”

He sighed and shook his head, entirely unaware of the hungry gaze locked on him while his eyes traced that crack above him again and again, an entire river of sudden doubt flowing through him. “But I don’t want to lose this, okay? So if you just want a… fuck buddy, I… I’ll live with it. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop wanting more, though… okay?”

“Are you off your bloody nut?” William almost snarled the words, sitting up and pushing the blankets to his knees, regardless of the hands still holding onto him. “Here I’ve been worried that I was getting too clingy and would scare you off and the whole time you’ve been thinking… what? ‘William’s having a go at me; just fucking about’? Are you completely mad? Or is it that you think I’m some sort of slut? That I’m so bloody easy, I’ll take any bloke I can get?” He snorted angrily. “You are the first man I’ve had any sort of relations with in… six years, three months and twenty-seven days, and if you truly believe I’ve not had opportunities in all that time—even with the scars and the limp—then you’re sadly mistaken!”

He struggled to disentangle himself from the larger man, growling deep in his throat when he couldn’t manage it. “I saw you that night, Xander, and all I could think about was getting to know you—and not merely in the biblical sense—and yet you’re suggesting that I want nothing but…” His eyes narrowed dangerously as he saw the very obvious—to him—twitching of a smile at the brunette’s lips. “And don’t you dare laugh at me, you… prat!”

Xander tried not to laugh; he really did. But the way Will was glaring at him with his drying blond hair sticking up in soft, downy tufts was too adorable. He did his best to restrain himself to a chuckle, though the other man clearly didn’t appreciate the effort.

“I… I’m sorry, baby. It’s nothing, just…” He shook his head and sat up himself, rather than release his hold on his angry lover.

“No, tell me! Tell me what has you so bloody fucking amused!” William demanded, his glare becoming even hotter. “I will not sit here and be ridiculed! Not even by you!”

Xander blushed just a bit then nodded. “Okay, fine. You really want to know why I was smiling, Will? I’ll tell you, but don’t blame me when it just makes you mad. Madder.” He sighed silently when his most winning smile was met with a hard stare.

“I was thinking,” he said slowly, shifting just an inch or so closer to the man, “that you’re the first guy I’ve ever known who’s made me want to tell him he’s beautiful when he’s angry. I never got it before, y’know? When guys would say that to women, I mean. I always figured angry was just… angry, right?” He shrugged sheepishly. “But you…” Xander collapsed back onto the bed, pulling the blond with him. “You’re so fucking gorgeous, Will, and when you’re all mad like this? Shit, I wish I had a camera so you could see…”

And just like that, William felt his anger draining away to be replaced by an oddly pleased acceptance. “Yes, well,” he grumbled, squirming just a bit to get comfortable at Xander’s side again, “I doubt you’ll need a camera if you’re planning on being so bloody infuriating all the time. You’re likely to see me in all my stunning sodding ‘beauty’ more often than not.”

The words had Xander smiling again, this time with pure pleasure. “And no,” he said after a long moment during which he pulled William against him and kicked the covers high enough to reach them, “I don’t think you’re a slut. I just… well, we never really talked about what we wanted and… I didn’t want to push.” He shrugged sheepishly. “I didn’t want to scare you off, either.”

A long silence, during which William considered that, and then the blond spoke softly, his cheek once again on Xander’s chest, one arm resting lightly across the brunette’s stomach. “So what did you want for your ‘anything’, Xander? I… we seem to have gotten sidetracked.”

Tanned skin flushed deeply before Xander found his voice.

“I… I was thinking, Will. Maybe we could… go and get tested. I… Hell, I was clean eight months ago and I haven’t… anything at all since then and…” He groaned softly, hoping the blond understood just how seriously he was taking this… whatever they’d begun.

“And?” William prompted, tilting his head to look into Xander’s troubled face, “And what, pet…? Tell me.” He held his breath, wondering if he could possibly be understanding right and hoping against hope that he was.

Thick fingers left slender, pale ones and Xander cupped William’s face gently, resisting the urge to lighten the mood by crying ‘ouch’ and pretending the sharp cheek bone there had cut him.

“I want us to be sure we’re clean, Will,” he said softly, “and when we are, I… God, I want to… I mean…” He blushed even more deeply.

William couldn’t help the smirk that crossed his lips and he didn’t even try. “You want to slide into me bare, don’t you Xander?” he murmured silkily as he slipped his bad leg further over his bloke’s solid hips. “You want to be entirely naked and deep inside me… and when you cum, pet… you want me to feel it, want it dripping down my legs when I try to walk.”

He smirked even more at the groan the words earned him, shifting his weight and levering himself up until he straddled the brunette’s lap, the man’s long, thick hardness trapped between his thighs and their bodies as his own shaft grew.

“Doubt I’ll be able to walk, though… not after being pumped so full and deep, Xan. Have a good notion that you won’t stop with just once, after all. Not once you’ve felt me around you without that bloody latex between us, yes…?” He leaned down, letting his tongue play wantonly at Xander’s lips then darting it inside when that hot red mouth opened on a gasp.

Christ, he was in Hell! And what was worse was that Xander knew it.

William was on him and that pale, beautiful body was pressing down with its full weight. His ready-again cock was snugged deep in the crease between Will’s legs and he could feel the blond’s heavy balls against his shaft… and William was kissing him, taking his mouth with abandon and joy and… and God, with such intense desire and maybe… maybe his new lover wasn’t as submissive as he’d thought and that was definitely a good thing but he wasn’t going to ask; not yet.

His arms closed roughly around the slightly smaller form and Xander moaned into the kiss, his hips arching to rub his cock between those pale thighs almost desperately.

He would ask Will to take him. After they’d both come up negative. Hell, he’d beg the blond if that was what it took, because… he wanted exactly what William had said. And he wanted to feel it, too.

“God… yeah,” he groaned into that hot pink mouth, hands finding and holding toned ass cheeks as he moved his lover faster, harder, their turgid shafts finally meeting and sliding together in the slick fluids they were both leaking.

“William,” he begged in the brief moment when his lips were free, “Cum for me…!”

Lust-glazed blue eyes met equally hot brown and William groaned. “You first,” he demanded, and if they actually throbbed and pulsed and spilled together at virtually the same moment, well… that was fine too, he figured.

Part Six

A week.

An entire week of William’s presence in his bed on a near nightly basis and it wasn’t enough. Hell, it wasn’t even close to being enough and Xander still sighed softly when the blond slipped away in the dark light of early morning.

They had an appointment at the clinic on Monday evening, and it almost wasn’t soon enough, but apparently he wasn’t the only one with a job although all Will would say on the subject was that he handled a few things for his brother.

He didn’t say it like it was a secret, but more as though he was somewhat embarrassed by whatever it was that he did; that was the only reason Xander wasn’t going crazy over not knowing, and… well, eventually William would understand that Xander wasn’t the sort to make fun and he’d just tell him, and for that…? For that final trust, Xander was willing to wait.

It helped that William was there with him every night; that the blond clearly wanted to be… and Xander kind of understood about doing something for a living that you weren’t necessarily proud of. He’d done things before he’d moved to Texas that still made him blush on remembering. Make-work, mostly, when his father hadn’t known what else to do with him, but still… he understood.

What he didn’t understand, however, was his lover’s obvious worry over the party that night.

“Come on, Will,” he called from the bathroom, “I can hear you being all nervous and jittery from here! It’s gonna be fine, okay? We’ll just stop by, have a drink or two, and then if you’re really not having a good time, we can leave. Chuy’s gonna be there. His wife really wants to meet you.” ‘And look you over for herself, and she’s the one whose opinion really matters,’ he added silently, but he wasn’t going to tell William that. The man was anxious enough already.

William sighed and forced his teeth to leave his lip as he levered himself up from the chair he’d been… ‘not brooding,’ he insisted to himself, ‘I am not brooding! That’s Angel’s job and he has the position filled more than adequately…’… thinking.

He made his careful way to the bathroom door, favoring his bad leg although the workouts it had been through since meeting Xander had increased both the strength and flexibility a good bit.

He leaned in the open doorway, worried blue eyes raking slowly down then up the bulkier form of his lover. “You look wonderful, luv,” he murmured, and the words were entirely true. Dark jeans clung enticingly to Xander’s toned, round rear and wrapped very nicely around those strong, toned thighs while the tight, plum colored t-shirt molded perfectly to the man’s torso. “Are you entirely certain that you wouldn’t rather stay in tonight?” he added hopefully.

Xander chuckled softly, tossing his comb onto the surface beside the sink and meeting William’s eyes in the mirror. “Baby… is it so hard to believe that I want to show you off? I mean, look at yourself, Will.” He turned, treating the blond to an appraising and possessive stare. “You’re gorgeous,” he said almost smugly, “and even though I have no idea of what you’re doing with me, you are with me. I think I’m entitled to a little bit of gloating, don’t you?” He grinned.

It was only the slight tinge of sadness in Xander’s deep eyes that had William nodding slowly and he couldn’t help but wonder at who had put it there because he was entirely certain that it hadn’t been himself. “I just…” he said after a moment, truth finally slipping from him, “I’m afraid your friends won’t like me, Xander, and I know how important they are to you and…”

And just like that, Xander had crossed the few feet between them and had one hand on William’s shoulder, the other on his hip as he stared deep into those concerned eyes.

“Will. William.” Xander shook his head. “Listen to me. You’re smart and funny and if there’s even one person on the face of this planet who isn’t gonna like you, it’s because they’re either stupid or insane. Maybe both. But that doesn’t matter, okay?” He smiled and leaned in closer, brushing one slow, gentle kiss against slightly parted pink lips. “I’m so proud of being with you. So fucking proud that someone as strong and good as you could even want me. You have no idea. And you’re right. My friends are important to me. That’s why I want them to meet the guy who matters just as much, okay?” He smiled again, winningly. “And I know my friends, baby. They’re gonna love you. Promise, okay?”

Somehow, William didn’t think it was going to be that easy, but… ‘worst case, they truly won’t like me and I suppose that will mean Xander and I will simply have to spend more time alone in bed rather than with them’… and as that wasn’t by any means a horrible fate, he found himself suddenly more willing to embark upon what was sure to be a very uncomfortable evening.

“Alright,” he finally allowed with a great show of reluctance, “however, when they do decide I’m not good enough for you, pet, I’ll be holding you responsible for bringing me back here and making me… feel better.”

Xander frowned deeply then smiled. “I can do that, Will. Besides, this way I’ll owe you, right? You know… in case you ever want to make me meet your friends.” Which Xander had only just realized hadn’t even been suggested by the blond, but he’d think about that later. “Now come on. We don’t want to be too late, right? Malina gets kinda pissy about that sort of thing.”


One good thing about the truck was the bench seat. It was far more comfortable for certain activities than the bucket seats in Will’s Corvette, Xander noticed yet again.

He moaned happily, swallowing the last slick spurt of jism and letting his tongue slide slowly around the loosening foreskin before finally pulling away to tuck Will’s cock back into his pants.

“Feeling more relaxed, baby?” he murmured, a very male and purely satisfied smile crossing his lips at the sated and stunned expression on the blond’s lax face.

“Bloody hell,” William groaned, body slumped languidly against the vinyl cushioning. “If I get any more relaxed, luv, you’ll have to carry me into the party.”

Xander grinned even more as he started the truck again and pulled out of the dark corner of the parking lot. “Good. You were way too tense before. Besides, I love sucking your cock, Will, which is… kind of surprising. I never really got off on that much before, but with you…?” He shrugged and darted a swift, heated look at the man beside him.

And that was all well and good, William figured, but it didn’t give him any clue as to why Xander wouldn’t let him return the favor. Not that he didn’t enjoy the sensation of being buried nearly balls deep in his bloke’s hot, grasping throat, but… he wanted to taste Xander too, damn it, and the brunette seemed determined to keep that from happening, which was just annoying and irritating and decidedly cruel, in his opinion.

Still, it was hardly the time for ‘we need to talk, Xander,’… not with the bloody party still to come, anyway. He would feel terrible if he announced that and Xander spent the entire evening worrying over what they needed to talk about, after all, so William merely smiled. “I suppose that’s a good thing, then, since you seem determined to spend so much time engaged in exactly that endeavor, Xan.”

It was entirely due to the fact that Xander was actually worried about Malina approving of William that he missed the small tone of tension in his lover’s voice, but… Malina had to like Will. She just had to. The woman had some sort of power, after all.

It wasn’t second sight, Xander knew, and she wasn’t psychic exactly, but… Chuy’s wife saw things about people, somehow. She'd known within minutes of meeting Xander’s ex that the guy wasn’t going to be good for him, although Chuy had only told him that after everything had gone to Hell.

In fact, every guy on Xander’s crew had run their girlfriends by Malina before getting too serious with them and on the rare occasion that her advice had been ignored, it hadn’t been pretty.

He wasn’t completely sure of what he’d do if the woman disapproved of Will, but he’d probably keep seeing him and wait for the heartache. Probably.

So yeah, he was a little bit anxious and getting more so the closer they got to the house.

“It’s gonna be fun, baby,” he said softly, turning on to Chuy’s street and pulling up behind another truck so similar to his own that color was the only distinguishing characteristic. “And if it’s not, we’re out of here, okay?”

William smiled, forcing his own intense nervousness down even as he wondered—yet again—what he would possibly have to talk about with Xander’s friends. He’d never worked construction himself. Had never even had a real job, because what he did for Angel didn’t count. How hard was it to schmooze the clients and be charming, after all?

His smile grew, becoming more real when Xander moved around the truck and took his hand in a comforting grip. “It’s for the best, really,” he answered softly as the somewhat larger man led him down the walk towards the brightly lit and rather loud house a few lots away. “Even if they don’t like me, I suppose they’ll have to get used to me, yes?” Because he’d be damned if he was going to give Xander up. Of course, he still wanted to know why the brunette wouldn’t let him taste him, but whatever the reason, William would find a way around it. He was a rather resourceful sort, if he did say so himself.


The party was a lot bigger than Xander had expected; mostly because these affairs were usually just his own crew and maybe one or two others from the site but in this case, Chuy had apparently invited most of the company.

He’d almost panicked when he’d realized, but… he’d have had to come out of the proverbial closet eventually. His own guys had already known about his sexuality, of course, but clearly everyone did now because Xander hadn’t been able to force himself to pretend Will was just a friend; not even when he’d seen his boss there.

Instead, he’d tightened his grip on William’s hand and swallowed hard before giving the room a rather shaky smile and starting introductions.

That had been close to two hours earlier, though, and while he still caught a few of the guys looking at him a little oddly, most of them had taken it well enough. Or as Chuy had said “They know you, Xander. Respect you. You work hard and you go the extra mile. Like when you shoved Raul out of the way of those falling boards last month. You got banged up but you saved him a broken leg. Besides, you never stare too long or try to hook up. You respect them, too, so who cares?”.

That had been eye-opening enough, but the thing that still shocked Xander was that Charles Durring—the big boss—had only blinked a few times and arched a brow before saying that he wouldn’t be trying to fix Xander up with his niece after all. He’d also recommended against playing the Village People over the loudspeaker at the site but Xander was pretty sure that part had been a joke. He hoped so, anyway, because who would actually do that?

So here he sat, beer in one hand, William’s knee under the other, and listened while Will and Ricardo—another one of Xander’s crew—talked investments and Xander couldn’t help smiling.


William wasn’t sure of why he’d been so worried. Xander’s friends were very much like the brunette himself… or at least the ones he’d spoken with were.

He supposed that he had perhaps made certain assumptions based upon their profession, some unknown snobbery rearing its ugly head at the knowledge that they worked with their hands and sweated for their pay, but knowing Xander should have shown him that such stereotypes were biased and not necessarily true.

Tomas had been a school teacher in Guatemala before coming to the States where he made far more money doing drywall. Raul had been brought up from Mexico to play Major League baseball before an unfortunate accident during a game had ruined his pitching arm; his coach had put in a good word for him with a cousin in construction and Raul still sent money home to his mother and four siblings.

And Ricardo—the young man he was talking to at the moment—seemed to be rather good at playing the stock market. Better than some of the highly educated and so-wealthy people William knew.

“Xander got me started,” Ricardo said in answer to William’s latest question. “He went from riding the bus one week to buying that truck outright the next. We were all thinking he was into something illegal but I asked and he started telling me about stocks and margins and spec and a bunch of other shit I didn’t know anything about, y’know?” He laughed. “It was fuckin’ strange, man. Here’s this guy who always kept to himself and we figured he was stuck up or stupid or something, but the minute I asked him what he was into, I couldn’t shut him up.”

“Hey!” Xander objected, laughing as well, “It’s not my fault you guys never said anything other than ‘gimme a nail’ to me before that!”

William smiled and patted Xander’s hand. “So you’re telling me Xander’s good with stocks as well, then.”

The young man rolled his eyes. “You have no idea, Will. Let me tell you, in the first month after he started helping me…”


Chuy snagged another beer out of the large tub of icy water beside the kitchen table then moved up behind his wife, draping his free arm over her shoulders. “So..?” he asked softly, following her gaze to their friend and the blond man, “William seems nice.”

Malina’s eyes rolled as she took the beer from Chuy’s hand and twisted off the cap before handing it back to him. “A thousand times better than the last one,” she agreed in her lightly accented English, “but…” She sighed, her voice trailing off.

Ah, hell. He’d been hoping this one would work out. Xander had been so damned happy for the last week. “But what?” he prodded hopefully, still not sure of how Malina always knew so much just by seeing a couple.

The woman shrugged, letting her head rest lightly against her husband’s shoulder. “I don’t know. I’ve seen how Xander looks at him but he doesn’t seem to look at Xander, if that makes any sense. Maybe if they were apart for more than a minute I could…” she shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Was that all? Hell, Chuy could manage that much without even lying to his friend. “Hey, Xander! Get your ass over here, I need to ask you something!” He grinned when Malina turned her head against him and glared. “What? I’ll keep him busy for five. And we won’t even talk about work.”


“Wait… you’re serious. You really called me over here to talk about Will.” Xander arched a brow as he sipped the beer Chuy’d handed him. “So instead of sitting over there with him, I’m here… talking about him. What kind of sense does that make, buddy?”

The shorter, stockier man grinned. “You’ve been glued to his side for hours, right? I figure we should see if he can manage without you. Just because he’s got a bum leg, that doesn’t mean he can’t handle himself, right?”

Xander knew his skin was flushing. He could feel it. And even though he was about a hundred percent sure Chuy hadn’t meant the words to create the images suddenly filling his head, it didn’t mean they weren’t there.

Xander groaned silently as his brain supplied ever more explicit memories of William doing just that, those long, pale fingers sliding slowly over that even longer hardness, white skin almost glowing against dark sheets… wheaten hair spread out while William’s eyes held his, gleaming in the reflected light from the open bathroom door…

“Oh, he can,” he heard himself saying, blushing even more at his own tone before trying to cover it with a long sip of beer and a cough.

Chuy found himself blinking and ducking his head to hide yet another grin. He’d never had the chance to really tease Xander about his lovers before—mostly because they’d been few and far between… or so wrong for the man that there’d been nothing to tease about—but it was definitely fun. “Thought you were taking over that job, but whatever floats your boat, I guess,” was what he actually said, his eyes laughing when the taller brunette nearly spit beer across the room. “What?”

“I… you…” Xander gasped, still coughing slightly to get the remains of his beer out of his windpipe, “That… you…!” He forced himself to breathe and once the slight burning in his throat faded he shook his head. “You know… I know you knew about me, Chuy. I just never expected you to be so… cool with it, I guess.”

The man shook his head as well, deliberately mirroring Xander. “Cultural taboos aside, Xander… got a cousin like you. Big, strong… he’s a good man. Looks after his Mama, his sisters. And he likes guys.” He shrugged. “Gets him into trouble every now and then, but he was my best friend growing up. I never got why it should matter what he likes to have in his bed, y’know? I figure… anyone who takes care of their responsibilities and doesn’t slack off, waiting for someone else to do it for them…? They’ve pretty much earned the right to whatever’s gonna make them happy. Guys make you happy? Can’t say I get why, but… good. Leaves more chicas for the rest of us, right?”

Chuy waggled his bushy brows comically and Xander found himself laughing loud and hard. “Yeah, okay… just don’t let Malina hear you say that, buddy,” he answered with a wink as the last tiny bit of reserve he’d felt around his guys faded.

His grin stayed broad on his lips even as he looked into the living room again and caught William staring at him with what appeared to be shock and sudden fear. “Will?” he whispered, starting forward, but then that expression changed, became softer… slipped into a tender smile that warmed Xander from his fiery red cheeks to his toes. “Oh… oh, wow…”



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