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Getting On

Tisienne Blue

Part Three

“Wait!” William called, limping rapidly after the stunning, somewhat taller man. “Xander, wait! Bloody hell! Please!” And God help him if he knew why he was even trying, but something inside him demanded that he take the chance. Xander was definitely the most appealing man he’d met in ages, and he’d be damned if he was going to let the bloke just walk away from him without even trying to spend a bit more time with him, straight or not. “Please!” he called again.

Xander groaned, already half a block down the street but when he glanced back and saw how quickly Will was moving after him, regardless of the pain that leg must be causing, he… stopped, with a softly muttered “Shit.”.

“What can I do for you, William?” he demanded, voice tight with want as he forced his eyes to remain locked on a point just beyond the blond’s head. “Oh, wait. You need directions, right?” Of course he did, Xander told himself. Will wouldn’t know this part of town even slightly.

William flushed deeply, his eyes dropping to the pavement between his feet and Xander’s. “No, I… that is…” He swallowed hard then made himself be even bolder than he’d been all night. “I wondered, actually. Do you think… that is, I was curious as to whether…” William frowned at his own timidness and cleared his throat. “We should do this again. Dinner. Or perhaps… a film…?” He bit his lip nervously as he waited for the inevitable refusal although his expression changed radically when he heard the brunette’s response.

What the fuck? Will wanted to see him again?

No. No, it wasn’t possible that the blond meant what it sounded like he meant. Will was just being nice and… and apparently the guy liked him, but not the way Xander wanted him to and… there was no way he could spend another night listening to those accidentally suggestive comments and not just burst, so…

His eyes darkened as he focused on William’s down-turned head and when he spoke there was a good bit of growl in his voice. “Look at me, Will,” he demanded, taking a half-step forward and letting his hands find slender hips covered by denim, fingers gripping tightly. “I don’t want to do this again. Hell, I’m barely managing to keep myself from dragging you into that alley and…”

Xander stopped, his skin flushing deeply as he imagined stripping the fabric from the other man’s body and touching naked skin… taking the blond into his mouth and swallowing him down before standing, turning him around and… “I’m not the kind of friend you want, William. I can’t even look at you without wanting to fuck you.”

Blue eyes widened to their limit and William found himself staring into hot, lustful brown as he shivered at the blatant desire behind those words.

He considered and discarded a multitude of replies before finally uttering the plain truth.

“God… yes. I want you to, Xander. I… you’re gay? I hadn’t thought… but clearly I was wrong and…” William felt the beginnings of a suggestive smile twitching the corners of his lips and didn’t even try to hold it back. “I believe you’re exactly the sort of… friend… I was wishing you to be. I…” His voice trailed off for a moment when the taller man simply blinked at him. “Bloody hell, Xander. Just take me home and fuck me already. I’ve been nearly begging for it since last night, haven’t I?”

Oh… oh, yeah. And when had his gaydar gone on the fritz? It was a good question, but one Xander had no intention of worrying about for at least a few hours.

His fingers tightened even more on William’s jeans and he pulled the other man almost roughly against him, pressing his hard shaft against the blond’s through the two layers of denim. “Fuck, you’ve been driving me crazy, Will. Everything that came out of your mouth was a tease. I was just going home to, uh…” and maybe it would be a bit much to announce his earlier plans. “Fuck.”

William smirked and flexed his arms tightly around the so-solid, so-strong form against him. “I believe that will be easier if I accompany you, Xander. The fucking, I mean.” His head tilted slightly against the broad shoulder it was resting on and he let his tongue creep out to lave slowly over salty flesh. “Please, Xander. It’s been… years since the last time I…” William blushed. “There was an accident, and… and we’re not going to talk about that right now, are we?”

Xander chuckled as his hands slid back to cup the rounded globes of William’s fabric-covered ass. “No… we’re not. Later, if you want, but right now…?” He pulled back and gave the blond a heated gaze. “Right now,” he murmured, “I’m going to pick you up and carry you to my place. I know you can walk, Will. I’ve seen you do it and you’re good at it. But this way’s gonna be faster, okay?”

The blond yelped slightly when the larger man scooped him up as though he weighed nothing. “I… there’s always the car, Xander… but that would be rather cramped and… oh, sod all! Run!”

Another lustful laugh was his only response although William was fairly sure Xander was breaking the land-speed record for construction-worker-carrying-a-lame-bloke.


In the door and William found himself on his feet.

Two seconds later, he was pressed hard against the wall, Xander’s tongue driving roughly into his mouth.

‘Yes… yes… yes…’ his body screamed silently, and it was clear that Xander’s body was on the same frequency because all that wonderful bulk of muscle and man was rocking hard against him and William was… “God!” he groaned, dragging his lips away for just a bare moment, “yes!”

And if he wasn’t inside Will soon, Xander just knew he would die. His lips found the side of the other man’s neck, teeth scraping wildly as William moaned and rocked against him.

“How bad is your leg?” he demanded, hands roaming over tense buttocks and equally tense thighs, “because I want your ankles locked behind me, but not if it’ll hurt you.”

Even in the midst of the most intense sexual experience he’d had in years, and possibly ever, William noticed Xander’s concern for his comfort and a part of him he’d walled off started to relax. “Not too bad,” he mumbled encouragingly, lying a bit, “but it can’t be bent double or anything, if that’s what you’re thinking…”

Xander’s only reply was a low, deep chuckle as he lifted the blond and supported the weight of him with his hands. “We’ll work around that.”


Clothes were everywhere, just not on the bodies of the two men when they’d finally tumbled onto the full-sized mattress covered with soft sheets… soft sheets William was currently clutching at as though his life depended on it.

“Xanderrrrr…” he moaned, hips arching roughly into the wet mouth wrapped around his needy shaft, “please… please, Xander, please, I’ll do anything, just please…”

And that was the magic word, Xander reminded himself with a grin.

“Anything…?” he clarified, raising his head from the pleasant surprise he’d discovered once William’s clothes were gone, “Anything at all?”

Will snarled at the loss of that hot mouth. “Bloody hell yes, you pillock! Just let me bloody well cum!”

Brown eyes sparkled with wicked delight. “Remember you said that,” Xander ordered before taking that long, thick shaft again; to the root this time.

His fingers released their tight hold at the base of Will’s cock and when he felt the first pulse of rich, viscous seed fill his mouth, he hummed happily, pulling still more spurts from the wanton member.

William was in Heaven. There was no other explanation.

He had died and somehow Saint Peter had screwed up and let him past the pearly gates.

He had his cock deep inside Xander’s throat, he’d just cum like he’d never even imagined cumming before, and… “Oh… oh, yessssss…” And Xander had one thick, strong finger up his bum!

“Bloody hell, pet… so fucking nice… oh yeah, right there!”

Xander couldn’t help smirking as he slid his finger deeper, his nail pressing against the spongy nub inside William repeatedly.

“So tight, Will… God, never felt anyone so tight…” he whispered against William’s flexing stomach. “Gonna feel so good when I slide into you, baby… shit, I bet you’ll feel like a vise wrapped around my cock…”

William’s words were lost as a second finger joined the first, the slickness of the lube Xander had pulled from the bedside table easing it in. “Unnngh…” he managed, his body writhing against the bed, trying to pull those fingers deeper as his cock began swelling again. “Xanderrrrr….” he moaned, feeling those digits pulled from him with a slow, sucking *pop*.

“Shhhhhh…” Xander murmured, his voice shaky as he slipped up Will’s body. “Shhhh, baby,” he said again, positioning himself carefully over William’s splay-legged form, “I’m gonna give you what you want. What you need, okay…? I just…” Xander smiled sheepishly. “Help me with the condom, Will? I… God, I want your hands on me.”

And he wanted to touch Xander, too. Wanted to feel the large cock he’d seen earlier and felt against him while they’d been… rutting at the door, so William took the foil packet from the bed beside him and tore it open with his teeth, a completely thrilled smile playing at the corners of his mouth when the action had Xander moaning.

“I could touch you forever,” William whispered, fingers sliding the slick sheath over Xander’s turgid flesh. “So bloody hot… so good and right and true… bloody hell, Xander!”

The brunette smiled softly although he wasn’t feeling particularly sentimental at the moment. He used one hand to move William’s good leg up around his ribcage then shifted his weight and used the other to pull a tense thigh almost to his waist. “I’m gonna do it now, William. Gonna fuck you so long and so hard and so good… and then later I’m gonna collect on that ‘anything’ you promised me.”

William was almost worried by that but then he felt Xander’s thick, bulbous tip pressing relentlessly against his slick, stretched opening and all thought left him.

“Xander… yesssss…”

Part Four

Oh… God.

Those two words kept playing through Xander’s mind as he tried to control his movements.

His hips thrust firmly and slowly in and then out of the hot, slick silk of William’s body and although the man’s earlier words seemed impossible, his sheer tightness and obvious discomfort seemed to bear them out. Maybe it really had been years since Will had done this and if that were true, then…

Xander groaned, slowing further still before finally stopping balls deep in the smaller man’s hole. “Fuck… sorry, baby. I forgot. You… God…” He gasped as the muscled ring tightened and relaxed around him in sync with the flexing calf across his lower back. “Please, Will. Don’t do that. I’m barely holding on as it is. I don’t…” he groaned deeply when the contraction was repeated, then leaned more of his weight against the spot where they were joined. “I don’t want to hurt you, okay? I’m not… not stopping. Just… taking it easy…”

Pale, elegant fingers flexed hard on tanned muscles and William forced himself to breathe through his relief. “I… I’m sorry. I thought… the scars, and… just… promise me. Promise me you’re not really stopping, Xander. I… God, I want this. Want you… so badly… please…” It was almost frightening just how much he meant that.

God, he loved it when William begged. Just hearing ‘please’ in that desperate, needy tone had him throbbing even harder inside the blond’s ass. He leaned down, pressing his torso fully to the slimmer chest beneath him and whispered into one pinkened ear. “You feel that, Will? That’s what you do to me. I’m so fucking hot for you right now… God, if I let myself go I’ll pound you through the mattress and probably right into the apartment downstairs.” He teeth fastened gently on the lobe of that ear, nipping at it before soothing the small bite with his tongue. “I’d have to be a fucking saint to stop now, and believe me, baby… that’s one thing I’ve never been. And I don’t give a rat’s ass about your scars, Will. But I’ll prove that to you later… over and over again because I’m not letting you go anywhere for a long, long time.”

William moaned at the words as well as the darkly possessive tone and when he felt those lips moving to his neck he couldn’t help but arch into the touch. “God,” he murmured with a shiver as Xander began simply rocking within him, that long, thick shaft pressing repeatedly against his prostate, though too lightly to be more than a tease. “Bloody… God…”

Full red lips smiled into flawless white skin and Xander groaned softly. “Like that, Will? Because I can do this all night if I have to. Just… shift in you, getting your body used to having me inside… and as soon as I can move without hurting you, I’m gonna do just what I said. Long and hard and good, baby.”

He hoped so, anyway, because there was a very good chance that moving freely on and in William was going to make him cum far sooner than he’d like to. Hell, it had been close to a year since he’d had anything like sex… with someone else in the room, anyway, and… and he had to stop thinking about that or he’d embarrass himself completely.

William’s fingers tightened rhythmically on Xander’s back as he relaxed, his body becoming accustomed to the long-unknown sensation of being filled nearly to bursting and the next time Xander shifted inside him, William tensed his muscles and pressed into the motion, rocking in counterpoint. “Oh… yes, Xander. Please… I… now…”

His head lifted, eyes finding and holding fiery blue as Xander nodded, smiling a bit wickedly. “Right now,” he agreed, rising onto his elbows, forearms under William’s arms while big, tanned hands curved over the tops of slender but strong shoulders. “Never felt anything like you, baby… so fucking good…” His hips pulled back, leaving just the bulbous tip of his cock inside William’s tight heat. “Merciful Zeus,” he almost growled as he pressed forward again and slid deep.

If it hadn’t been for his bad leg, William would have trapped the man with his limbs, pulling him in deep and releasing slightly to allow more movement, more friction. As it was, though, he could only force that leg higher against Xander’s side, his foot against the mattress at least providing him some leverage to rise into the steadily building thrusts.

“Xander… God, yes… r-right… yesss…” he heard himself moaning, one hand sliding down the strong, tense back to grasp wildly at a flexing buttock. “Harder, Xan… bloody hell! S-so d-deep…” His head pressed deep into the pillow, neck arching as the man’s next thrust scraped over that perfect spot and William barely managed to hold himself back, a loud whimper flying from his throat.

“Jesus… if you could see yourself right now… fuck, Will, gonna cum; can’t help it, baby… so fucking good, so tight… Jesus-fuck, you’re beautiful like this…” He was panting, even as he moved faster, harder, still taking care not to hurt his lover, but God, William was the most perfect guy he’d ever known… or perfect for him, anyway, because the blond was responding to him in ways nobody else had ever done and fuck, he didn’t know what he’d have to do to keep him, but he was for damned sure going to find out and…

And his balls were so tight, so hard and high against his body that Xander knew he hadn’t been kidding about cumming, and as he pressed himself deep again, faster and harder still, then did it once more, he… twisted his hips, finding that nub of nerves and working it almost desperately as he felt himself throb and pulse and finally begin to spill. “William!” he almost sobbed, his body vibrating wildly, everything in him screaming for the blond to just cum, to splatter their skin with proof of pleasure, and…

“G-g-god, yes!” William nearly howled as he felt the already huge shaft spearing him so deep and right and good swell further, drive deeper, battering his prostate in a way he’d never experienced and never would again, he was sure, without Xander. He tensed roughly, tightening into as much of a bow as was possible, pinned as he was, and even when he felt the overwhelming bliss of climax take him, a part of him was wondering how he could make sure this happened again and again… and again. “Xander…” he yelped, “God, Xander… yes!”


He was still gasping for breath a good few minutes later, and if Xander were going to be honest, he’d admit to feeling like he’d just run a race. But that was fine, he figured. That was good. It just meant he’d done his best, and judging from the drying slick of Will’s semen between their stomachs, it wasn’t an effort that had gone unappreciated.

Still, they were going to have to move, if only to avoid losing body hair while separating, which would happen if they waited much longer. Only problem was…

“Fuck, I don’t want to move even an inch,” Xander groaned, smiling as slender fingers carded his hair again.

William chuckled quietly, enjoying the silkiness of the dark brown locks. “Mmmm… yes, I completely agree. I am quite… fond… of feeling you laying on me, as poncy as that must make me sound. Unfortunately, it might be wise to… uncouple and perhaps clean up a bit…” Not to mention the fact that the condom had to be leaking onto the bed which didn’t actually bother him but rather made him fear for the state of Xander’s mattress.

Xander sighed dramatically. “Fine… I guess we’ll have to be all responsible and stuff, then. Besides,” he added with another grin, this one teasing as he lifted his head and met sated blue eyes, “doesn’t cleaning up usually involve a shower? I’ll bet you look amazing all… wet and dripping, William.”

The blond moaned softly as that so-tempting weight rolled to the side, leaving him with sweat-and-cum sheened skin that chilled quickly in the air conditioning. “I am rather inclined to believe the same of you, Xander. Perhaps you will let me wash your back.”

It was the suggestive arch of the scarred eyebrow that had Xander laughing as he climbed from the bed and pulled William up beside him. “You can wash anything you want, baby… just as long as I get to return the favor.”

And as unlikely as it seemed, William felt his cock stirring at the mental image alone. “Bloody hell,” he groaned, limping a bit more than usual as he let Xander pull him across the bedroom to the open bathroom door, “what have you done to me?”

Xander laughed again, although the slight frown of pain around William’s eyes made the sound less mirthful than it might have been. “Nothing compared to what I’m gonna do to you, Will… and with you. But first… I’m thinking that leg of yours needs a hot bath more than a shower, hmmm?” He pulled the blond closer, wrapping strong arms around that slender, toned torso and took most of the weight from the bad leg. “Don’t worry,” he whispered to the blush that suddenly blossomed on William’s cheeks, “We’ll still get clean. And then we’ll get dirty again.”

He grinned when he felt the blond’s shaft jump against him, then shook his head sadly. “I can see my water bill’s gonna go through the roof.”

“I suppose I’ll have to chip in, then,” William answered slowly, his heart racing at the implication that Xander was thinking of seeing him again… and more than once, apparently. Not that it hadn’t been pounding away already at the show of concern for his damaged leg.



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