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All I Need


Part Twenty-One

~To: Dark Avenger
~From: Clever Childe
~Subject: I’m in HELL!!!

Bloody fucking hell, Sire! Get me the fuck out of here, yeah?

Wasn’t so bad when it was going to be me and Xan coming to London to see the Watcher, but somehow the bloody dozy cows Rupert calls Slayers found out and now…

I’m not kidding, Angel! I’m in bloody HELL!!!

The stupid bints threw us a party.

With streamers. And balloons, for fuck’s sake!

They made me play PARTY GAMES, Sire! William the Bloody pinning a sodding cardboard tail on a donkey!

And not even a REAL donkey!

Bloody hell, the chits are all over the age of fifteen! Couldn’t they have made it spin the bloody bottle or something? Wouldn’t have minded that so much since me and my Xan were the only blokes invited other than Giles.

Then again, maybe that’s why. Can’t imagine the young pets wanting to take a chance on kissing the Watcher, yeah?

Fucking hell, Angel. The only good part was that I got to dance with my bloke.

And now that I think about it, there were a bloody lot of damp knickers after that.

Surprised, aren’t you? Remember the way he used to dance at the Bronze, right?

Well, guess what, Broody? Bloke can dance well enough now to have even YOU panting for him.

Don’t know if it’s his beast or what, but he’s bloody well amazing.

We were supposed to stay at a hotel but Rupert wouldn’t let us bloody well leave last night and now I’m trapped by the fucking SUN, not to mention I haven’t been truly shagged in far too bloody long!

Don’t care what kind of strings you have to pull, Sire. Get us the bloody fuck OUT of here before one of the sodding ‘trainees’ decides I need a fucking facial!

They’re not put off even a little by my true face, more’s the pity. Hell, I’ll be lucky if they don’t want to do a separate facial for the demon! They seem to think he’s cute!

I swear, Angel… if you don’t get me and my Xan out of this bloody hellhole, I’ll…

You don’t need to know what I’ll do.

But you won’t like it!


* * * * *
~From: Dark Avenger
~To: Clever Childe
~Subject: Re: I’m in HELL!!!

Fine. I’ll get you out of there, Spike.

But you’re going to owe me.

Or maybe not. Here’s the price.

I don’t ever want to hear about you, ‘shagging’ and Xander Harris in the same sentence again.

I also don’t want to hear about how he dances, how he writhes under you, or how much you love sucking him off.

Not one single word. EVER.

Bad enough that you seem to like the boy. Just keep it to yourself, okay?

I’ll make an emergency phone call in an hour or so. Be sure you’re nearby; otherwise Giles might think you set it up.


* * * * *
~From: Clever Childe
~To: Dark Avenger
~Subject: Re: I’m in HELL!!!

Don’t ‘like’ him, Sire.

Love him.

He’s mine. And I’m his.

That’s how it is, Angel. Don’t know how or why and I don’t care.

Love him. That’s all.

And the last thing I’m going to do is clue you to how bloody brilliant it is when we…

Hey! Bloody fucking hell!

Did you have me followed to Paris, you git? Get some of your sodding useless prats to spy on us?

I’m going to fucking kill you, Sire!

If you dare to let my Xan know you had us spied on, I’ll bloody well stake you myself!

He’s stronger now than he’s ever been but that doesn’t mean YOU get to embarrass him!

Mention whatever you know even once, you tosser, and I’ll let him kill you. Or better yet, drug you senseless and shave you bald. All over! Tattoo lipstick and eyeliner on you then send you out with a bloody sandwich sign that says ‘I’m a nancy-boy, ask me how’!

Got it, ponce?


* * * * *
~From: Dark Avenger
~To: Clever Childe
~Subject: I’m Scared

And the subject line says it all, Childe.

I didn’t exactly spy. I just needed to be sure you were safe with whatever Harris is these days.

Anything I might have overheard is irrelevant… and has scarred me permanently.

Now get your ass to somewhere near Giles so I can get you and your… Harris… out of there.

And did you say you love him? This IS Xander Harris we’re talking about, right? How could you possibly… you know what? Never mind. I don’t want to know. Ever!

Add it to the list of things you’ll never mention again.


* * * * *

~From: Clever Childe
~To: Dark Avenger
~Subject: Re: I’m Scared

Fine, you git. Maybe I’ll just mention how bloody cute you looked as a fucking puppet.

To Rupert. And the sodding Slayers.

Think I might even have a picture or two on my computer that I can upload to the bloody Watchers’ database.

Never should have let Harm bring that digital camera to work, should you, wanker?

You don’t know anything about my Xan, Sire. Might have known the boy he was but you never knew him after you ran off to L.A. Bloke grew up, changed, yeah?

And he’s changed even more now and I love him so you’ll keep your sodding yap shut about him!

He’s a good bloke, Sire, and he’s mine. I’m keeping it that way.

Now get your broad, peasanty ass in gear and make that bloody call! Need to get me and my Xan out of here before one of us—and I’m not saying which—loses patience and kills a sodding Slayer!


* * * * *

The call came less than an hour later. Spike would have been able to tell from the sour look on the Watcher’s face alone, even if the man hadn’t said the great brooding prat’s name.

It was a shame, the vampire thought, that they hadn’t been able to spend a bit more time with Giles. His Xan would have liked that. Still, he hadn’t been kidding when he’d written to his Sire. He and his bloke had been touch and go all day, what with the bloody bints never leaving them alone unless they were closeted with the Head Watcher and didn’t that send his mind to a frightening place.

“Spike,” Giles said, extending the phone towards him, “Angel needs a word.”

“Got a word for him, alright,” the vampire muttered, grinning at the chuckle it got him from his Xan. “A few choice ones, at that.”

Part Twenty-Two

One brow arched as he tried to look unimpressed by the private jet. Still, it was difficult once they climbed the rolling stairs into the cabin and he saw the lush leather chairs and completely non-standard couches and tables bolted to the deck.

“You, uh… travel like this all the time, Spike?” he managed to ask, even as the air steward directed them to their seats.

Spike shrugged. “Yah. ‘s part of th’ perks of bein’ on my Sire’s payroll, ya know, luv?” He sat back, rolling his eyes as the Captain’s voice filtered through the intercom, instructing them to buckle up. “Like that’s goin’ ta make a difference if’n we go down, ‘ey?” he added with a wink although he did fasten his seat belt.

It was watching his vampire’s legs stretch out fully and the way the action displayed the long, toned body that had Xander humming softly. His hands moved to fasten his own belt, his tongue creeping out to lick suddenly dry lips as the plane began to taxi.

“Go down…?” the brunette echoed, not entirely sure of what he was saying but knowing that it was something he wanted… “The plane? Oh, right… no going down. Yeah.”

He couldn’t help smirking just a little, even though the last twenty-three hours had been hell for him. Yeah, they’d spent the night together, but since Xander’s room was right between two of the young Slayers’, his love had been stubborn about playing, much less fucking. Then again, the bloke had obviously suffered just as much as he had, if the look in those deep brown eyes was any indication.

“ ‘ey!” he called out to the steward, “Make yourself scarce once we’re in th’ air, mate… got us some shaggin’ ta do an’ it’s not a spectator sport.”

Xander groaned. “Spike… you could have at least waited until we were in the air!”

“What? Ya don’t want ta shag me at twenty-bloody-thousand feet, luv? Just givin’ th’ bloke fair warnin’, ya know.”

Brown eyes closed for a moment before opening again and spearing wicked blue. “Yeah… but do you really think I can wait until we’re up there…? Now that you said it and everything…?”

It was the deep rumbling he could barely hear under the words that had Spike shaking although he tried to disguise it as a reaction to the plane’s motions. “Right then. Ya. Git.” His darted a glare at the bloke who wasn’t his Xan. “Get your ass inta th’ cockpit an’ don’t come out ‘til I say so… even if it’s after we’ve landed.”

The matching growls from the two men were what made the man unbuckle from his own safety seat and stumble out of the main cabin. He’d be damned yet again if he was going to come between those two, no matter what Angel said. Let him try to keep them apart.

* * * * *

There was something about the way his bloke prowled that just got him going. Even the short distance between their seats was enough to have Spike’s entire body humming and thrumming as the dark brown eyes held his, that long, strong body stalking across the few feet of carpeted metal. “Bloody hell…” he whispered, fingers digging in to the plushly padded leather arms of his seat.

His head cocked slightly, brown hair hanging over his eyes as he felt the small shimmer of green cross them. “Save it, baby… haven’t done anything to earn a ‘bloody hell’ yet…”

Xander smiled smugly, dropping to his knees before his vampire. Hands slid slowly up denim clad legs, pausing to rub circles over slightly trembling knees before moving higher, nails scratching teasingly over the rough fabric. “Christ, Spike,” he murmured, a low growl behind the words, “I wish you could see yourself right now…”

His fingers moved nimbly, unfastening the safety belt then hooking over the waist of the blond’s jeans. “Never seen anything like you, baby… all long and pale and cool… God, I need… fuck, Spike… has it really only been a day since I touched you like this?”

His head pressed back against the raised headrest behind him, hips arching slightly as his hands clasped the leather tighter and Spike groaned, feeling the slow release of pressure over his groin as buttons were quickly undone. “Y-yah, Xan… bloody… ‘s been too long, yah…?”

Xander lost the smugness as the intensified scent of Spike’s arousal filled the air. His hands slid beneath fabric and around, fingers grasping roughly at taut, toned globes of muscular flesh, the blond’s shifting hips giving him just enough room to drag the jeans down, exposing nearly hairless thighs.

It took a bare moment to pull the boots from thin, white feet, tossing them carelessly across the cabin before dragging the jeans fully off and sending them following. “Jesus, baby…” Xander growled, eyes raking hotly over the half-naked form, “You look so…” He shook his head, hands rising to the neck of the black t-shirt and pulling, ripping the cotton away. “You were made for this, Spike… so fucking beautiful…”

The warm, tan fingers suddenly wrapped around his cock had whatever words he might have spoken dying in his throat. Their remains exited as a gasp, his hips rising again, pressing into the hot, tight fist as he stared desperately into green-tinged brown. “Nnnnggghhh…” the vampire grunted, not sure if he was demanding ‘now’ or ‘no more waiting’ or some other variation on the theme. His own hands finally left the arms of the chair, pushing the ruined t-shirt from his shoulders before moving to the warm, solid shape before him.

“No,” Xander snapped sharply, man and beast in agreement as they released the leaking shaft and grabbed those elegant hands, raising them to fasten on the padded headrest above and behind bleached hair. “Keep them there,” he added, standing quickly, body automatically adjusting to the movement of the plane as he nearly tore his own clothing in his haste to be free.

Slacks, shirt, shoes, even socks joined the other cloth littering the floor and he dropped to the floor in front of his vampire again, strong hands pressing white knees apart as he wrapped his fingers under Spike’s legs, dragging him to the edge of the seat. “That’s better,” he groaned, just staring at his vampire laid out like this for him.

“Bloody fuckin’ hell, Xan… if ya don’t touch me soon, I’m goin’ ta…” the words broke off on a gasping growl and Spike arched hard, writhing in the chair as that hot, wet mouth closed over the tip of his throbbing, seeping cock. “Y-yah…”

Xander settled back on his heels, lips spread wide around the long, thick shaft, fingers digging into already shaking thighs as he pressed down, pressed in, taking that broad, spongy head deep into his throat. He moaned softly, something inside him relaxing at the flavor bursting over his tongue. This was right, this was necessary, this was… everything. And even a day without tasting Spike, touching Spike, fucking Spike, or even being fucked by Spike was about a day too long.

Teeth grazed his skin lightly, the pointed tip of a tongue tracing small, fast circles against aching flesh as his Xan pulled up, sliding those tight, full lips almost to his tip before reversing and swallowing him down, throat flexing rhythmically around him and all Spike could do was gasp and grunt, writhe and arch. He felt his sac tightening and couldn’t even manage to shape a word of warning in his mind, much less speak one. His fingers clenched wildly on the leather headrest, nearly puncturing it as his grunts became growls became snarls became whimpers and cries, still wordless but no less needy for that.

And this was what he’d been waiting for, Xander thought with a purely internal grin as he pulled up again, tongue flicking wickedly over and into the tiny slit. One hand released soft, bruised skin, slipping between wide-spread legs to roll the tense balls lightly and the beast within him purred at the first hard, violent spurt of thick, cool liquid into his mouth.

He was almost amazed that he hadn’t broken his back, cumming that hard. Still, he figured it was probably thanks to his vampire constitution and wasn’t that a bloody good thing. Not as good as the thick digit probing his anus, though. He groaned, trying to open his legs even more as the hot, wet mouth slowly released his cock.

“Xan,” he moaned breathlessly, looking down at the brunette between his legs. “Bloody buggerin’ hell, luv…” he began, then moaned again, deeper, louder, when the hand not toying with his ass rose to those red, soft lips, catching the whitish fluid his bloke dribbled from between them. “Wha’…?”

It was a wicked and dangerous smile that crossed his lips, Xander was sure. Of course, that smile usually got him at least a wanton groan, so he wasn’t bothered. He pressed his finger against the tightly budded little hole, moving his wet hand a little and allowing a small bit of the collected cum to drip down. “The lube is in our luggage, baby,” he murmured darkly, “Can’t wait long enough to find it. Not when you’re lying there looking like that. I need… fuck, Spike. Need to be in you…”

The vampire nodded quickly, groaning his pleasure when a second finger stabbed deep, joining the first. “Enough… enough, luv… need ya, pet, want ta feel ya… now, Xan! Bloody hell, enough soddin’ foreplay, yah…? Just… take me, luv… hard, fast… however ya want… now!”

He couldn’t help chuckling, even as he let the rest of the wet handful dribble over his cock. Fingers pulling away, he positioned himself carefully, his cock nearly purple with need. “Whatever you say, Master,” he murmured, slick hands finding sharp hips and taking them in a rough grip.

“Gonna do you so good, Spike… fuck you til you scream.” His lips quirked into a vicious smirk as he pressed himself against that tightly clenched hole. “Is that what you want, baby? Want me to make you scream for me? Want me to slam into you so hard and fast and deep that you’ll feel me in the back of your throat and taste your own blood?”

And that dark, desirous tone always got to him like nothing else ever had. His hands held tighter to the leather and he rocked wildly, trying to pull that beautiful shaft inside him, already. “Yah… w-want that, Xan… you fillin’ me so full, makin’ me hoarse from shoutin’ an’ callin’ your name, pet… want ya ta break me open an’ fill me up with ya, luv… always…”

‘Ourssss… love ourssss…’ the hyena rumbled happily, just as excited as the rest of him.

‘Always ours,’ Xander allowed, fingers digging deeper into already bruised flesh, he and his beast both reveling in the marks, temporary as they were. His eyes met gold-flecked blue again, dark with need. “So scream for me, baby,” he growled, hard hands pulling Spike a few inches closer even as he drove roughly, viciously into the tight, cool body he’d been yearning for for hours.

His fingers did pierce the leather of his chair this time, eyes wide and staring at the ceiling of the plane as his features shifted, the demon emerging as he felt himself tear, smelled the relatively small amount of his own blood filling the air. His mouth opened wide, his cry slightly distorted by the sharp, jagged teeth. “Xan! Bloody… fuck… Xander! Yah! R-r-right… like… that!”

The hyena bounced inside him, scenting the vampire’s intensifying need, pleased that they were giving ‘theirs’ what he needed. ‘Morrrre… give oursss morrre… make ours happy…’

Not even a tiny part of him had any problem with doing just that. ‘Yessss… definitely. Keep ours happy, keep him… ours!’ he told it, even as he pulled back completely, growling low and deep before penetrating that perfect, amazing ass again, forcing his way past the slightly stretched, bleeding ring, cock slamming roughly into and then along the hard little nub inside his Spike. “Scream… for me… baby…” he grunted, repeating the action, nostrils flaring as the blood-scent and lust-scent became nearly overwhelming.

And he’d never cared much for roughness when it had been Angelus forcing it on him, but somehow now… with his Xander… it was good and right and perfect and… just what he needed. What all of him needed. And apparently he’d somehow known that or he would have balked long before now. But this was… “B-brilliant… f-fuck!” he howled, entirely sure that this couldn’t possibly get any better until a moment later when the plane started taxiing again, speeding up, the velocity pushing him harder onto that jabbing, stabbing cock.

Then it got even better still, the front of the bloody huge machine lifting, sliding him farther in his seat, the building g-forces intensifying the sensation beyond anything he ever could have imagined. His mouth opened wider, still not wide enough to let loose the full degree of desirous shouting he wanted to release into the air.

The take-off was exactly what he’d been waiting for. Xander snarled, his hands releasing the slender hips quickly, sliding under Spike’s knees then grabbing tightly to the arms of the chair to hold himself where he was, his vampire’s body splayed around him, his shaft buried deeper than it had ever been before. And thank god for his Primal strength because if he’d still been simply human, he never would have been able to hold himself there. “That’s it,” he groaned, rocking slightly within that amazingly tight, incredibly slick ass. “Feel that, Spike…? N-nobody will… ever be… as d-d-deep in you… as I am n-now… M-mine, baby… all mine… always mine…. K-keeping y-you, Spike… k-k-keeping you…”

Jesus-bloody-jumping-fucking-Christ! That was all he could manage to think and even at that, it wasn’t so much a thought as a feeling. Jesus-bloody-jumping-fucking-Christ… his Xan didn’t know how right he was. He’d never been so full, so taken, so… owned. And he’d never wanted to be until Xander.

“S-same… ta… ya…” he managed to gasp before the brunette’s next series of tiny thrusts against the rising angle of the plane had him howling wordlessly again, his anus splitting just a bit more around the thick length within him.

‘…?’ the hyena demanded, confused.

‘Ours agrees… and says we’re his, too. Belong. Good thing,’ he told it in a brief moment of clarity, growling louder as the blood-smell grew stronger.

He almost wanted to stop. To pull away, to stop hurting his vampire, but… God, those were good sounds the blond was making and he’d never forgive himself if he ended this for no real reason at all. He held on to the chair harder as the last burst of speed finally had the plane reaching altitude, then groaned his relief as it leveled off, the external pressure easing enough that he could lean forward, lips pressing hard to cool, full lips.

The kiss was enough to make him burst into flame, Spike thought, although the blazingly hot shaft inside him had definitely started the burn. Sharp teeth played as carefully as possible over heated lips and slick tongue, a low, deep purr building in his chest as the kiss continued and his Xan’s small rocking motions became slow, long thrusts, sliding deep, rubbing slowly but firmly over that spot inside him. “B-bloody hell… Xan…” he moaned, pulling away from that wonderful mouth as he fought the urge to literally eat at that tongue.

And if he was bleeding his vampire, regardless of how pleasurably for them both, the least he could do was replace the life’s energy seeping around his cock. It wasn’t that he wanted to feel Spike’s teeth in his skin… wasn’t that it felt so damned good when the blond pierced his flesh and pulled his true essence from him… well, okay, maybe it was, but…

“Let go of the chair,” he mumbled, still stroking long and deep into the perfect ass surrounding him. “I need… God, Spike…” Xander swallowed hard and shook his head, then arched his neck to the side when golden eyes met his own green-tinted brown. “Love you… feeding from me… love you feeding… feed, baby… God, Spike, drink me down… while I fuck you like this…”

There wasn’t a single thing Spike wanted or needed to say to that. His fingers struggled from flocked stuffing, pulling out of leather to find the heated silk of his bloke’s skin. One hand grasped a straining shoulder while the other tangled in longish brown hair, holding that salty-sweet-musky neck still as jagged teeth drove roughly, deeply, tapping into the perfect fount of his Primal… his Primal. His Xander. His.

The slight edge of pain was enough, Xander found out then, to force him fully into the deep end of the orgasm that had been building since he’d had Spike’s cock in his mouth earlier. Add in the incredibly intense pleasure of that bite and he was a goner. His hips thrust again, cock sliding deep and throbbing roughly, buried to the hilt within his vampire’s friction-warmed ass as he gasped, groaned, shuddered and finally, finally spilled himself roughly, the moment made all the more perfect by the sudden explosion of cool, rich seed against his chest.

‘Mine,’ the demon side of him insisted, and ‘mine’ the soul declared as well. And that was fine. It wasn’t anything he hadn’t already known after all. His lips sealed tightly against hot, salty skin, tongue probing gently at the edges of the raw wound as he drank and came, wicked spurts of need, desire and fulfillment flying slickly between his chest and his Xan’s. He felt himself clenching hard, anus roughly gripping the spurting shaft within him and gloried in the gasping, growling groans the reflexive action pulled from the man buried deep inside his body.

Finally, though, he felt the wound sealing, healing with the remarkable speed the former human had been displaying since the trials, apparently. Part of him—the soul, he figured—wondered about that but the rest of him didn’t care. Just meant his Xander could recover from injuries that much faster. Vampire-fast, in fact. And that was a good thing because he had a feeling the man wouldn’t be avoiding fights any time soon.

His sigh at releasing the still surprisingly soft skin was echoed by Xander’s and Spike purred deeply, pulling those full lips to his own for a slow, deep kiss.

“Did I… Shit, Spike. I… didn’t hurt you, did I?” Xander frowned, giving the blond a worried look.

The vampire grunted, chuckling as he shifted slightly, hands roaming slowly and possessively over tense shoulders. “Not sayin’ I want ta do that every day, luv, but… was bloody brilliant, yah? Feelin’ ya like that, Xan… so deep an’ wild… wantin’ me enough ta just take me… fuck me… wantin’ me ta luv it enough that ya made it better than good…” He purred softly, pulling the younger man’s head to his chest and rubbing his cheek against soft brown hair. “Can’t say there wasn’t a good bit of pain involved, pet. But I can guaran-bloody-tee ya, Xan… it was nothin’ ta th’ pleasure ya gave me…”

Xander didn’t know how sweet his smile was. Didn’t know how much of what he felt for his vampire was reflected in his eyes, in his face, when he raised his head to gaze helplessly into sapphire blue eyes. “Always want to give you pleasure, baby… never want to hurt you. Not in the bad way, okay?” he almost whispered, biting his lip just a little.

Spike nodded, trying not to beam girlishly at his bloke. “Know that, luv… an’ ya didn’t. Ya believe that, yah?”

Brown eyes smiled, lightening gently as soft, warm lips pressed lightly to Spike’s neck. “I do, Spike. Because I trust you to always tell me the truth, okay?”

The blond groaned softly as his legs were released, then groaned again, louder, when his Xan’s softened cock slipped slowly from his abused hole. “Truth…?” he murmured, chuckling slightly, “Hurts more havin’ ya out of me right now, pet…”

Xander smiled even more, lifting the long, toned legs again and placing them over his shoulders as he slid down, sitting on the floor now and looking at the thoroughly plundered opening before him. “Maybe I can do something about that, baby…” he whispered as he leaned forward, his soft, warm tongue sweeping slowly over that distressed hole, laving it gently. He moaned softly at the taste of himself and Spike… and Spike’s blood, as well. His hands gently held the toned cheeks apart as he formed his tongue into a point and pressed it lightly against Spike’s anus, moaning when it slipped inside easily. ‘Tastes like us,’ he told his hyena with a soft and happy rumble, ‘Ours tastes like us and him and nothing else… just as he should.’

‘Ourssss…’ his animal spirit answered, pressing their tongue deeper, sweeping it lightly around the quivering walls. ‘Belongs… we belong. Ours belongs…’

“You taste so good, baby,” Xander moaned, pulling back to trail his eyes up his vampire’s long, pale form, “So good… can’t stop tasting you, Spike… God, you’re so…” He shook his head, at a loss for words as he returned to soothing and laving the healing, still-reddened hole.

And fortunately, Spike thought while he could still think, he didn’t much want his love to stop tasting him… not any time soon, anyway. Besides, they still had a good six hours in the air until they reached Dulles… then another six hours or so from there to LA. And if he spent a good bit of that time with his Xan’s tongue up his bum, making him hard and moaning over and over again…?

Well, oddly enough, Spike was fine with that.

Besides, eventually he’d have the chance to return the favor and considering how good the things Xan was doing to him felt…? Spike knew he wouldn’t mind that at all.

Part Twenty-Three

They’d eventually gotten dressed and curled up comfortably on one of the couches, letting the steward come back for long enough to bring them some drinks that’d held them for the half hour or so to Dulles Airport, just outside DC.

They’d wandered the airport for a bit while the jet refueled, then climbed back aboard and settled on the couch again, watching the beginning of some movie on the pull-down screen, and sure it was an old film. Of course it was, considering the Mighty Poof didn’t acknowledge any cinema after 1989 for some odd reason… with a few equally bizarre exceptions.

“What do ya think, luv?” Spike murmured, rubbing his cheek against the slightly taller man’s chest as they relaxed.

Broad shoulders shrugged, one hand stroking slowly up and down the vampire’s cool spine under the soft cotton of the black t-shirt. “It’s got some good lines… kinda funny, I guess. And if you really want to watch the rest of it, I’m game, baby,” he murmured, shifting slightly where he sat in an effort to distract himself from the tight, toned body against him.

The vampire chuckled and turned his head a little, nipping lightly at one small, flat male nipple that was tragically—in his opinion-- hidden beneath his Xan’s shirt. “Ya sayin’ ya got somethin’ else in mind, pet? Don’t think I’m recovered from earlier yet…” And quick as that he found himself on his back, the couch cushions soft and yielding under him as soft eyes and hard muscle both showed their appreciation of the new position.

A small growl echoed in his chest as Xander smiled a touch wickedly into wide blue eyes. “Oh, you’re recovered, baby… I think we both know that. But I didn’t mean we should fuck again. Not yet, anyway.” His head dipped down, the tip of his nose trailing slowly up Spike’s neck from shoulder to ear and he rumbled softly, happily. “You’ve got my scent all over you, Spike… inside and out.” He repeated the motion, this time with the tip of his tongue as the vampire shivered. “You tassste… like blood and sex… sssmoke and musk. You tasssssste… like mine, baby…”

“Bloody… fuckin’…” His arms wrapped around the stockier build of his love, hands fisting cotton almost desperately. “How th’ bloody hell can ya do this ta me every soddin’ time…? Make me feel so…” he groaned, fully hard, fully needing as the larger, much warmer body held him virtually immobile.

“It’s because you want me, Spike,” he whispered silkily into one ear, tongue slowly caressing the curve teasingly. “Because you can’t think of anything but me whenever I’m near you… and even more when we’re apart.” Blunt, white teeth nibbled almost gently along the pronounced jaw line. “Because the idea of not being with me makes you feel cold… alone… lost, baby… and that’s just the idea of it. The thought that something like that could ever happen… makes you want to do nothing but fuck, be fucked, feel me, know I’m right here with you, in you, touching you, having you, being had by you…”

Blue eyes widened even more, throat working to swallow hard. “Y-yah… fuck, Xan… how…?”

His lips paused, pressing lightly against soft skin, the silent and unmoving pulse just below. “I know, baby… I feel it too. Now that I’ve had you, I can’t…” He shuddered, pressing himself harder onto the slightly smaller body. “I won’t let you go, Spike. I… fuck, I can’t even think about…”

Don’t!” Spike growled intently, his body vibrating roughly now. “Don’t even start ta think ‘bout it, luv… might be yours, pet, but you’re mine, too. An’ I keep what’s mine!” His eyes flashed gold even as he shifted beneath his Xan’s body, lips finally finding the fragrant, tasty neck and sucking hard at a scant mouthful of skin. “Ya’d know that if’n ya’d just scar instead of healin’ up so fast, luv… want ta mark ya, show th’ world you’re my own…”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen, Xander knew. But… “We’ll figure something out, baby… we will… want that, Spike. Want everyone to know… need to mark you, too. More than scent, more than blood… need to… somehow we’ll do it, baby… not letting you go, never letting you go…”

And maybe he should be bothered by how sudden it was; how quickly he’s reached this place where even the chance of being without the brunette was earth-shattering, but he just wasn’t. He couldn’t be. He’d waited all his human life and the entirety of his demonic existence to feel this… to know he’d given everything within him to someone—finally—who shared that depth of desperate, needy, completely overwhelming devotion without reservation, without question, without imagining him to be either more or less than he actually was.

Bodies ground together roughly, arms wrapped and tight around straining clothed flesh as voices murmured and declared, lips pressed and slid; chests rocked, rumbled, vibrated with possessive growls and soft, sighing whimpers as the desperation became desire became need became… more.

He wasn’t entirely sure of how he’d ended up lying on his side, strong pale arms wrapped around his torso from behind as he stared at the muted film still playing, hips moving slowly back and forth, back and forth, top leg raised, ankle resting on the back of the couch behind him, behind Spike as that wonderfully cool, long shaft slowly stroked deep. “God… Spike,” he whispered, his own hands covering the ones on his ribs. “Baby… God, baby…”

Wet, soft kisses rained over tight, tanned shoulders, blue eyes closed to focus entirely on the sensation of making love to his Xan for the first time. He’d never call it that out loud, never have the nerve to sound so girly, but that’s what they were doing, he knew. Hell, even the demon knew and wasn’t complaining. They’d fucked before, been fucked before, but this… this was different. “Xan…” he whispered back, swallowing hard as he felt the hot, thick fingers tangling with his own, “Pet… luv… so bloody perfect, luv… can’t get enough of ya…”

“Feel you, Spike… God, never felt… never like this… no one like you, baby…” Never before and never again… there would never be anyone like him again… and he was his, he was Xander’s and he’d never gotten anything he’d really wanted before, not even as a child, not even for birthdays or Christmases, and now… now, that was fine, Xander realized, because all those disappointments had just been the universe saving up all his joys and pleasures for this. “Always… be mine, baby… couldn’t… live… without this, without… you…”

“Won’t have ta, Xan,” Spike whispered back, hips moving just a bit faster now, using the back of the couch for leverage. “Not goin’ anywhere, pet… not without ya…” One hand slid gently down hot skin, the warm palm covering it moving as well. “Ya feel so good, luv… so tight ‘round me… so close, luv… need ya ta get there with me, yah…?”

The brunette nodded, swallowing a lump in his throat as their joined hands found his seeping shaft and gripped it gently. “L-love you… inside me, baby… love feeling you… in me like this… God, Spike… I can’t… I’m so…” His eyes closed hard, teeth digging into his bottom lip as he tried to hold on, but… it was hopeless. Their hands moved over his needy flesh, the first slow spurt adding slickness to the slow stroking and he pressed back again, then forward, unable to choose between the attention to his own swelling shaft and the thickening, pulsating shaft filling him so perfectly. “S-s-spike…” he moaned, losing the fight completely as one initial gush of cool seed flowed over, against, around the nubbin inside him. “B-baby… s-so…”

His hand kept moving, pulling short, nearly gentle splashes of hot semen from his Xander almost independently, because the rest of him was pressed deep and hard and full within the perfection of that heated, gasping body, his bloke’s anus flexing rhythmically as they came together in a slow shattering that felt like finding home.

Part Twenty-Four

The one thing Xander regretted about that last time on the plane was actually something he was also glad of. Spike hadn’t told him he loved him.

Of course, that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. Hell, he could see it every time the blond looked at him, but as long as the words weren’t said, he wouldn’t have to try to find a way to say ‘thank you’ without saying the words back.

Then again, they were guys. Maybe Spike would never say it, although Xander doubted he could ever be that lucky.

The last thing he wanted to do—ever—was hurt the vampire’s feelings. But he would if Spike said it and he couldn’t say it back… and he couldn’t. Not yet. Not until he knew… hell, any number of things.

He was just glad he’d managed to cover it the couple times he’d started to say it. It just… wasn’t time yet. Too much was still… unknown.

Xander smiled at the soft squeeze he felt, his eyes glancing down at the white, elegant fingers tangled with his own on the back seat of the chauffeured limousine before moving up the arm belonging to those fingers to find curious, almost worried blue. “And what’s that look for, Spike?” he asked, arching one brow just the way he knew Spike found so intriguing.

“Ya need ta stop worryin’, luv,” the blond said after a moment, pulling the brunette closer. “Don’t matter what th’ great poof says. Might be th’ Master of th’ Order, but I’m my own vamp, yah? Not givin’ ya up.”

It took less than a moment to lift that strong pale hand and press it slowly to his mouth, tongue and teeth running lightly over soft skin. “Good, baby. Because you’re stuck with me.” Xander grinned then sighed a few moments later. “And I know I shouldn’t still hate him, but… damn it, Spike, I do. I hate that everyone always thought he was better than me and I hate that he’s all important now… and I really fucking hate it that…” He frowned, looking towards the driver before lowering his voice. “I hate that he forced you… that he had you first and hurt you so much, and… God, Spike, I just want to kill him for that alone.” He sighed again.

Spike could feel his eyes welling up just a bit at the words, at the obviously sincere emotion behind them. He shifted on the car seat, turning a bit towards his Xan and rested his forehead against the point of one strong shoulder as he tried to control himself. “Ya know, luv,” he finally said, proud that his voice was steady and true, “You’re th’ first person… ever… ta say that. Appreciate it, I do. But, Xan… ya know that was before he had a soul, yah?”

The blond frowned at finding himself defending Peaches. “I’m not sayin’ he’s not still a bleedin’ prick an’ a half most of th’ time, but…” He shrugged. “An’ as for Angel bein’ better than ya, pet… he wishes he was good enough ta lick your boots. Your little friends were just taken in by th’ broody despair an’ Neanderthal forehead. Besides, ya lot were what? Fifteen, sixteen bloody years old? Not th’ brightest age for humans, is it. All impressionable an’ such.”

He couldn’t help laughing at that, mostly because it was pretty much the truth. Hell, even Willow, smart as she’d always been, hadn’t been that intelligent about people at that age. Then again, neither had he, considering. Bug Lady, Mummy Girl, Cordelia Chase—although Cordy had turned into an amazing person before she’d died, according to what he’d heard—Cordelia, then Faith… and later, Anya and what the HELL had he been thinking?

“I guess, baby,” he finally murmured, dropping a soft but swift kiss on top of the bowed blond head. “I still don’t like him, anyway… but I’ll try to behave, okay? Promise.”

And that was the best he was going to get, Spike figured, so he nodded and straightened, looking into warm brown eyes. “Yah, luv… but if ya can’t help givin’ Broody a beatin’, ya need ta swear you’ll let me sell tickets,” he announced with a wink before settling back in the seat for the rest of the ride. “Could make us a bloody mint with that…”

* * * * *


They were almost here and Angel still had no idea of what he was going to say, much less what he was going to do. In fact, the only thing he did know was… there was no damned way he was going to let his Childe throw himself away on Xander ‘I hate all vampires, even if they do have souls’ Harris.

The boy might be acting like he cared but how long would it really be before having his own demon or beast or whatever became familiar? And once it did… the dark-haired wuss would go right back to his old ways and hate the blond who believed otherwise.

He ignored the fact that he was maybe a little bit jealous… ignored the equally true fact that Angelus was more than a little the same. It was irrelevant, after all.

It was fortunate, he supposed, that the former human was clearly the submissive one in the relationship. That much had been very clear from what he’d heard over the phone. And if Harris was submissive to Spike then he’d be even more so to the Master of Spike’s line… the Order of Aurelius. And that, thankfully, was him.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be that hard to separate the two. Spike might think he loved the man, but… how likely was that really?

Not very, Angel answered himself silently. Hell, Harris had always been a bumbling fool, creating mayhem and chaos even when he was trying to help. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes of confrontation with the boy before the once-human moron would turn and run away.

Granted, that would hurt Spike’s feelings for a while but eventually his Childe would realize that he didn’t love Harris. That he might have been infatuated but he’d never loved the idiot.

That was a plan, Angel decided with a smile. He would do what was best for his Childe and save him from the heartbreak he’d have experienced when Harris finally reverted to his old Vampire-hating ways.

Now he just had to figure out how to get Xander Harris alone… and to have Spike witness the truth. Of course, he’d find a way… he always found a way to accomplish what was necessary.

“Sir?” a voice interrupted his thoughts and he jumped a little before realizing that it was coming from the intercom on his desk. “Sir,” the voice said again, “They’re here. Michael’s car has just passed the remote sensors in the corporate garage.”

Oh, right. That was why he’d been surprised. He’d been subconsciously expecting Harmony’s voice but she was on vacation for the next two weeks in Ireland. It had been his recommendation after she’d almost gone up in flames on her last vacation-- to the sunny Bahamas.

At least in Ireland there was a much lower chance of her ever seeing the sun and as annoying as she could be, she’d at least become good at doing things the way Angel liked them done. Easier to keep her alive than to break in a new secretary… ‘administrative assistant’, he reminded himself.


“Huh? Oh, yeah. Right. Good, uh… Gladys…?” He waited a moment but the female didn’t correct him and he smiled with relief. “I’ll want to see them immediately. Oh, and do me a favor, would you? Call down to Security and have them shunt the closed circuit from my office to my Childe’s rooms. Tell them ‘across the board’. Thanks.”

He lifted his thumb from the reply button and leaned back in his chair, soul and demon both satisfied with his plan to get rid of Xander Harris.

* * * * *

It was only when the elevator doors closed and the small compartment started moving without any buttons being pushed that Spike groaned. “Bloody hell… soddin’ Angel wants ta see us. Or me.”

Xander’s frown was annoyed, even as he glanced up at the obvious camera in the corner of the elevator and pulled his vampire back against his chest. “Probably just wants to find out what the hell you’re thinking, getting involved with me, baby,” he murmured, head dropping to one tense shoulder, lips finding the side of Spike’s neck and sucking gently at skin so soft it still surprised him.

A sigh escaped almost red lips as he pressed back into the possessive hold. “Think he’s goin’ ta figure that one out as soon as he sees ya, pet… you’re a bloody marvel.”

And now he was smiling against that silky skin, teeth nipping quick and hard. “Maybe… but I’m your marvel, Spike. Just like you’re mine.”

“All yours, Xan… never goin’ ta be anyone else’s, am I?” he mumbled back over the purr his love’s words built in his chest.

“Nope… not ever, baby…” Xander sighed and released the sleek blond with one more nip to his neck as the elevator slowed, then stopped, the doors opening onto a busy floor. “Guess we should go see what Deadboy wants, huh?”

Spike couldn’t help chuckling, his fingers gripping warm, tanned ones nervously, although he’d never admit that. “Might want ta see just me, luv…”

The brunette shrugged, letting his vampire lead him from the elevator and towards the big wooden double doors. “If he does, then he’s shit out of luck. I told you before, baby. You’re stuck with me. Besides, I… hell, Spike, I just don’t trust him.”

* * * * *

The sound that sprang from him wasn’t words, wasn’t a welcoming thing at all and Angel knew it. He couldn’t help it, though. His Childe… HIS Childe smelled like…

He growled loudly, eyes flashing gold at the blond vamp. “You stink of sex, boy!”

Spike blinked, head cocking to the side. There’d been a time—and recently—when that tone would have worried him, but right now, standing in front of his acting Sire and feeling his Xan’s hand so strong and warm in his own…? He just wasn’t. So he shrugged and tried not to look too smug.

“Yah?” one brow rose, “Maybe because of all th’ sex we had on th’ plane. Ya think, pet?”

It was Harris’s low, pleased chuckle that had Angel and Angelus both looking at him for the first time since the two men had entered the office.

“Probably,” Xander agreed, his eyes raking slowly up and down Spike’s lean form. “I mean, we did shower this morning… then again, I’m not sure of how ‘clean’ we got. You know, considering all the sex we had then, too.”

And… this was Xander Harris? This… hell, he didn’t even have the words.

Okay, he looked kind of like the kid he remembered, but… when had Harris gotten so…

Wicked’, Angelus supplied, the demon’s emotions clearly coveting the creature before them, ‘wicked, dangerous… sexual… why didn’t WE take him when you had the chance?

“Go,” Angel snarled, glaring at Spike. “Clean yourself up, Childe. And when you come back, I don’t want to smell even a hint of him on you.”

A high-pitched cackle sprung from Xander’s lips as he felt the hyena surging forward within him. “Hope that means you’ve got a few… you know what, never mind, baby,” he murmured, well aware of the fact that Angel could hear him. He pulled the blond against him, rumbling happily at the lack of effort it took, and pressed his lips slowly, gently, almost tenderly to the cooler ones. “Go ahead, Spike,” he urged softly. “Looks like I’m about to have a talk with Dea… Angel.”

It was only the smirk on his Xan’s lips that convinced Spike that leaving the two alone might possibly be anything but a bad idea. Still, it wouldn’t do to let Angel think he could order him about. Hell, the great prat hadn’t even tried to use that ‘Master’s tone’ on him since before Wes died saving them all.

“Not sure I like that idea, pet,” he said, loud enough for the glowering git to hear. “Not th’ leavin’ ya two alone, but th’ washin’ your scent from me. Like bein’ able ta smell ya all over me, Xan…”

And he couldn’t help the low, desirous rumble that echoed in his chest because… he more than liked his scent on his vampire. He loved it, in point of fact. It made him feel… hell, whole, as gay as that would sound if he said it out loud. None the less, he somehow knew that whatever it was Angel wanted to say, it would influence what happened next between himself and the blond.

“I know, baby,” he finally answered, hands roaming the strong, cool body slowly. “Just… let us do whatever it is Deadboy thinks we need to do, okay? And if you do wash my scent-marks off… or out of you,” he added with a smirk, “We’ll just have to put them back, hmmm…?”

“Bloody hell, luv… bet I could manage ta wash that much. Knowin’ you’ll do your best,” Spike admitted with a wink and another slow, deep kiss, completely forgetting about his GrandSire’s presence.

His brow was furrowing and Angel knew it. He’d counted on the one-time doughnut-boy being meek… timid, even. And yet this Harris wasn’t either of those things. Hell, he was having a hard time even believing it was the same guy. His brow furrowed even more as he watched the brown-haired man and his Childe, seeing the obvious lust-affection-need between them in their very touches, glances, tones. He’d have to rework his plan.

Fortunately, Angelus was on board with that and it took less than a moment for him to figure out a new and better plan of attack.

“Okay,” he said loudly, breaking through the distraction surrounding the couple in front of his desk, “I’m sorry. Really. I just wasn’t expecting… well, you have to admit, Harris, you’re not exactly… who you used to be. It might take me a few minutes to get used to the…” he stopped, at a loss for words that wouldn’t piss off his Childe.

“Changes?” Xander inserted, arching a sly brow. Maybe the enormous jerk didn’t realize that he could smell the lies rolling from him, but he could. Of course, he didn’t really care. He and the fucker would have it out in whatever way the big sack of brood wanted and then… then Xander would find his… Spike… and go back to ignoring the Slayer’s former flame. “Go ahead, Spike,” he murmured, “I’ll see you soon, okay?”

The blond sighed but nodded. Much as he didn’t particularly trust his Sire right then, he did trust his Xan. One hand moved slowly from the long, tight cord of muscle beside his bloke’s spine, sliding down to grab a tense globe of adored flesh. “Right, then. Guess I’ll be toddlin’ off ta un-scent myself… might need a few enemas ta do it up right, of course…”

“See ya later, Sire,” he added, smirking at the despairing ‘too much information’ groan the older vampire released. “An’ see ya sooner, Xan…”

* * * * *

Two sets of dark brown eyes followed the blond’s exit, although for different reasons. Finally, though, the two tall, strong, possessive males had to look at each other.

It could have been uncomfortable, Xander thought, but somehow it just… wasn’t. He knew where he stood with Spike; knew he’d never let the vampire go, no matter what the older man said.

“Okay… we’re alone now, Dea… Angel.” Narrowed dark eyes raked over the black-clad form behind the desk. “Is this the part where you tell me what crawled up your ass and died? Because as amazing as it sounds, something obviously managed to squeeze in around the huge stick you’ve got up there.”

Angel blinked. Angelus blinked. They both blinked. Then blinked again.

One more stunned gaze and Angel found himself falling back into his chair, words he hadn’t planned on or expected ever to say—and definitely not to Harris of all people-- springing from his lips.

“Do you love him?”

His head cocked slightly, lips twisting into a deliberately taunting sneer. “That would be between me and Spike, Angel. It’s none of your business.”

An angry growl. “He’s my Childe! That makes it my business! He belongs to me! Now, do you love him!”

Xander snarled, his beast rising fully as he stalked forward, hands clenched into fists as he glared at the much older brunette. “Ssssspike… belongs to himssssself! It’sss up to him to decccide whose he issss!” He felt the shimmer of green again as his fingers flexed, tightening again into meaty bludgeons at his sides. “What I feel… what he feelssss… is between ussss…”

Angelus frowned in the back of Angel’s mind. The boy before them did love their Childe… he just didn’t want to say so to them, and that meant… either the one-time Scooby hadn’t told their Childe or…

“You don't love him the way I do,” Angel found himself saying furiously. “You never will!”

And why the hell had he said that? What the fuck… and oh, the look in Harris’s eyes was not good.

Part Twenty-Five

‘Never love Ours the way IT does?’ the hyena growled, slamming itself hard against the walls of the skull it inhabited, ‘Ours is Ours! We love Ours more than… us…’

‘Yessss…’ Xander answered, finally admitting it to his animal and himself, his eyes narrowing even more as he glared heatedly at the big brooding bastard behind the desk. ‘Don’t need to tell IT, though…’

He pulled his thoughts together, still glaring as he leaned forward, clenched fists vibrating against the top of the surface before him. “What are you trying to say, Angel?” he growled, the green shimmer rippling over his eyes growing brighter as his own fury rose to meet the vampire’s.

“Because if you’re saying what I think you are, you’re right… and I SO want to kick your ass right now but that might upset my… Spike,” he announced. “I promised he could sell tickets for that. So.”

Fingers uncurled, fastening roughly on the edge of the desk as Xander leaned forward more, suddenly wishing his Primal-spirit had come with a game face.

“Here’s the thing… Angel," he went on, slowly and clearly, his anger raw and clear in his voice. “I’ll never belittle him. I’ll never try to humiliate him. I’ll never fuck him hard and dry just because I can… not unless he asks me to.” He growled again. “I’ll never try to make him be something he’s not. I’ll never abandon him and leave him to look after some stupid bitch I drove crazy for kicks!”

His fingers dug hard into the material the desk was made of and he stared harder into swiftly saddening eyes before continuing.

“I’ll never treat him like a burden, never try to make him ashamed of who he is, never try to kill him because he reminds me of who I used to be! And I’ll never resent him, never try to send him away, never tell him that he’s not my equal, not my match, not my… not my…”

Xander frowned, unsure of exactly what Spike was to him but knowing it was something he needed.

“I will never… ever let him think he’s not the most important thing in the whole fucking world to me!” he finished quickly, eyes still spearing the gold-flecked brown in front of him.

Angel’s mouth was hanging open, regret screaming through him at the litany of his and Angelus’ sins as the demon grumped and nearly pouted in the back of his mind. “I… it’s not… I didn’t mean…” he began, only to be cut off entirely.

“You’re right, Angel,” Xander interrupted with a disdainful sneer. “I’ll never ‘love him’ the way you do. And I hope to God that I never love anyone that way. Especially not Spike.”

He glared, still furious, as the sudden and intensely uncomfortable silence echoed mightily around them.

* * * * *

He’d been ready to strip off and walk into the shower to make himself need to have his Xan’s scent put on him—in him—again when he’d decided to check ESPN for the latest football scores.

His eyes had widened, then widened more when he’d seen the interior of his Sire’s office instead.

He’d almost turned the TV off because he figured whatever his Xan thought he needed to know, the bloke would tell him, but then he’d heard Angel asking the question he himself so desperately wanted to know the answer to.

‘Do you love him…?’

He’d found himself frozen, not wanting to spy but definitely wanting to hear what Xander said. If he knew… then maybe he’d know whether it was safe to tell the bloke the truth about his own feelings.

And bloody hell, how sad was it that he was even wanting to tell the man he loved him? And why did he want to? Wasn’t like loving anyone had ever worked out for him before, was it?

And then… and then he heard his Xander’s reply, and…

That was how he found himself stalking down the hallway to the stairs, then rushing up them and down another hall to the great prat’s office.

He burst through the doors so fast the large slabs of wood crashed back against the frosted glass to either side of them, not sure of whether he wanted to snarl at Angel or grab his bloke and shag him into the next week.

For his part, Xander had no idea of what was going on, but obviously something had happened to cause the frantic and furious look on the face of the so recently departed vampire. “Spike?” he frowned, moving closer without even a thought, one hand rising to grip lightly—worriedly—at a tense bicep. “Baby, what’s…?”

The blond merely shook his head although he leaned into the touch, blue eyes glaring angrily at the oddly and irritatingly apologetic looking Angel. Snarling, it was, then. Shagging would come later.

“Ya shouldn’t have done that, mate… much as I want ta know th’ answer ta that question myself, it wasn’t your place ta ask—demand!—ta know! Especially knowin’ how I feel about my Xan, yah?” He let a small portion of the disgust and betrayal he felt color his voice. “Don’t like what I’m thinkin’ here, Sire… don’t want ta believe ya’d try breakin’ us up but I can’t figure any other reason ta keep goin’ at th’ bloke when he told ya that was between us!”

Okay, and somehow Spike knew what had been said in the office, though Xander hadn’t thought vampires—even one as remarkable as Spike—could hear that far. And then he saw the guilt in Angel’s eyes and found himself growling as he pulled Spike closer, the foot or so between them suddenly too much of a distance for his liking. “What did you do, Deadboy?” he snarled.

Spike growled as well. “Gave me a bloody live show on th’ telly, luv… hopin’ ta show me that ya don’t care for me or somethin’, I’m guessin’.”

“I… shit,” Angel started. How had things gone so wrong so quickly? He’d only had his boy’s best interests at heart, hadn’t he? He’d just wanted to protect him from the pain he’d known Xander was going to cause, and… and he’d ended up hurting the boy himself. “Look, I… okay,” he tried again, “I guess I didn’t… understand.” He frowned, looking at the two men and silently admitting that they looked good together to which Angelus snorted a silent ‘duh’.

“Bloody fuckin’ right ya don’t understand, ya git! What’d ya think? We were playin’? Just fuckin’ about ta chap your ass? Told ya before, prat. Luv him! An’ I don’t need ta hear him say it ta me, do I? I’m a bloody grown vamp, Angel! Know what it feels like when someone luvs me because it’s so bloody different from th’ way it feels when someone doesn’t! An’ I think ya of all people know I’m bleedin’ familiar with that feelin’!”

Another deep, heavy sigh left the older vampire’s lips. “I was wrong. I don’t know what else I can say, Childe, but I was wrong. I thought…” Angel frowned. “I didn’t think Harris could forget about what you are, Spike. That he could… care so much about you, okay? I mean, he never even liked me and I have a soul, too. But he did forget and he does care and I… shit. I guess I’m trying to say I’m sorry, okay?” He ignored the demon inside him trying to find a way to get their hands on the once human man.

“Y… you love me, baby?” Xander said with a blink, turning the blond and staring down the inch or so into suddenly shocked blue eyes. “I mean, you… really? Me?” He vaguely heard Deadboy’s voice rambling on and on, but he couldn’t honestly make himself listen. He was too… amazed… that Spike’s declaration hadn’t created the sense of panic he’d been expecting. He’d known, of course, but… somehow hearing it out loud made it seem more… real.

Oursss…’, the hyena rumbled smugly. ‘Ours loves usssss… said sssso…’ it nearly purred, and ‘Want Ourssss…’.

“I… yah,” Spike allowed with a slightly sheepish shrug. “Wasn’t really th’ place I meant ta tell ya, but there ya have it, right? Luv ya, Xan. Can’t help it. Won’t say it again if it makes ya…”

“Smile?” Xander murmured, doing just that. “Thrilled? Excited… all kinds of excited, by the way,” he winked quickly, fingers sliding up over cotton to rest on the back of his… love’s neck, barely brushing the short and soft blond hairs there. “Fuck, baby. I… say it again. Whenever you want, okay?”

“Luv ya, pet… luv ya, Xan… luv ya, want ta claim ya… would have already if I could… keep ya forever, mate… luv ya til th’ end of th’ world. Th’ real end of th’ world, yah?” The words were a bare whisper, spoken directly against heated red lips as the vampire pressed closer, tighter to his bloke, his Primal, his… Xander.

Green-tinged brown eyes closed slowly as another smile widened the brushed lips, this one more of a satisfied smirk. “Good, baby,” he whispered back, “because that Morah demon I fought in the Trials…? Well, let’s just say you’re probably gonna be stuck with me for about that long.” And with that he stopped any further words between himself and his vampire by diving swiftly, sweetly, strongly into that slick, cool mouth, tongue tangling and wrapping wantonly with Spike’s.

Angel groaned loudly, admitting yet again that his Childe had somehow chosen well… and that apparently Xander Harris had, too. “God… could you two please not do that in front of me? This is a place of business! Show some respect!”

He’d have to figure out how it was even possible that Harris had defeated a Morah demon in the Trials when he’d still been human… and he was sure there was a story in there somewhere that would account for the amount of blood that would have to have been absorbed by the then-human to make him… basically immortal, but that would have to wait.

For now, he needed to find out what rituals were involved with accepting a non-vampire and non-human into the Order of Aurelius. He was fairly sure it had never been done before, but… then again, he was the Master; he could change the rules if he wanted to and oddly enough, he did want to. Maybe Illyria would know something from her early days… he’d have to remember to ask her although he was fairly sure she’d wonder at him wanting to bring Harris in, considering the things he’d said about the Scooby in the past.

No, he’d never cared for Xander Harris. Hell, he still didn’t. But he for damned sure respected him and that was a good start. Even Angelus respected what the boy they’d once known had become, and that was saying a lot.

Of course, Angelus also wanted to fuck the man, but… that was another story entirely and frankly, Angel didn’t see that ever happening. Not with the possessiveness his Childe was displaying, anyway.

And that was the crux of the matter, Angel realized. He had a choice. He could accept Harris and hope for the best or he could lose his Childe. And he’d already lost enough of his own, hadn’t he? Far better to add one more person to the Order than to lose Spike… again. And who knew? Maybe Harris wouldn’t be as annoying as he expected him to with that sleek, slick Primal-sensuality and that smart-ass mouth and… and the hands that were even then…

He growled suddenly, the sound finally halting the swift motions of fingers under shirts before things could get any more embarrassing… for him. “Spike,” he snapped, “Don’t make me call security. Take your… Harris to your rooms. Get him settled in. Someone will bring your luggage… later.”

The younger vampire pouted as he pulled away from his love. “Jealous git. Just want us out of th’ way so ya can have yourself a toss, ‘ey?” He winked at his Xan then took his hand and pulled him towards the still-open doors. “Later, Peaches… much later.”

A wicked grin spread across Xander’s lips and he glanced back at the brooding prick behind the desk. “Maybe tomorrow… Gramps,” he said with a smirk. “You know… late. Some time after Spike washes my scent off and I put back again.”

“You really think he’s jealous?” Xander added, his voice trailing in from the hall, fading as he and Spike moved away. “I thought you two didn’t…?”

The vampire snorted. “Never said he was jealous over me, luv…”

A sniggering laugh. “As if! And for the record, baby…? Deadboy…? Gah!”

Angel groaned, his head dropping to the surface of his desk as the voices were finally cut off by the sound of elevator doors closing. “God… why didn’t I encourage Spike to patch things up with Harmony again? At least she’s still afraid of me…”


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