Sequel to: Old Enemies (Getting to Know You series #2)
Rating: NC-17 (18)
Spoilers: All of it, just to be safe.
Pairings: S/X, Trevor/Elliot (mentioned)
Disclaimer: I do not own Spike, Xander, or any of the characters from BtVS or AtS. They are the exclusive property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and whomever else. Original characters, on the other hand, ARE mine. If you don’t know them from Buffy or Angel, they belong to me and believe me when I say I like it that way. #grins#
Warnings: Explicit man-sex. Toys. Angst. LOTS of angst. LOL
A/N: This story begins two months after the finish of Old Enemies
The Europe trip is over and Spike and Xander are back in the US. There may at some point be fic covering what the lovers did in between, but not right now.
Need to get this story out of my head, first… and the following one.


Tisienne Blue

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Part One

“It used to be better,” Harris said, frowning as he watched his claimed steer the sleek black Jag effortlessly around potholes, stopped cabs, construction signs and bicycle couriers with obvious death wishes. “I guess they lost their old chef.”

Spike shrugged, giving the old two-finger salute to a cab driver as he pulled in front of him. “Don’t much care, pet. Wasn’t really there for th’ food, was I?” He grinned, squealing around the turn onto his claimed’s street. “Mostly just went with you so I could watch you eatin’. Luv that thing you do with your tongue.” He winked, hurling the car down the ramp into the garage.

“Jesus fuck, Spike! TRY not to wreck the car, okay?”

The vampire chuckled and parked with ease, sliding into the space like a knife into butter. “This sweet machine? Never goin’ ta happen, luv. This baby corners like she’s on rails.” He patted the dash then turned to his human. “C’mon, Xan… I told you. We’ll get you a license in New York. Then you’ll be able ta drive her ta your heart’s content, yeah?”

Harris couldn’t help smiling. “I already have my heart’s content, babe. But I wouldn’t mind being able to drive my own car.” He opened his door and climbed from the passenger seat, straightening his suit jacket as he did. “I… thanks for coming out with me, Spike. I know it wasn’t really your scene.”

His own smile was a good bit wicked as he closed the driver’s side door and slid across the hood of the car quickly, pressing his love against the neighboring car. “Told you over an’ over again, precious. Not lettin’ you out of my sight; especially after dark. Besides… kind of liked watchin’ all th’ blokes an’ chits starin’ at you with such… desire…” His nose skimmed lightly over the soft skin of his Xander’s neck and he chuckled when the human shivered slightly. “What say we go on up ta your place, luv… get us out of these suits?”

“See, that…” Harris moaned softly, rocking his burgeoning shaft against his lover’s through the far too many layers of clothing, “Sounds like a plan, babe…” He didn’t bother to argue about who had actually been getting the lustful stares. If Spike wanted to believe his lover was so desirable, far be it for Harris to disagree.

The vampire smirked, kissing his beloved roughly. “I come up with a good one every now an’ then, yah?” He pulled away, his hand reaching back for Xander’s as he started towards the elevator bank on the far wall.

Harris smiled, his fingers tangling with Spike’s. “More often than you used to, babe,” he grinned, remembering some of the truly awful ideas Spike had tried to enact in the first few years he’d been in Sunnydale.

“ ‘ey!” the blond griped playfully, “Not my fault if I was too distracted by your glory ta follow through, right?”

The human laughed, deliberately ignoring the fact that the vampire hadn’t thought of him that way back then. It didn’t matter, after all. It was enough that he thought of him that way now. He pushed the call button on the elevator panel, pulling Spike flush against him as they waited. His lips grazed slowly across the smooth cheeks, nibbling an earlobe, then sliding back across. “Mmmm… not your fault at all. I was a very bad boy, teasing you with my… moist and delicious self. Have I mentioned how amazing you look in that suit, babe?”

Spike chuckled a bit breathlessly. “Only about a dozen times, luv… might have ta wear it again, seein’ as it’s got you all… hot an’ bothered.” He purred, his free hand tangling lightly in longish brown hair.

“More like what’s under the suit, Spike,” Harris groaned, stepping back reluctantly as the elevator doors opened. “Christ, babe… upstairs. Now.”

“Granted, beloved,” Spike murmured, pulling his claimed into the mirrored box. He wrapped his arms around Xander, pulling his back against his chest. “Been thinkin’, Xan,” he said after a moment of watching his beloved’s suit jacket open apparently on its own. He slid his hands next up to the knot of Xan’s tie, loosening it and chuckling as the reflected man’s clothes moved again, with no apparent help. “Know you like your place here. Don’t blame you. ‘s bloody nice.”

“But?” Harris said, moaning softly as he pressed his buttocks back against the thick, ready shaft he felt against his clothed cleft, “Because I can feel the but coming.” It wasn’t until Spike sniggered that he realized how his words had sounded. “Gods, Spike. What are you, twelve? You know what I mean.”

Spike grinned, his fingers sliding down the man’s chest to dance lightly over the straining fabric of his pants. “Yah, know what you meant, pet. Just luv your turn of phrase is all.” He chuckled softly, then turned Xander in his arms, pressing fully against him. “An’ not ta worry, Xan… goin’ ta be plenty of butts. An’ cummin’.”

Harris groaned again, wondering why in the hell he found Spike’s overt come-ons so sexy. Then again, it was a good thing he did. He was well aware of the futility of trying to change someone, even someone you loved. Maybe especially someone you loved. His lips pressed hard to his vampire’s, tongue delving deep and needily into the cool wet cavern.

“Bloody hell,” Spike groaned as he felt the elevator slowing. “You need a taller building, mate,” he growled softly.

“Like yours you mean?” Harris managed to say as he tried to hastily straighten himself out. “Or was that the but?”

Spike shrugged sheepishly as they stepped out into the hallway. “ ‘s just… you can do your writin’ in New York just as easy as you can here, right? An’… bloody hell, luv, I don’t want ta be apart from you, alright?”

Harris swallowed the small lump in his throat and pulled at Spike’s hand, dragging him around and into his arms. He held him close and tight, letting everything he was feeling flow to the older man. “I know,” he whispered, rubbing his cheek against Spike’s. “I know, babe… I don’t want to be away from you, either. But, Spike… there are gonna be times when…”

“Yah… know that, beloved. Don’t have ta like it, do I?” His head rested on one strong, broad shoulder as he inhaled his love deeply, trying to control his demon.

“Harrison!” A voice broke into their moment. “I thought you were back. Trixie was jumping around at your door when I took her walkies earlier.”

Harris smiled and pulled himself back from his lover to face the old woman the voice belonged to. “Mrs. Jamison! I was going to stop by tomorrow afternoon.” He grinned and leaned down, kissing the wrinkled cheek. “And yes, we’re back. Obviously.” He laughed a self-deprecating little laugh. “As you see.”

“We?” the woman asked, arching one pencil-thin coal-black eyebrow beneath slightly bluish hair. “And who is your friend, dear?”

The brunette blushed and pulled Spike forward. “I’m sorry. This is my… friend Sp… Will. William, this is Mrs. Jamison—my neighbor and surrogate mother figure.” He grinned.

Spike arched a brow himself at the interested look the old lady was giving him. He took a step towards her and smiled charmingly before taking her hand and bending to kiss the back of it lightly. “Pleased ta meet you, ma’am… hope you got the postcards my X… Harris, here sent?”

The woman blushed slightly and nodded. “I did. And thank you, Harrison, for thinking of an old woman while you were away. I haven’t been able to travel much these last ten years or so, but your postcards reminded me of so many wonderful adventures I had when I was younger.” She smiled wistfully. “I’m glad you had such a lovely time, though. And I am equally pleased to meet you, William. It’s wonderful to see this dear boy looking so happy.” She nodded. “I had thought Elliot would be the one, but apparently not.”

Spike almost burst out laughing at the look on his claimed’s face but instead he just smiled more at the woman and leaned down, kissing her cheek himself. “I think I understand now why… Harris… cares so much for you, Mrs. Jamison. Wondered a bit when he insisted on writin’ ta you every few days, but I get it now. You really ARE like a mother ta him. A REAL one. Not like that bi… ah, unpleasant woman who birthed him.”

Mrs. Jamison blushed again then reached out to pat Spike’s hand. “It’s all right, dear. You can say ‘bitch’. They even say it on the television these days, and not purely in reference to female dogs like my Trixie.”

Spike nodded slowly. “Yah… ‘s kind of sad, really. An’ people wonder why th’ kids today have no bloody respect. Seems ta be clear ta me, but… that’s a chat for another time. Think my friend here’s a bit tired. Just goin’ ta tuck him in an’ be on my way. Pleasure, ma’am.”

The woman laughed and shook her head. “There’s no need to spare my delicate sensibilities, boys. I’ve seen many things in my time. You go. Have a lovely evening. And I’ll expect you both at four o’clock tomorrow afternoon for tea. I want to hear all about your travels, and I won’t take no for an answer.” She smiled at William, then Harris. “And Harrison, dear? Don’t let this one get away. I believe he’s what they call a keeper these days.”

With that, the elderly woman gave their joined hands a soft pat and turned, disappearing into her apartment two doors down from Harrison’s.

Spike chuckled. “Lively old bird, that one is. Don’t blame you for keepin’ in touch, luv.” The continued silence from his beloved had him cocking his head to gaze deep into the wide brown eye. “Luv…? You still in there?” he asked, tapping the bloke’s forehead.

Harris started then blinked a few times. “Okay… and what the HELL just happened? Mrs. Jamison. She just…” He shook his head as Spike started pulling him further down the hall towards his door.

“Yah,” Spike agreed smugly as Xander fumbled for his keys, “Invited us ta tea. An’ told us ta get with th’ shaggin’, more or less. Like th’ woman. Not goin’ ta let her down.” He pushed his beloved through the door once the locks were disengaged, one foot kicking it closed behind him as his hands took up the happy task of stripping his claimed to the skin.

Part Two

It was the sound of the deadbolt turning over that had Harris truly yearning for his vamp. Here, they were safe. Locked inside, everything that could ever hurt them was kept at bey. His hands roamed, roved, pulling and tugging at the suit he’d liked so much. He didn’t like it anymore. It was keeping his skin from pressing silkily against his lover’s. “Spike…” he groaned loudly, pulling the other man towards the bedroom, “Now, babe… now… please…”

“Granted, pet,” was all the vampire could say, dropping bits and pieces of clothing here and there on the way. “Not goin’ ta make it ta th’ bed, luv…” he growled, the need for his claimed suffusing every fiber of his being. Instead of even trying, he spun his bloke quickly, fingers clawing at pants and shirts, ripping them roughly away. “Bloody hell… so beautiful, Xan…” He kissed the human hard, his demon emerging with a pleased growl when his love only kissed him more deeply, deliberately slicing his tongue on one sharp fang.

Hands grasped and groped, hips thrust together and apart, chests rubbed wantonly, small male nipples growing peaked and tight with need, desire, lust and love. Lips pressed, writhing together as tongues tangled and teased, tauntingly imitating other thrusts to come.

“Where’d we put th’ soddin’ lube, pet?” Spike growled after almost two minutes of crawling into his beloved’s mouth. “Can’t recall…”

Harris panted roughly, his knees shaking until he had to collapse back against the raised back of the couch, his cock jutting proudly and wantonly from his groin. “Th-the dresser in the bedroom…” He barely even saw his lover move before he was back, pulling Harris up and bending him quickly over the back of the couch.

“Bloody fuckin’ hell…” Spike groaned, literally ripping the top from the tube and slathering himself liberally, “Need ta have you. Wish I could wait ta prepare you…”

The brunette gasped and spread his legs, letting Spike see the base of the plug in his ass. “J-just… pull it and sink inside, babe… PLEASE!”

He’d try to figure out when his human had put the thing in later, he decided. Right then, he was just thrilled that the bloke had done so. Not even his demon half wanted to hurt the man but he didn’t know that he would have been able to avoid it.

A small squeeze of the tube had the plug slipping out with a soft pop and Spike growled again, one hand tight just below the thick head of his cock while the other fastened bruisingly on his beloved’s hip. He positioned himself desperately then pressed hard, gasping as he forced his way through that ring with less effort than he’d expected. “Bloody hell!” he snarled again, reaching around his love to grasp his leaking cock firmly. “You’re…”

“YOURS!” Harris yelled, his hands on the couch cushions holding him up, allowing him to press back onto the huge cock piercing him. “Gods! Spike! Gods, babe… FUCK me already!”

There was no way he wasn’t going to give his Xan what he wanted, and especially not when it was exactly what he wanted himself. He fisted his beloved’s cock roughly as he pulled himself almost completely back, leaving just his swollen red tip inside him. “Granted,” he growled loudly, slamming himself balls deep into the grasping hole.

“FUCK!” he couldn’t even see straight, but he didn’t care. He didn’t need to see right then. He just needed to feel. Harris wasn’t sure of how it had happened, but somehow during their travels he’d realized that if he spent more than a day without having Spike in him or him being in Spike, he got… anxious. And when they finally did join, it was… explosive. More so than usual. So what with their flight and the driving, then unpacking and sleeping, then rushing about, then dinner and coming back home… yeah, they were more than overdue. His hips shot back, forcing that final half-inch into him and he groaned again. “Fuck yes… Spike… harder…”

And if his love wanted harder, then harder he’d get. His hand tightened even more on the lean, toned hip as he dragged himself from his Xan’s ass completely. His eyes closed, lids squeezing tight over golden eyes as he drove himself in and flush with one swift, rough thrust. “XAN!” he shouted, angling himself to scrape that hard little gland as he pulled back, then “XAN!” again as he repeated the action.

It was feeling himself pierced over and over again that had Harris whimpering. He loved it when his vampire got like this. All hunger and need and wanton slams. The butt plug just made it easier to get there, not to mention faster. “SPIKE!” he hollered back, his entire body shivering and shaking as the blond battered the hell out him, that perfect cock driving hard over that spot within him. “SPIKE!” he shouted again as the long, elegant fingers squeezed and stroked harshly at his cock.

“Mine,” the vampire growled, driving himself deeper still and pressing himself fully over the bent back of his beloved. Sharp teeth itched to be buried within skin, tongue burned for hot sweet blood. His claimed’s blood. And when that neck arched to the side, the cords standing out invitingly, Spike didn’t even think twice. He reared back, pulling his shaft from his beloved’s hole one more time and as he drove in again his teeth found flesh, piercing and settling deep. ‘Never without you, never alone, always with you, beloved, luv, pet, precious, Xan, MINE’.

Harris gasped wickedly, his entire body arching and bowing back into the teeth and cock and hands, his own cock swelling just a bit more as he felt his sac draw up, tight and hard. “Sp-sp-spike…!” ‘Yours-mine-always-never apart-never alone-so proud-need-love-mine-yours-YOURS’

His body clenched roughly as his beloved’s ass bore down on him rhythmically, drawing him deeper and harder into him and it was too much. Spike howled against his lover’s neck, his cock suddenly spewing great copious shots of cum deep into his Xan’s bowels. His body continued to shake wildly, even as his hand pulled an equally shattering orgasm from his claimed. His mouth opened wider, trapping even the small rivulets of blood that had begun to slide down his lover’s skin.

He’d never cum so hard in his life, and he knew it. Every time it was like a new bar had been set and somehow… somehow, Spike managed to jump it. His lungs heaved wildly, drawing more air in every moment, trying to keep himself from passing out ass-up over his couch. His COUCH!

Harris struggled to raise himself, flummoxed by the weight of the still drinking vampire draped over him. “Spike,” he moaned softly, the cock in his ass twitching at the sound of his voice apparently. “Spike… my couch!”

The blond frowned, brow ridges pulling together as he tried to find something about his Xan’s couch that would demand the sort of panic in his beloved’s voice. “What about it?” he finally asked, reluctantly pulling his teeth from Xander’s neck.

“Leather,” Harris moaned, rocking back on the still hard shaft buried deep in his ass. “Leather couch… four grand…” He couldn’t seem to vocalize any better, but he didn’t have to. He knew his lover got the point.

Spike smirked, pressing himself deeper into his beloved. “I’ll buy you a new one pet… tomorrow. An’ that means we’ve got all night ta sully this one, yah?”

Harris groaned, knowing his claimed meant it. “Fine… how do you want me?”

The vampire chuckled, pulling himself a few inches out of his human’s hot ass. “Think I’m likin’ how you are right now just fine, pet,” he groaned, sliding home again.

* * * * *

They’d finally made it to the bed a few hours earlier, christening it as well before collapsing together, bodies exhausted but still tingling.

One cool, gentle hand stroked lightly up and down the warm, silky spine slowly. “So, luv,” Spike murmured, rubbing his cheek lightly against the head of mussed and tangled brown hair resting high on his chest, “How are we goin’ ta work this, then? Can’t stand th’ idea of you bein’ four hundred an’ some miles away…” He frowned at even thinking it.

Harris sighed softly, his arm wrapped over his vampire’s slender waist. “I don’t know, babe, but we’ll figure it out. We’re gonna have to, right? Because I don’t see me letting go of you any time soon.”

“Any time ever, luv. Afraid you’re stuck with me right an’ proper.” The blond smiled a little. “Maybe I’ll just stay with you for a bit, then. You know, ‘til you decide ta tell me th’ real reason you don’t want ta move ta New York. If it’s…” He sighed. “Look, Xan. You don’t have ta live with me if you don’t want ta, alright? You can get your own place an’ such. Whatever you want. I just… ‘s too far away!”

Harris blinked for a moment then sat up, giving Spike a disbelieving stare. “Wait a minute. You really think… Jesus fuck. I LOVE you, you bleached bastard! When I move, you’d better believe I’ll be living with you!” He glared. “Lay there and be all ‘you’re stuck with me’ then tell me I’m not?” Harris snorted. “Men!”

He had to laugh, if only at the perturbed look on his love’s face. “Figured you’d like havin’ th’ option, pet. An’ if you’ll recall, I said you could GET your own place. Not that you’d be seein’ it much. Might have let you sleep there now an’ again… might not.” Spike smirked. “So that’s not it, then. Hmmm… now what could possibly be botherin’ you so much about leavin’ th’ soddin’ Capital ta be with your claimed? ‘s a good question, luv.”

The brunette blushed a little and shook his head. “I just… I can’t just pick up and leave, Spike! I have… friends here. People I can’t walk out on…”

His scarred brow rose a bit and he pulled his Xan down against his side again. “Know you’re not meanin’ Elliot, seein’ as he’s been shackin’ up with Trev for th’ last two months. An’ accordin’ ta th’ bloke himself, you don’t HAVE any friends here, luv… not that matter much. Bloody hell, you only had three messages from people other than your publisher, an’ two of them wanted ta sell you bleedin’ aluminum sidin’.”

Harris blushed more. “You never know, Spike. I might WANT aluminum siding. I could put it out on the balcony or something and…”

“That’s not even funny, pet. An’ I’m not tryin’ ta make you feel bad, but… seems ta me that all your friends an’ loved ones—meanin’ th’ gay blokes an’ yours truly—are livin’ in New York.” Spike frowned as he felt his beloved sigh deeply. “Know you’ve got some sort of issues or somethin’, so… will you just promise ta think about it? For me, luv?”

“I…” he began, then bit his lip and started again. “It’s not that I don’t want to, babe. Gods, I’d LOVE to live there with you. Spend every night rolling around in that big old bed of yours, write in your garden, make love any time we felt like it… Christ, Spike, I want that. I DO!” He pressed his cheek harder to his love’s cool chest, his arm draped over him again and holding on tightly. “I just… can’t. Not now.”

The vampire sighed softly and wrapped his arms around the young man. “Alright, luv… won’t push you. Not tonight, anyway. ‘s good ta know you’ve been thinkin’ about how it would be, though. Thought maybe you didn’t want me full time or somethin’.” It was a hard admission to make but he’d thought it. And he owed it to his claimed to be honest with him, sadly enough.

“Never that,” Harris answered without even having to think about it. “Gods, Spike, I love you so much… love everything about you! Hell, I’d have us grafted together if I could! And I hate it that you’re going home and I have to stay here, but… Gods, babe, I’m gonna visit every couple days, okay? I’ll catch the red eye up and we can spend all day just wrapped around each other! It’s… I know it’s not the same, but… please, babe… please don’t ever think I don’t want you! Please!”

He smelled the tear on his love’s face, then felt it as it hit his skin. It was all he could do not to growl as he pulled the man fully atop him, his lips finding soft, warm lips hungrily. “Show me, luv,” he mumbled huskily, staring deep into that wet brown eye. “Need you ta show me, Xan… that you want me. Always want me, yah?”

“Always, babe… never gonna stop wanting you. Even when I’m like eighty I’ll want you.” Harris swallowed roughly. “Of course, I’ll be all old and wrinkly and YOU won’t want ME. But I’ll still be yours, Spike. And I’ll still want you. Forever.”

His mouth pressed hard against the blond’s cool lips, tongue delving deep to trace each tooth, each bump and swell of palate. He groaned softly, feeling his vampire’s shaft growing between them, his own answering the silent call rapidly. “Gods, Spike… want you just as much as I love you…”

Spike’s hand slid under his pillow, dragging out the tube he’d placed there when they’d finally made it to the bedroom. It had come in handy earlier and was about to do so again. He spread his legs beneath his beloved, his hands sliding down to cup the tense, rounded globes of his Xan’s ass. “Have me, then, luv… make me scream for you.” He’d start planning to Mate to his Claimed in the morning, he decided. That would be soon enough. Right then… well, right then… “Do me good, Xan… like you always do.”

“So good, babe,” the human murmured, settling back on his knees as he took the tube and spread a good bit over his throbbing shaft, “So good you’ll never doubt how much I want you ever again…”

Part Three

He was still purring when he woke up. Of course, he figured that might have something to do with the fact that his beloved’s morning erection was pressing hard against his ass. He shifted a bit in the strong warm arms, pressing the bloke back against the sheets.

“Shhh, luv… ‘s not time ta wake up yet,” Spike said quietly, stroking a stubbled cheek. He waited until his human drifted fully back to sleep again, then sat up and smirked, slinging one leg over the man’s warm, supine form.

It took less than a moment to position himself above that long, thick shaft, his own hole still plenty slick from the night before. “Luv you, pet,” he purred low and deep, one hand reaching down to hold his lover steady as he lowered himself, moaning as that thick, heated tip pressed deep then slid through. His eyes closed and he gasped softly, sinking down farther. His Xan always felt… bigger when he rode him like this and that was saying a lot seeing as the bloke wasn’t small by any means. “Bloody hell, luv,” he groaned, finally shoring up flush to the younger man’s groin. “So hot… so good…”

It was the hands on his chest, pressing in time with the deliciously sinful sensation around his cock that had Harris opening his eye to one of his favorite sights ever. His vampire, riding him slowly, those golden eyes mere slits in his face, the tip of that luscious pink tongue peeking between fangs… that long, pinkish cock bobbing gently in the air. “Gods… Spike,” he groaned, arching his hips against the bed, “Yeah, babe… just like that…”

Spike found himself purring louder as he raised and lowered himself all slow and smooth. It made a nice change from the frantic couplings of the night before, although he’d loved that too, as had his beloved. “Fuck, Xan… you feel so good… so right in my bum…” He smiled a little when the words earned him another groan. “Fillin’ me up, pet… bloody hell, never felt anythin’ like your cock… so warm an’ hard, luv… can hardly wait ta feel you cum deep in me… fillin’ me with your scent, your thick, rich spunk…”

Christ, when had he become such a word-slut, Harris wondered, his vampire’s voice creating a pleasant tightening in his belly. Oh, right, he reminded himself, the minute he’d first bedded his favorite blond. He gasped, one hand finally moving from the mattress to wrap lovingly around that gently bouncing tube of hard flesh. His eye locked on Spike’s golden ones and he stroked slowly, softly, his thumb rolling over foreskin and pulling back, exposing that tiny, seeping slit. “Spike,” he moaned, his hips arching again as the vampire slid down his length once more. “Jesus fuck… Spike… Gods, babe… love you so much… need you… need this… unnngh… all the… time…”

The look in his beloved’s eye was so soft and sincere, so honest, Spike could have cum right then. It was only knowing that when he did, his human would too that kept him from letting go. His fingers flexed slightly, digging gently into tight, toned pecs as he raised himself, groaning wildly as the fist around his shaft mirrored the action precisely. “L-luv it… when you… touch me, Xan… you stroke me… so nice… inside an’… an’ out… bloody hell, luv…” He groaned again, louder, when his human shifted his hips slightly, pressing his shaft against that hard little nub within him. “B-bollocks…” he added, beginning the long, slow slide down again.

Harris would have smiled but he was too busy trying to breathe. His hand moved slowly up and down, releasing the heavy shaft to cup tight, hard balls. “W-what ab-bout them…?” he groaned, rolling them lightly in his palm as he felt his own sac drawing up tightly against his body. “S-spike… I…”

“Bloody h-h-hell…!” Spike howled, the sensation of his beloved’s cock swelling just a bit more doing him in as the increase pressed hard against that special spot. “X-xan… I’m… bloody hell…! Cummin’, luv! Need you ta…”

His eye closed hard as he arched again, his spine bowing fully before thrusting up slow and sweet into his lover. “Th-there, Spike… w-with… you…” Harris groaned yet again, gasping as Spike pinched his nipples hard. “F-fuck!” His hand moved faster on the throbbing cock, up to collect seeping fluids, then down slickly even as he pressed himself deeper as hard as he could, the first spurts of thick, hot seed bathing his vampire’s insides. “Spike…!”

And as he felt his beloved beginning to fill him with that distilled, pure essence, Spike howled soft and low, his shaft pulsing wildly within the enclosing fist, then exploding long, desperate strings over his love’s chest and face. It was the sight of his Xan decorated that way that pulled the rest of his orgasm from him in a shuddering wail. “Beloved…!”

They trembled there, neither of them moving for minutes that felt like well-loved hours before Spike moaned and collapsed nearly bonelessly on his love’s chest. His mouth found its way to the mark on Xander’s neck, fangs scraping lightly over the raised scar. “Bloody hell, luv,” he whispered after a minute or three, “Just keeps getting’ better, ‘ey?”

Harris chuckled shakily, still a bit breathless. “Fuck, Spike,” he whispered back, his hands stroking that long spine slowly and simply, “If it gets any better than THAT, I’m gonna be in trouble.”

“Mmmm…” the vampire purred, laving his mark gently. “Didn’t even bite you this time, pet… think we’d have blacked out if I had.”

His laugh was a bit shaky. “Yeah,” Harris agreed, arching his neck against those soft lips, those sharp teeth. “And that wouldn’t be bad most days, but we’re supposed to be at tea in…” he looked at the clock, “CRAP! An HOUR? Shit, babe, we need to shower and dress and it’s not polite to show up without a hostess gift, and…”

Spike chuckled. “Don’t worry, luv. We can bring th’ glass bowl we picked up in Scotland. Th’ blue one, yah? An’ I’m thinkin’ her little yapper’d like that bean bag critter you had ta have. As for showerin’… I could give you one of those tongue baths you love so much…” He winked then smirked, feeling the soft cock still in his ass twitching with interest. “Or maybe we’ll save that part for later.”

He pulled himself away from his beloved with a soft sigh as the aforementioned cock slipped from him with a soft ‘pop’. “Haul your luvly ass inta th’ shower, pet. I’ll find a way ta wrap our prezzies then I’ll join you, yah?” He kissed the human slowly, then rolled from the bed. “Get a move on, luv,” he called as he strolled into the living room, his Xan’s fluids seeping slowly down his legs, “Only got fifty-three minutes left.”

Part Four

Harris’s watch read 3:59 as he and Spike made their way to his neighbor’s door. He straightened his tie one more time then gazed at his lover, smiling at the perfection he saw. He didn’t know why it surprised him that Spike could pull off a jacket and tie so well. That had been standard attire when he’d been human, after all. But for some reason he’d expected Spike to look less at home in the clothing than he’d looked in the suit he’d worn the night before. No chance, though. “You look amazing, babe,” he said with a smile as he raised his hand to knock on the door, his other hand fully occupied with the gift box holding the bowl.

Spike chuckled, the gift for the dog held against his side. “You thought I wouldn’t, luv?” he asked playfully, arching a brow. “I’ll have you know I look bleedin’ amazin’ in anythin’. Or nothin’, for that matter.” He winked at his beloved as the door was opened.

“Harrison! William! Please, come in,” the old woman said with a smile. She stepped back with an indulgent smile as a small beige coloured dog came running towards the door, the little purple bow bouncing on her head as she leaped at Harris.

“Trixie!” Harris yelped, laughing as he leaned down to pick up the happily squirming bundle of fur. “Hey there, little girl!” He laughed even more as the tiny tongue licked cheeks, chin and neck. “Did someone miss me?” he cooed playfully, “Did someone miss her Harris? Yes, someone did… yes, she did…”

Spike rolled his eyes, snatching the box from his beloved before he could drop it. He grinned at the elderly woman then extended both packages as though it were an every day occurrence. “It’s not much, ma’am… just some things my Xan thought you an’ your girl there might like while we were travelin’. Hope you like them. Th’ both of you.”

Mrs. Jamison smiled, the true pleasure of the expression telling Spike that she must have been a great beauty at one time. He wondered how she’d come to living alone in an apartment at her age but figured it wasn’t any of his business. Maybe she’d never had… His eyes were drawn to the mantle over her fireplace as she ushered him and his dog-holding beloved inside. No… she did have children. It was a puzzle.

“Did you hear that, Trixie?” the woman asked playfully as she ushered the young men to sit on the love seat. “Harrison and his young man have brought you a gift! Do you want to see it?” She winked at the men, belying her ‘crazy old lady who thinks her dog understands her’ act. “Come on, little one… let’s see what you’ve gotten, shall we?”

The small dog might not have known what her mistress was saying, but she definitely understood her name and the tone. She gave the dark human’s chin one last lick and leaped down from his arms, prancing around at her human’s feet hopefully.

Mrs. Jamison unwrapped the package carefully and smiled broadly enough to emphasize her wrinkles. “Oh look, Trixie! It’s a bunny! And it smells like…” she sniffed it, holding it to her nose, “Sandalwood! That’s your favorite!” She leaned down, presenting the bean bag bunny to her pet, laughing merrily when the little dog took it gently in her teeth and pranced off with it. “It’s a lovely present, boys. Trixie will probably never let it go.”

Harris gave the woman a sheepish grin. “Actually, that was S… Will’s idea. I’m glad she likes it though. Maybe it’ll keep her from trying to kiss me next time I see her.”

The old woman laughed, standing as the sound of her tea kettle whistling filled the air. “I doubt that, Harrison. Trixie adores you, much as your young man obviously does, to have thought about my dear little pet just because he knows we’re friendly.” She gave them a knowing smile then moved into the kitchen.

“Go ahead, Spike,” Harris said after a moment, “Ask me whatever it is that’s running through your head. I can’t stand the… tension you’re giving off.”

He hadn’t been aware that he was broadcasting to his lover. In fact, Spike was entirely sure he wasn’t doing anything of the sort. Still, he couldn’t hold it in. “Don’t get it, luv,” he said, standing and moving to the mantle. His eyes took in the pictures, starting on the left. “See her… getting’ married. See her with her babies. See them growin’ up an’ I know she had ta be an amazin’ Mum… don’t get why she’s livin’ here all alone with nobody but you ta care for her. Where th’ bloody fuck are her kids?”

Harris sighed and stood, too. He crossed the bit of space between them, wrapping his arms around his vampire’s waist and pressing his chest against that strong back as his chin rested on one sleek, slender shoulder. “Mostly they’re waiting for her to die, love… waiting to inherit.” He frowned unhappily. “They… take her for granted. And aside from her youngest daughter who died years ago, they all take after their father and… well, lets just say that he could have been MY father. You know… if my dad ever had a few million bucks to rub together.”

Spike frowned again. “So if he was wealthy, luv… what’s she doin’ here? I mean, ‘s a nice place an’ all, but…”

Harris smiled, holding his vampire closer. “Mrs. Jamison owns this building, Spike… among others here and in other places across the country. She’s probably worth more than you and me combined. And her kids are assholes. Olivia was the only one who ever really cared about her and like I said, she died a long time ago. I… don’t know how.”

“In childbirth,” the quavering voice came from just behind them. “My poor girl died birthing what my late husband referred to as a ‘bastard’.” The suddenly even older looking woman sank down into her usual chair, the tea service finding its place on the table before her. “It wasn’t her fault, of course, although in those days and with Richard’s… snobbishness… it was the kiss of death. Especially considering our social standing. Richard sent her away, wouldn’t listen to any argument.”

She sighed softly, still missing her youngest child. “It would be different now, of course. Unwed mothers are more common than not. But in nineteen eighty-six it was still frowned upon and shameful within our circle. But Olivia truly believed her young man loved her. We ALL believed it until she discovered she was pregnant and he… disappeared.”

The elderly woman frowned deeply. “I have no idea of what ever happened to him. I don’t particularly care, to be honest. He abandoned my daughter when she needed him most. All I can do is hope that he got what he deserved. But my poor Olivia…”

Harris found himself frowning angrily as he and Spike returned to the love seat. “What happened, Mrs. Jamison? I know it might not be any of my business, but…”

She sighed again, deeply. “No. It’s all right, Harrison. You’ve been more of a son to me in the last few years than my own boys have been in their entire lives. None of them have ever sent me a note, much less a post card. Not even for my birthday these last fifteen years since their father died.”

Spike snorted. “Bleedin’ morons, then. You should leave everythin’ ta th’ Sierra Club or somethin’. Just ta screw them, an’ pardon my language, ma’am.”

Mrs. Jamison smiled at the blond. “Unfortunately my late husband’s will keeps me from doing just that, William. I’m afraid that my only hope is to find my poor Olivia’s child. There is no restriction regarding blood relations and as he or she is my grandchild, I believe I will be able to… screw… my other relatives.” She smiled more. “I’m looking forward to it, actually. Even if I won’t be able to see the looks on their faces.”

The vampire chuckled softly as the woman began to pour the tea. He selected one of the tiny cucumber sandwiches from the tray, nibbling at it slowly as he leaned against his beloved. “Think we need ta find her grandchild,” he whispered softly. “We can afford it, Xan…”

Harris nodded and kissed his lover’s cheek. “Thank you, babe,” he murmured, somehow no longer worried about what his elderly ‘Mom’ would think. “I just… if we can find him or her, then… maybe I won’t worry so much…”

Spike blinked, then smiled as the old woman handed him a tea cup. “One lump, ma’am, if you don’t mind,” he said properly.

“Please,” Mrs. Jamison said quickly, “You know some of my secrets, William. I believe you and Harrison can call me Lily.”

And yeah… they could. Just as they could call a favorite aunt by her first name. It didn’t mean they didn’t still think of her as Mrs. Jamison… even Spike did. His soul AND his demon.

Part Five

Spike chuckled as the closing credits rolled on the big screen telly across Xander’s living room. “So much crap mixed in with th’ truth, luv, ‘s a surprise they got any of it right.”

Harris smiled, his fingers still twisting gently in the blond hair across his lap. “Mmmm… that’s why they call it fiction, babe… besides, do you really want humans everywhere knowing about vampires? Seems to me disbelief would be your biggest asset, just like Louis said.”

The vampire shifted onto his back, his head pillowed on one strong thigh. “Doesn’t do much good for you humans, though. Can’t tell you th’ number of times I’ve heard ‘but you’re not real’.” He snorted. “Real enough ta rip a throat out, though. Uh, not that I do that kind of thing anymore…”

He laughed softly, pretending not to see the crossed fingers by his lover’s side. “Of course not, Spike. You’re a TAME vampire now. And I see 20/20 with both eyes.”

Spike bit his lip a little. “You knew, ‘ey?”

Harris nodded quickly. “Hard not to figure it out when every time you wandered off for more than five minutes, some string of crimes would just… STOP, never to start again, babe. I… look, I can’t say I approve but I trust you. It’s your call.”

Blond hair shifted as the older man turned his head, nipping lightly at the sun-kissed skin of his beloved’s stomach. “ ‘s only th’ truly bad ones, luv. Promise you that. Scare th’ rest but sometimes that’s not enough, an’…”

He shook his head. “I don’t need to know, Spike. I know you’re a vampire, right? And believe me when I say I know what that means. Besides… like I said, I trust you. And speaking of trust,” Harris added, swiftly changing the subject, “Do you know anyone we can trust to actually find Lily’s grandkid? Without fobbing some stray off on us, I mean.”

He thought about it for a minute then shook his head. “Not off hand, Xan. But I’ll ask around, yah? Must be someone what knows a good private eye. Worst case, luv, we’ll get th’ Watcher on it. Ripper’s got contacts all over th’ place, he does.”

Harris grinned. “That’s actually a really good idea, babe. Maybe there’s even someone on the Council who could handle it. I’ll get Buffy and Willow to ask. They still owe us for that memory thing.”

“Good,” Spike agreed, nodding against his love’s lap and smirking slightly. “Might have ta call tomorrow, though, pet. Seems somethin’s come up that needs handlin’ all immediate-like.”

The brunette shifted slightly, then stilled completely as his vampire reached up with one hand and slowly slid the zipper of his jeans down. “Spike…” he nearly whispered.

“Believe I promised you a tongue bath, mate… seems as good a place as any ta start.”

* * * * *

Harris groaned softly as Spike slid in and out, in and out, first slowly, then hard. He felt the toned chest pressed against his back, the arm over his stomach, fingers trailing gently up and down the thick and seeping length of him. “Jesus, babe… y-yeah… do that again…”

The vampire chuckled and pressed himself deep then moved his hips in small, rapid circles, grazing the sensitive gland within his beloved with every rotation. “ ‘s that what you mean, Xan?” he purred, the back of the leather couch rubbing his spine when his love pushed into the movement. He lifted one leg, letting it fall over the brunette’s, pinning him there on his side as he repeated the motion again.

“Christ, Spike… that’s…” he couldn’t quite get out the rest of the words because apparently his lover had decided that there couldn’t be too much of a good thing. His hips were circling like a hawk on speed and every second or so Harris felt like he was going to explode. “Guhhh…”

A pleased growl left his lips as he felt his love’s anus clenching wildly around him, holding him deep as he moved. “Pet,” he moaned, gold-flecked eyes closing tightly, “Wish you could feel how good… bloody hell… should have done this… before…”

And all Harris could do was gasp, becoming more and more over stimulated by the moment. “Spi… gahhhh…!” His eye widened desperately as he felt the long, cool fingers close tight around his base. “Sp-spike… p-p-please… need to… fuck, yes! Oh, Gods… d-don’t s-s-stop…” he groaned as his lover slowly pulled back, still making those fast little circles.

He slid back in slowly, his eyes still closed, finally pausing again once he was flush against Xander’s ass. “Never goin’ ta s-stop, luv,” he groaned, “Always goin’ ta d-do you this good, Xan… just like…” Spike gasped, squeezing his claimed’s base a little bit tighter. “Just like… y-you do… m-me…” His hips circled one more time before the carefully controlled movement became too much for him. He growled again, louder this time, and fell to sliding in and out again, hard and fast, that beloved ass gripping him like a velvet gauntlet. “Luv… want you ta c-cum… cum for me…” he managed to gasp as he released his hold, shouting wildly as he felt his human’s body buck and heave.

The sudden release of the hand on his shaft led immediately to another release altogether. Harris slammed himself back on the heavy, thick cock inside him then arched hard, streams erupting across the room. A small part of him watched, horrified as the ropes of milky white fluid splattered his coffee table, his rug, the lamp. But most of him was entirely too busy to care. He yelped, loud, sharp barks of pure pleasure flying from his lips as he felt Spike’s teeth at his neck, pulling the stuff of life from him even as it was replaced a hundred-fold by the cool wash of jism bathing his insides.

“Spike…” he moaned, pressing hard into the forward thrust of his vampire’s hips; then “Spike…” again, on a hitched breath as the bond they shared flared and burned with the emotions flowing through them both.

* * * * *

“You do realize,” Harris said after a good ten minutes of just basking, “That you’ve worked your way up to owing me a whole new living room, right?”

“Mmmm…” the vampire murmured, still in game face, his tongue tracing slowly over the swiftly healing wound on his human’s neck. “Don’t care. ‘s worth it. An’ it’ll be worth it when we make a mess of th’ new one, too.”

It was a good kind of shiver that raced through his body at the promise in that tone. “Yeah… but maybe we should wait… see what happens with our little project…”

Spike sighed and raised his head from the soft, salty neck. “Are you TRYIN’ ta kill th’ mood, luv? Because if you are, you’re doin’ a damned fine job of it.” His lower lip swelled out into a pout. “Told you I like th’ old bird. Lily. Doesn’t mean I want ta talk about her while we’re all… naked an’ post coital, y’know? Or mid-coital, as th’ case may be.”

“I don’t either, babe,” Harris said seriously as he tried to turn towards his love, stopped by the cock still planted deep in his ass. He moaned softly, but forced himself to finish the thought. “I just meant… if we can find her grandkid and get him or her to come here… if they get along and everything…?”

The pout grew bigger. “Yah…?” Spike demanded suspiciously.

“Maybe we won’t have to replace the living room set. If I know she’s safe and happy and has someone to love her and protect her, then…”

“New York?” the vampire asked, suddenly smiling, “You mean it, luv?”

“I… yeah. I just… I’m all she has, babe. I can’t walk away without being sure she’s gonna be okay, you know?” He blushed deeply.

And just like that, Spike was grinning. He pulled his shaft slowly from his Xan’s well-used hole and sat up, pulling the man against his side. “Could have just said so, pet. Would have understood. Luved my own Mum, didn’t I?” His nose wrinkled suddenly. “Although not in th’ way she wanted me ta once she was turned, but that’s a different story altogether.”

His arms wrapped tight around the slightly larger shape of his beloved. “First thing tomorrow, luv, we call th’ Watcher an’ get started on findin’ Lily’s relation. Oh, an’… what I said before about killin’ th’ mood?” He kissed the human slowly, exploring his mouth as though he didn’t have it etched in his memory. “Never mind. Th’ mood’s just fine.”

Harris laughed quietly then pulled himself from Spike’s arms. He stepped carefully across the rug, trying not to wince when the soles of his feet met wet spots. He’d at least need to have it shampooed, he told himself before looking back at his vamp and arching a brow. “So are you coming to bed or what, babe?”

He laughed again when Spike virtually flew from the couch and pushed him through the doorway and onto the sheets. “I’m taking that as a yes,” he mumbled before rolling them and grinning down into Spike’s wide and once again blue eyes. “So… that thing you were doing… it’s thrust, then circle like Taz, right?” He so wanted to make his love scream for him… again.

Part Six

“Been thinkin’, luv,” Spike said softly as he leaned against the kitchen counter, watching his beloved eat wheat bran for some unknown reason.

“Uh-oh… again? You know that never turns out well, Spike,” the brunette replied with a teasing grin.

“ ‘ey!” the vampire played along, trying to sound offended, “I’ll have you know it DOES turn out well! Thought about you for years, didn’t I, an’… can’t say it’s been bad, yah?”

Harris chuckled, taking another spoonful of the vile fiber into his mouth and swallowing quickly. “And that’s one point for Mr. ‘I’m so tough except when I’ve got bleach on my head like a big GIRL’.”

Spike rolled his eyes and snorted. “That’s Mr. ‘I’m so tough except when my beloved’s got his cock buried deep in my ass makin’ me beg’… ta YOU, Xan.”

Damn, Spike was really bad for his apartment, Harris thought as he sprayed a mouthful of wheat germ and milk across the kitchen. He choked slightly while he laughed, almost falling from his stool. “Shit! Don’t DO that!”

The blond smirked and passed his love a napkin. “You should be thankin’ me, pet. That’s one less bit of… sawdust an’ corn husks you have ta eat.” He shuddered. “Don’t know why you insist on swallowin’ that stuff. It even SMELLS nasty. Don’t imagine it could taste like anythin’ good.”

Harris grumbled, rubbing his eye and socket slowly, then his mouth with the napkin. “It doesn’t,” he said after a moment. “It actually tastes really, really bad. But it’s good for me, apparently, or that’s what my doctor says. So I eat it. Keeps me… regular and other human stuff like that. Just my way of saying a big NO to colon cancer, among other things.” He still couldn’t help making a face at the remainder of the brown gloop in the bowl.

“Right… an’ that brings us back ta th’ original topic.” Spike nodded, not entirely sure this was the right time… or even that there WAS a right time. “Been thinkin’, Xan. About you an’ me.”

“Okay…” he tried not to look as frightened as he suddenly was. What if Spike was rethinking things? What if he didn’t want him any more? How could he manage to go back to the loneliness, the constant ache he hadn’t been fully aware of until Spike had eliminated it? Maybe… maybe he would have been better off if the memory spell had stuck. Then he wouldn’t be sitting here ready to just die inside and… “What about us?”

He could FEEL what his love was thinking. Feel the overwhelming heartache swamping the man regardless of his words. That was what had him across the room in an instant, his lips on Xander’s as he pushed his way down the bond. ‘Mine, always mine, never alone, never leave you, always need you, always want you, forever my beloved, forever my heart…’

He held the human tightly, purring reassurance until finally he felt the man calm under the tender assault of lips and emotions. “Luv… pet… precious… what th’ bloody hell was that?” he demanded, pulling back to stare deep into that warm brown eye. “Told you before, claimed… you’re stuck with me, alright? Couldn’t leave you if I tried an’ I’m bloody never goin’ ta want ta try. Got it, luv?”

Harris nodded shamefacedly. He truly trusted Spike. Always would. And Gods, he loved him so much. It was just that “Every time I love someone I lose them, Spike. I… it’s a pattern with me. So… when you say things like… you’ve been thinking about us, it just… hits that panic switch inside me.” He blushed. “As much as I loved Anya… much as I loved… still love Maria… I love you more and it just… scares the shit out of me that I could… Fuck, Spike! I can’t be alone again! And even if I found someone else and loved them, I’d still be alone because no one else is YOU!”

His arms tightened around Xander, holding him hard against him. “Luv,” he murmured, rubbing his cheek against the other man’s, “I’m not goin’ anywhere. Not without you. An’ when I said I was thinkin’ about US I meant…” He sighed, wishing he had a third hand so he could rake it through his hair in frustration. “I’ve really bollocksed this up, haven’t I?”

Harris shook his head quickly, smearing a few wet tears across Spike’s pale flesh. “No… no, I… I overreacted, I guess. I’m just… not used to getting what I really want, Spike. And I… Gods, I still don’t understand why you’d want ME, no matter HOW much I want you!” He frowned suddenly. “Fuck. Maybe Buffy was right. Maybe I AM gay!”

Spike snorted and kissed his beloved softly. “Hardly, luv… but that’s somethin’ ta talk about later. Unless you’d rather have yourself a bit of a girly cry?” He grinned when that question got the expected glare. “Right, then. Like I said, been thinkin’ an’…” He frowned and swallowed hard. “Don’t like this whole ‘human’ thing, Xan. You said it yourself th’ other night. You’re goin’ ta get old an’ wrinkly an’ die one day an’… bloody hell, I can’t stand it!”

He growled and pulled away, pacing the kitchen agitatedly, avoiding the small square of sunlight beside the sink. “Don’t want ta lose you, pet. EVER. Can’t bear th’ thought of puttin’ you in th’ ground an’ never touchin’ you, holdin’ you, shaggin’ you again!” He felt his demon face slipping out but he didn’t care. He and his evil half were entirely in agreement on this. “Want ta keep you with me always, precious! Ta have an’ ta hold, blah-blah-blah, ‘til death do we part! An’ I don’t want that death ta come… ever!” He was breathing hard and wasn’t sure he’d even explained anything but he couldn’t help it. All his carefully thought out words and explanations were gone, lost to him as the gut-wrenching terror of someday watching his beloved die swept through him.

And this was pretty much the opposite of what Harris had feared. Spike wasn’t trying to find a way to get rid of him. He was trying to find a way to KEEP him! The realization made his heart swell for a moment, but then it… deflated. It just wasn’t possible, and he knew it.

Harris sighed then got up and moved to the pacing blond. “Spike,” he said softly, one hand finding his love’s shoulder as his sorrow was reflected in his expression as well as his voice, “That would be… amazing. It really would. But… babe, I…” He frowned, looking away from the suddenly hopeful face. “I don’t want to be a vampire!” he finally blurted out. “I… the… the no sun and the blood and you KNOW I was never stealthy and I’m still not and Gods, I love you but I just… I LIKE being human and doing human things and I just… I’d be a really BAD vampire, right? I mean, what would I hunt? Old people? They’d be the only ones who couldn’t get away and I’ll bet they’d be all stringy and stuff and get stuck in my teeth and can I just say gross?”

“Knew I wasn’t sayin’ it right,” Spike finally said with a small grin. “Don’t want ta turn you, Xan. Luv your heat, your heartbeat… your soul. Never want ta see those things gone, alright? No, don’t want ta turn you. Want ta Mate ta you.”

“Mate?” Harris echoed, his brow furrowing with confusion. His vamp had mentioned that before, but he’d always assumed it was just another way of saying he wanted to… “Um, Spike… we ‘mate’ like five times a day… sometimes more. Or am I being an idiot?”

The vampire chuckled and pulled his love into his arms, holding him tightly and enjoying that warmth he’d mentioned a moment earlier. “Not an idiot, luv. Never that. You knew about claimin’ so I figured you’d know about Matin’ too. An’ NOT th’ kind we do all th’ time.” He grinned and pulled back then hopped up on the counter, pulling his Xan to stand between his knees.

“ ‘s like this, pet,” he said, staring into his human’s eye as his hands rested lightly at either side of the man’s waist. “There’s three stages of bindin’. Claimin’, which any childe can do but never minions, an’ you know what that is. Feelin’ each other’s emotions, healin’ faster from wounds caused by your claimed. Fairly simple an’ straightforward, claimin’ is.”

Harris nodded and leaned closer, surprised when Spike shook his head.

“Need ta explain this ta you, luv, an’ that means no distractin’ your Spike, ‘ey?” He waited until Xan gave him a reluctant nod before continuing.

“Right, then. Th’ next stage is Matin’, precious. Can only be done by a Master Vampire, an’ maybe that’s why you don’t know about it. We tend ta kill humans who aren’t ours, not sit down an’ have heart ta heart chats with them about what we do with our special ones, y’know?”” Spike smirked at a few fond memories from the old days.

“Um, Spike…?” Harris said softly, not wanting to interrupt but curious about something. He’d been wondering for years; maybe now he’d finally get an answer that made sense. “What’s the difference? Between a childe and a Master Vampire? Is it just age…?”

The blond arched a brow and chuckled. “Course not, Xan. A childe… a childe is made with th’ intention of havin’ a companion, not just a servant like a minion is. An’ some childer can go centuries without ever becomin’ Masters. A childe becomes a Master in his or her own right when they can ignore th’ call of th’ blood bindin’ them ta their Sire. When they can ignore what their maker orders them ta do an’ go their own way… or when they can clock th’ bastard an’ string him up then spend days shovin’ hot pokers inta his side… an’ other places.” He smirked again. “ ‘s not an easy thing ta do, luv, but once a vampire can manage it, they’re a Master. An’ Masters can do other things childer can’t do. Like claim someone an’ then Mate ta them.” He nodded seriously.

“Oh… okay,” the brunette said softly, rolling that over in his mind. It made a certain sort of sense, after all. When a vampire could ignore the vampire who’d made them, they were their own master and maybe that was what the term meant to begin with. “Okay,” he said again, nodding as his hands rose to rest gently on Spike’s thighs, not distracting, just… seeking contact. “G-go on. Sorry. I was just wondering.”

Spike smiled and flexed his fingers lightly against his human’s waist. “Nothin’ ta be sorry for, luv. If you don’t understand somethin’ you SHOULD ask. That way you’ll at least know what I’m talkin’ about, yah?” He nodded, reflecting his Xan’s motion. “Right, then.”

“Now, matin’ is a bit different from claimin’. ‘s more of an exchange than anythin’ else. There’s plusses on both sides of it. Th’ vampire gets a bit of resistance ta sunlight. Enough ta cross a street at high noon without burstin’ inta flame. Means if I stay in th’ shade I won’t feel more than a slight itch.” He grinned, trying to imagine what that might be like. “Th’ human, on th’ other hand, experiences very slowed aging. Maybe a year for every fifty or so. An’ perfect health. No cancers, no colds, no coughs… none of th’ mucus-inducin’ things you lot seem ta be so prone ta.”

And Harris had always believed that if something sounded too good to be true, it probably was. “Uh-huh… and what’s the catch, babe? Because if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.”

The vampire sighed. “Catch? Try CATCHES, pet. Because there’s a whole soddin’ heap of them.” His expression was very serious as he met the brunette’s gaze. “I… look, Xan. I want this. Not goin’ ta try ta tell you anythin’ different. Don’t want ta lose you, an’ definitely not in fifty or so years. ‘s not enough time, luv. But you need ta have all th’ particulars if you’re goin’ ta decide an’ not hate me later.” He swallowed hard, trying to smile.

“First off, when th’ vampire gains that bit of immunity ta th’ sun, you’ll get more sensitive to it. Probably need a 60 sunblock if you’re goin’ ta be out in it directly for more than an hour or so, even with your skin tone. Goin’ ta be hard for you ta go ta a doctor because you’ll heal even faster… almost like I do, an’ not just from what I do ta you, but from anythin’.” He could see the glimmer of acceptance in his beloved’s eye and as much as he wanted to leave things there, he just couldn’t. “But none of that’s bad, Xan… still, Matin’ ‘s not all puppies an’ Christmas.”

Spike sighed softly. “Think about it, luv… you’ll be young an’ in th’ prime of your life for centuries… millennia, probably. But th’ rest of th’ world will keep goin’ on their own time scale. You already know you’re goin’ ta outlive our Lily… but you’ll live long enough ta see her grandchild buried once we find him or her… and her grandchild’s grandchildren, too. Your friends… the Slayer, Red, Ripper… Elliot… all of them, luv. They’ll age an’ sicken an’ one day grow weak an’ die. An’ there won’t be anythin’ you can do about it.”

Spike sighed again, staring at his beloved’s chest. “That’s th’ catch, luv… you’ll have ta watch life goin’ by an’ takin’ those you luv away from you. An’ you’ll never let yourself care as much for any other humans again because you’ll know how quickly their lives pass. An’ you’ll feel guilty for havin’ more time than they do. Guilty for luvin’ me an’ lettin’ me be a selfish git by keepin’ you with me just because I can’t stand ta let you do what humans do… an’ that’s die. Only bright side is… you’ll be sterile. Won’t be able ta have kids an’ have ta watch them die, too.” His eyelids closed over wet blue orbs and he growled softly. “Stupid fuckin’ soul. Won’t even let me lie ta you ta keep you with me.”

Harris was stunned. That was the only word for it. Stunned. The idea of hundreds of years with Spike was… incredible. He would have said yes immediately but then… Spike had gone on. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to stay young and healthy while watching everyone he loved other than the vampire just… die. Willow, Buffy, Dawn… Giles… Elliot… even his WIFE! Well, former wife, but still. It was… it was… “I… I love you, Spike… so much…” he whispered, “But I…” He shook his head suddenly, the rest of the meaning behind the blond’s words hitting him.

“Gods… you must have been so lonely. All this time… and that’s why you were such a jerk… Jesus, I get it now!” and he did. The vampire, even without a soul had been so… human. How could he let himself care when he knew everyone around him aside from his own kind would be gone in the blink of an eye? He couldn’t, Harris answered himself, and so he’d tried to be cold to the world around him, concentrating on his family and then even that had shattered and… “Spike… Gods, Spike, I’m so sorry…”

He couldn’t believe the human was holding him. Not after what he’d told him. But he wouldn’t push him away. He would NEVER push his Xander away… not even if the bloke decided to pass on the Mating, which he fully expected him to do, Spike admitted silently. Eternal life seemed all well and good on the surface, but the reality of it was… well, it was often heart wrenching, to say the least.

His arms wrapped around the warmth of his beloved and he sighed despairingly. “ ‘s not your fault, Xan,” he whispered against the soft skin of the man’s chest. “Just… don’t want you leapin’ in without lookin’. Did that myself, what with beggin’ for Dru’s bite. Glad I did, though,” he said quietly, “Never would have known you if I hadn’t. Never would have known what it was like ta luv you. Ta make luv ta you… ta be yours.”

Harris couldn’t help smiling as Spike’s head more or less burrowed into his chest. One hand slid up the long, shaking back to make a home in the soft blond hair while the other pressed at the base of Spike’s spine. “I can’t…” he tried to say then cleared his throat. “Babe, I… can’t give you an answer right now, okay? I… I need to think about this. It’s… a lot of information to take in at once.” He dropped his head, pressing small kisses atop the hair. “But I WILL think about it, okay? I… promise, Spike.”

And that was all he could hope for, the vampire knew, although he wasn’t REALLY hopeful. There was just about zero chance that his human would agree, considering the repercussions. Still, fifty or so years were better than none, and… he didn’t care what his Xan thought. He’d still want him even when he was a slack-jawed drooling old git. And Spike would never stop loving him. Not until the day he placed flowers on his grave at midmorning and joined his beloved in the earth as ash. And that would be just about seventy-two hours after his love died.

“Luv you, Xan,” he whispered against that hard chest, steeling himself to just another half century of bliss.

“Love you too, babe,” Harris whispered back, entirely unaware of what his vampire was thinking in that moment.

Part Seven

“I’m sorry, Harris, but Mr. Giles is still away,” Robert’s voice said softly over the phone line. “He had some sort of an emergency, he said, and didn’t know how long he’d be gone. How… how are you? And Will? Everything’s going well, I hope…?”

The man tried to control his groan. He’d been trying to reach Giles for over two days. He’d left messages, voice mails, hell, he’d even sent an overnight packet with the little information they had about Olivia Jamison, and all to no avail. The information wouldn’t do any good if Giles wasn’t there to pass it on to whomever might be able to help.

“Yeah, Robert. We’re good. Great, even. He’s just packing to go home.”

“Home?” the younger man’s voice was surprised, “I assumed the two of you would be… never mind. I don’t suppose it’s any of my business, is it?” He chuckled wryly. “Still, I wouldn’t let Trevor know you’re splitting up. He takes your relationship with Will very seriously, you know. Although if you’re going to be available again, I hope you’ll schedule some time in London…?”

Harris laughed. “We’re not splitting up, okay? I just… have a few things to take care of in DC before I move, okay? That’s actually kind of why I need to reach Giles. I need his help with something.” He sighed.

“You, the Slayer, AND the Maiden-Crone apparently. I don’t think Mr. Giles has ever had so many messages in just a few days.” The voice sounded amused.

“Uh, that’s my fault, Robert. I asked them to try to reach him too, so… I’ll call them off, okay?”

Robert laughed. “I’m sure Collins will appreciate that, Harris. If… if you don’t mind my asking, what is it that you need? Maybe I can help.”

The brunette sighed quietly. “I doubt it, but… give it a shot if you want. I fed-exed a packet to the house yesterday. Do you know if it got there?”

“It’s sitting right here on Mr. Giles’s desk… not very hefty, is it?”

“Yeah, that’s part of the problem. See, we’re trying to find someone. My neighbor’s grandkid. It’s… important, okay? So that’s the information we have and we were hoping Giles would know someone who could look into it. It’s not gonna be easy, either. Lily’s spent tons of money over the last fifteen years and couldn’t even find out if the kid’s a girl or a boy.”

“Ah. Well, I’ll go through what you sent and see if I can at least figure out a place to start, all right? What about the child’s parents?”

“The mother’s dead. Don’t know about the father, just that his name was Bob and he ran out on Lily’s daughter. Nice guy, huh?”

Robert snorted. “Yes… if you equate nice with being an enormous asshole, he was clearly very nice indeed.” He paused. “I’ll see what I can find out, Harris.”

“Thanks, buddy… really. And tell Giles to call me when he gets back, okay?”

“I’ll do that. Take care and give my best to Will.”

“You got it, Robert… and thanks again.”

* * * * *

“Robert says hi,” Harris said from his spot in the bedroom doorway. He watched Spike throwing a few more things into his suitcase and sighed. “I wish I were coming with you, babe.”

“Yah. Wish you were too,” Spike said shortly, forcing himself not to look at the bloke. Another black t-shirt went into the bag sloppily.

“Christ… Spike, don’t be like this. I’m not sending you away or anything!”

“Aren’t you?” the vampire asked, still packing his things. “Told you I’d stay ‘til we got Lily taken care of an’ you said no. Seems like sendin’ me away ta ME.”

“Gods… and you also told me that almost three months was a long time for the demon population of New York to go without anyone there to rein them in! Remember telling me that in Paris, Spike?” Harris frowned and shook his head before moving quickly into the room. He strode to the blond, wrapping strong, warm arms around him and holding him tightly. “I wish you could stay, babe… I really do. But if I let you, then…” He sighed again. “I can’t be that selfish, Spike. Not when people could die just so I can keep you with me. Fuck, Spike… I already miss you and you’re not even gone!”

The blond stood stiffly in the sheltering embrace. “Don’t want ta be away from you,” he finally muttered. “Keep thinkin’ you’re goin’ ta decide not ta come at all if I’m not with you. ‘s happened before, ‘ey? With my Sire…”

Harris frowned and leaned down slightly, pressing his lips to the scar on his love’s neck. “I’m not Angel, Spike. Or Angelus. I’m Harris… Xander. Your Claimed, remember? And believe me, just as soon as Lily’s settled in with her grandkid, I’m flying to New York. I’m not even gonna pack.” He nibbled gently at his mark. “You’re a part of me, babe… never gonna let you go, okay? Or not for good, anyway.”

Spike sighed, finally relaxing into his beloved’s hold. “An’ what if we don’t have any more luck findin’ th’ kid than Lily did, ‘ey? Or her grandbrat’s as much a shit as th’ rest of her family? What then, Xan? You’re goin’ ta stay here ‘til th’ tough old bird dies?”

He sighed in return and held Spike even closer. “I don’t know, babe… but whatever happens, I WILL be with you. Even if it means flying up there every other day, I’ll be with you. Or… maybe we can talk Lily into moving, too. Get her a place in your building so I know she’s okay.” Harris shrugged a little. “Whatever. But nothing is gonna keep me away from you for long, okay? I promise, Spike. I’m yours. Never forget that.”

“An’ I’m yours, luv… just… it’s like you said. Miss you already an’ I’m not even gone. Don’t know how I’m goin’ ta stand it when I am.”

Harris smiled and kissed his vampire slowly. “You’ll take the Jag for a spin and feel better, babe. And if you ever doubt that I’ll come to you, you know I’ll come to get my car back.”

Spike chuckled reluctantly. “Guess I’m keepin’ th’ soddin’ Jag, then, if that’s the only thing that’ll get you back in my bed.” His lips found his human’s again, hard and deep. “Bloody hell, luv… if I don’t leave now, I’m never goin’ ta. Want ta just strip you an’ shag you ‘til you decide you don’t care if a bunch of gits you don’t even know die without me tryin’ ta protect them.”

He smiled slightly and slowly released his blond. “I almost don’t care already. Go, Spike… and call me when you get home, okay? I… I’ll need to hear your voice, okay?”

The vampire snorted. “Doubt I’ll wait that long, pet.” He closed the suitcase, hearing the latch click before he hefted it and started for the front door. Spike swallowed hard and turned to see his beloved right behind him. “Luv you, precious… an’ don’t turn your phone off. Goin’ ta be callin’ you a lot, I suspect.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, babe…” Harris managed around the lump in his throat. He leaned in for one more slow, deep kiss then pulled back. “Shit… love you, babe… so much… and I’ll have my phone in my hand every minute until I see you again.”

“Do that,” Spike ordered, his feet dragging on the hallway carpet. He got into the elevator, watching his human watching him until the doors closed. “Miss you already,” he whispered again, meaning it with every fiber of his being.

Part Eight

He’d been away for less than a week and yet almost as soon as he walked through the door of the Watcher House, he was assaulted by potentials with problems, butlers with attitude, and one very confused sounding difficulty from Robert.

“Sod all…” Giles muttered, then set to creating order from the chaos his life had become.

It was hours later that he finally had the chance to sit down with his assistant to find out what had been going on during his absence.

“Well, did Xander say WHY this is so important? I can hardly pull any of my Watchers from their posts simply to locate some missing child who would be…” he scanned the few papers before him quickly, “Not a child anymore. Twenty-two or twenty-three years old by now. Really, Robert, it’s hardly our job to find missing persons.”

“Mr. Giles. It’s Harrison. He’s certainly paid his dues, and with an eye, no less. I think… don’t we owe him? It’s not as though he received payment for all the times he assisted you as a boy, is it?” Robert arched a brow at the man, reminding himself that Giles was likely worn out from his trip and irritable that his return had been met with immediate demands on his time. That was the only reason he could think of for him to be acting so reluctant to assist one of the original Scooby gang.

Giles sighed and rubbed his eyes, suddenly ashamed of himself for needing the very young man to point out exactly what was still owing. “I’m sorry, Robert. You’re absolutely right. It’s the very least we owe Xander. I’ll get right on it first thing in the morning.”

The blond smiled. “I’ve made a bit of a start. I’ll copy my notes for you and put them on your desk. Would you like me to have Collins bring you some tea?”

Giles nodded quickly. “I would appreciate that, Robert. If he could bring it to my room, that would be nice.” He stood, yawning as he did so. “I’m afraid that if I don’t seek my bed I’ll fall asleep right here. It’s been a difficult few days.”

Robert nodded quickly. “Yes, you do appear to be a bit… worn. I’ll say good night and get to that copying, yes?”

“Thank you, Robert, and good night.” He started for the stairs, tiredness clear in every step. “And should Xander call tonight, please tell him that we are making his request a priority.”

And that was more like it, Robert thought with a smile. He hoped Harris did call. He’d finally figured out a subtle way to ask about Elliot… and Trevor.

Meantime, he would get back to work.

* * * * *

“Hey, babe.”

“Hullo, luv… bit early for you, isn’t it? Not still all snuggled up in that big empty bed of yours, ‘ey?”

“Spike, it’s ten o’clock in the morning. Of course I’m awake... besides, I… don’t sleep so well alone these days…”

A chuckle. “That makes two of us, pet… miss you, Xan.”

“Fuck, babe… miss you like crazy.” A soft sigh.

“So what’s goin’ on, luv? You don’t usually call ‘til a more civilized hour.”

“Oh… right. The reason. Yeah.” Rueful chuckle. “I almost forgot. Gods, I love your voice, have I mentioned that I love your voice…?”

“Only a few thousand times, beloved… th’ point?”

“Right. Right. Giles is back. Robert says he’s on our little project.”

“Yah? An’ what else did young Bobby have ta say, pet?” Slightly jealous tone.

A laugh. “Mostly that he found some new prophecy or other… or a poem he thinks could be one. Something like that. He wanted to know if I thought Trevor would mind if he called him and El.” A snigger. “I think that’s just an excuse, though. He’s been all hot for Elliot ever since that night at that club.”

“Seem ta recall Trevor not bein’ too pleased about that, luv. Seems ta be a bit possessive of his lover, that one.”

“And this from a vampire. I’m gonna fall over with shock.”

“Yah, laugh it up, mate… goin’ ta show you all about possessive as soon as you drag that stunnin’ ass of yours up here again, aren’t I?” Smirking tone.

“I’m gonna hold you to that, babe… it’s been… way too long.” Another sigh. “Christ, Spike… I haven’t seen you in two days! It feels like so much longer.”

“Stop poutin’, luv. Almost didn’t let you go back. Thought about just lockin’ you away here an’ holdin’ you prisoner. If you hadn’t had ta catch that plane, I would have.”

“Gods, Spike… and now I’m picturing myself all… tied up and stuff. Bastard.” Shaky breath.

A smug chuckle. “Tied up, luv? More like tied down. Silk ropes an’ my bed… can picture you, Xan’… all spread out for me… your luvly bum in th’ air… just waitin’ for me. Can hear you beggin’, pleadin’ with me ta take you…”

Loud moan. “Fuck, Spike… use the paddle first, okay?” Slow, unsteady gasps.

“Oh, definitely, luv… th’ oval one with th’ fleece on th’ one side… th’ better ta buff your skin once it’s all red an’ hot.”

A wordless groan.

“That soft, pale skin of yours… luv th’ way it goes pink with th’ first few swats, pet… th’ way you whimper an’ try ta lift your bum inta th’ smacks… I can see it, luv…”

“Jesus… fuck…”

“Go ta th’ dresser, luv… get out that toy I left you… you know th’ one. The red glass, all those joined bumps makin’ it a work of art… an’ th’ lube, pet… you’re goin’ ta need it.”

A small silence as the order was followed.

“I… Gods, Spike… please, I…”

Sly, low chuckle. “Soon enough, luv… what are you wearin’?”

“J-jeans… nothing else…”

“No shirt? No… underthin’s? Good, luv. Take them off an’ lay down on th’ bed, Xan. Now.”

The small sound of soft cotton being removed, then skin against sheets.

“Ungh… I… yeah, babe…”

“Right, then… where were we?”

“The p-paddle…”

“Yeah… can see you, Xan. Tryin’ ta take th’ swats harder, your wrists twistin’ all slow an’ subtle-like in th’ ropes… won’t let you make me move any faster than I want ta, though. Like takin’ my time, makin’ you moan an’ writhe as much as you can.” A soft groan. “Hands an’ knees, precious… but no touchin’ that luvly cock of yours.”

A tiny click as the phone is switched to speaker. “Spike… please, I need…” Despairing moan.

“Always goin’ ta give you what you need, pet… even when you don’t know what it is, yah…?” Soft purr, covering the sound of covers being tossed back. “I can see you, Xan… in my mind. Your bum wagging at me, begging for more. Can smell th’ blood risin’ ta the surface, see it just under your skin… gets stronger, clearer, every time th’ studded leather side of th’ paddle strikes you… so bloody hot, luv… so amazin’ ta see you like that…”

Keening moan. “F-fuck… babe… I can’t…”

“You can, luv… an’ you will. No cummin’ yet, alright?”

“Y-yeah… but J-jesus f-fuck, Spike… hurry!”

“Granted, pet…” Soft sounds of a hand stroking over hard flesh.

“Swat at your bum over an’ over, luv, watchin’ you strain an’ twist. Hear you whimperin’ more, beggin’ all desperate-like. Can’t take any more myself, so I turn th’ paddle over, rubbin’ your hot, red skin with that soft sheepskin…” A groan. “Luv th’ way you gasp an’ moan, luv… th’ little hitched sounds you make. ‘s too much, though. Need ta be inside you, pet…”

“Gods… yes… please, babe… fuck… have me… fuck yes…”

Another soft groan. “Use th’ lube, luv… get yourself all slick for me…”

Gentle grunts accompanied by gasps and small wicked pants. “I… Gods, Spike… I… need this… so bad…”

“I know, pet… need it too. Need ta sink deep inta you… feel you wrapped around me, takin’ me ta th’ hilt in your heat… are you ready, Xan? Ready ta feel me…?”

“F-fuck, Spike… always… yeah… ready…”

“G-good, luv… now put th’ glass against your hole… push just th’ smallest bulb inta that blissful ass of yours…”

Loud, straining moan. “P-please, babe… n-need more…”

“You’re goin’ ta get it, beloved… now push it… push ME deeper… one more bulb, yah…?”

“Fuck… babe… tell me what you’re…” moan “doing…”

“Layin’ here naked, Xan… stroking myself an’ picturin’ you just… lookin’ like you look… like you’re goin’… ta look… when you come back again…”

“Christ… d-don’t stop now…”

“Take th’ next bulb, pet… ‘s bigger… goin’ ta make you feel so good, Xan… an’ push again. Take th’ fourth…” Breathy gasp.

“G-gods… Spike, please… I need… m-more…!”

“Y-you slick enough, luv…? Ta take all of it?” Rasping sound of skin moving roughly over hard flesh.

F-fuck… YES! Need it… need it, babe… please, let me…”

“S-slam it deep, luv… feel it fillin’ you… feel ME fillin’ you…”

Long, happy scream as the order is followed.


“Th-that’s it, l-luv… an’ I’m pullin’ back… just th’ tip inside you… an’ slammin’ back inta you… fillin’ you up, stretchin’ you so good, Xan… an’ you’re so tight an’ hot… don’t know how I got so lucky… fuck, pet… need ta feel you cum… cum for me, luv… cum hard… cum NOW!”

“G-GODS…!” Lengthy gasps and grunts, mingled with whimpers and moans as completion is found immediately.

“B’bloody… fuckin’… hell…” Matching sounds as images overwhelm, pulling growls from lips as a body tenses and spurts wildly.

* * * * *

“You still there, luv…?” almost whispered a few minutes later.

“Unnngh… mummmfff…”

Smug chuckle. “That was even better than yesterday, pet. An’ just so you know, I got some of that silk rope last night.”

Longing groan. “Fuck, babe… I’ll be there tonight.”

Low soft growl. “Bring th’ toy. An’ th’ new lube.”

A small laugh. “I still think it’s funny that the lube made especially for anal… stuff… is called ‘Spike’.”

“You would, luv… an’ I’ll be expectin’ you by ten, so don’t be late or… no paddle.”

“Mmmm… I’ll see you then. Maybe even sooner. Love you, Spike…”

“Luv you too, pet… now catch a nap. You’re goin’ ta need your energy later.”

“So are you, babe… so are you.”

Soft clicks as lines disconnect, both parties impatient for time to pass, until later when they’ll try to make it stand still.

Part Nine

“Hi, this is me. You know what to do.” #beep#

“Xander. It’s Giles. I believe I may have made some headway regarding your search. Call me back when you can, and… Yes, well, I’ll be awake and available for the next five hours. Your cell number seems to be out of commission so do call as soon as you get this message.”

* * * * *


“Alexander… I was under the impression that this request of yours was a priority. Please return my call at your earliest convenience. We really must discuss this. I… may know who the missing child is… and where.”

* * * * *


“Where the bloody hell ARE you? Three days and not even a ring back? CALL. I… you may not believe what I’ve found. I’m not entirely sure I believe it myself.”

* * * * *


“I’m becoming concerned, Xander. It isn’t like you to ignore… well, yes it is, but not perhaps in this case. Return my call or I will be forced to come find you. This is not the sort of information one leaves on a bloody machine.”

* * * * *

He’d barely been able to make himself leave New York this time. In fact, he almost hadn’t. Surprisingly, it had been Spike who’d nearly pushed him out the door with a growled ‘take care of things an’ get your ass back here for good, luv, an’ I’m not kiddin’.’.

Gods, his body was still aching, although in the best possible ways. The ache in his heart, on the other hand, was less good. He truly didn’t know how much longer he could go on doing this. Visiting Spike for a few days, then leaving to sit at his apartment moping and missing him. The phone calls were great, but they just weren’t enough.

Harris sighed softly as he got out of the Washington Flyer cab and paid the driver. Obviously Giles hadn’t gotten anywhere with finding Lily’s grandchild. He figured if the Watcher had, he would have called and Harris’ cell had been on and charged the entire time he’d been gone.

“Fuck,” he grumbled, unlocking the security door and striding across the lobby, “Maybe I’ll just suggest the whole moving thing to Lily… Spike would be happy if she agreed. And more to the point, so would I.”

He got into the elevator and rode up to his floor, his suitcase hanging by his side. Not that he’d needed much for the trip, but… he hadn’t really wanted to explain the big glass dildo or the lube when they x-rayed a carry-on bag, so… suitcase it was, and checked, as well.

Spike had laughed at that, he remembered with a smile. Then again, Spike probably would have gotten on the plane with the thing in his… pocket. One thing his vampire wasn’t was shy.

He was still smiling as he headed down the hall to his door, only seeing the older man standing outside it when he almost walked into him. “Giles?” he demanded, completely shocked, “What are you DOING here?”

The Watcher had only arrived a few minutes earlier and had gained access to the building by the simple expedient of helping an elderly woman with her shopping bags. As it had turned out, the woman knew Xander. She apparently also knew Spike, although she’d referred to him as William.

In an odd but amusing flash of memory, Giles had passed himself off as the younger looking man’s father and had agreed to join the woman for tea if he was unable to contact either Xander or his ‘son’ shortly.

And here was Xander, looking a bit worn but reasonably healthy which was both a relief and an annoyance.

Giles frowned deeply. “A better question might be why you haven’t been returning my calls. I was worried. I’ve been trying to reach you for three days, Xander.”

“I was… away. You should have called my cell, G-man… or tried me at Spike’s.” Harris frowned himself then unlocked his door, opening it to let the other man precede him. “Anyway, since you’re here… what’s wrong?” He set his suitcase by the door, pulling Giles’s travel bag in from the hallway as well.

“Your cell phone appears to be disconnected. Or that was the message I received when I tried the number you gave me.” The older man sighed and looked around the living room quickly. “As for Spike, he hasn’t seen fit to share communication options with me. Do you mind if we sit? I really must speak with you. It’s rather urgent.”

Harris sighed. “Yeah… uh, take the chair. Trust me, you do NOT want to sit on the couch.” He blushed slightly. “Um, drink?”

“God, yes… at least one.” The Watcher settled himself in the surprisingly comfortable leather chair with a soft groan. He’d never particularly cared for air travel. The seats were always… cramped, to say the least.

The brunette busied himself pouring cognac before taking the matching chair across from his former mentor. He handed him one glass, then waited expectantly. “Okay, Giles. You said we needed to talk, so… if it’s about the weather or something I can start without you. Otherwise…”

Giles sighed, taking a bracing sip of the liquor. “Yes, it’s simply that… as I said on your machine, Xander… I’ve found your missing person.”

Harris blinked, then collapsed back in his chair. “Oh, Gods… they’re dead, aren’t they? That’s why you flew all the way here, right? Or… are they evil? Shit! They’re evil, right?”

“No, no… that’s… not the problem. The… boy… is neither evil nor dead, but it’s… complicated.” The older man sipped again, then sighed deeply and began to explain as Harris’s eye got wider and wider.

“Fuck,” he muttered after a few minutes. “Wait. Let me…” He shook his head. “I need to call Spike. He should be in on this. It’s… his project, too.”

* * * * *

“Hey, babe…” Harris said, clicking on the speaker as the ringing was answered.

“Luv… was waitin’ for you ta call. What are you wearin’?”

Harris blushed, trying not to look at Giles. “Um, the same thing I was wearing when I left, Spike.”

Snort. “Thought you knew better than that, pet. Get naked. Now.”

Giles couldn’t help smiling at the look on Xander’s face. “If you don’t mind, Spike, I’d really rather he didn’t.”

A pause. “That you, Rupert? What the bloody hell are you doin’ in my Claimed’s apartment? Didn’t think you poached like that, mate.”

“Jesus, Spike! Could you tone down the ick-factor?” Harris shuddered then blushed again as he finally looked over at his guest. “Uh, not that you aren’t an attractive man, Giles, but…”

Giles rolled his eyes. “And as flattering as that might be if you didn’t look like you were about to heave, Xander, you’re not actually my type so can we move on?”

Spike’s next snort was even louder. “Wish you would, blokes… was fancyin’ a bit of a phone-shag. Don’t care ta make it a threesome.”

And now he was blushing as much as Xander was, Giles knew. “Yes, and I assure you I have no interest in doing so myself. Now if you’ve finished playing the latest round of ‘tease the Watcher’, perhaps we can get to the reason for my visit, as well as this call.”

“He’s blushin’, isn’t he luv?” Spike said, the smirk clear in his voice.

Harris grinned, then caught the look Giles was giving him. “Um, not as much as I am, babe. But Giles is right. We do need to talk. He… he found the grandkid, Spike. GrandSON, I should say.”

“Bloody hell! Where is he? And how soon can we get th’ git ta DC?” Another pause. “An’ who is it, mate?”

“That’s a very good question, Spike, and is also why I’m in Washington. It’s quite a story, really. And one I would never have expected.”

“Out with it, Watcher!” Spike growled through the speaker, “Th’ sooner we can get th’ bloke here, th’ sooner my Xan can move his ass to New York where he belongs!”

And that was a very valid point, Giles admitted silently. He’d never even heard of vampire and claimed deliberately being apart. It was astonishing that Spike and Xander had managed it even once without serious psychological imbalances, much less separating repeatedly.

“Yes, well,” he said, taking another sip of cognac and nodding when Xander looked at his glass with an arched brow. Another drink wasn’t even close to being a bad idea. “It’s like this…

Part Ten

Harris got up and headed to the small bar in the corner again, this time deciding to just bring the bottle back to his seat. He poured, listening with half an ear as Giles repeated the few details he’d already shared before the call to Spike.

“The surprising thing,” Giles said carefully as Xander finished topping him off, “Is that I don’t think you would have had any luck whatsoever through more… civilian channels. It seems Lady Luck was on your side.”

“Yah. Lily said she’d had th’ best P.I.s in th’ world on it an’ not a one of them found so much as a single shred of a clue aside from a death record on her Olivia. From somewhere in Ireland, she said.”

“I would imagine not. I found next to nothing when I tried those avenues myself. But there was something… in the young woman’s name. It struck a chord of sorts, although I couldn’t recall why. And then it occurred to me, gentlemen. Olivia Jamison. I… knew her.”

He took another sip of cognac and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I was serving out my internship with the Watcher’s Council at the time. Quentin was second to Master Billings-Smythe. Quentin’s daughter, on the other hand, was a few years younger than I and even more junior within the organization. Marianne.” He smiled wistfully. “Lovely girl. I must admit that I was a bit infatuated with her…”

“Bloody hell! Get on with it, Rupert! As fascinating as the glimpse into your warped and bizarre obsessions is, I don’t much care.”

Giles blushed again and cleared his throat. “Yes, quite right. So Marianne. As I said, she was a lovely girl. Sweet. Caring. Obviously took after her mother. In any event, she was quite involved with another young man of the Council and in due time she married him. Shortly thereafter, I seem to recall that she began spending a good bit of time with a young American woman.”

He frowned. “Keep in mind, this is all somewhat vague and mostly what I’ve pieced together from the backup discs of the original Council reminding me. It’s fortunate that they were kept off-site or we wouldn’t have much.”

“Come on, Giles… American woman. Focus!” Harris nearly snapped.

Another sip, then a sigh. “Yes… the American. I remember her as being small… rather pretty, blonde… and pregnant, as became obvious over the next few months. Her name was Olivia. I… don’t recall whether I ever knew her last name back then; in fact, I barely recall her at all, to be honest. It was simply the oddity that stuck in my mind. Very few American’s were permitted within headquarters, and certainly no others who weren’t a part of the organization.”

“In any case,” Giles continued, “I seem to remember that Marianne disappeared for almost a year, as did her friend. I never saw the American woman again. However, when I read that name… and considered the timing, it seemed obvious that perhaps the Olivia whose child you sought was the same girl I remembered. So I put her name into the database at the House and… I can still hardly believe what I discovered. Didn’t want to believe it, if I must be honest. I… I hadn’t thought that even Quentin could be so…”

Harris snorted. “The same guy who fired you, then tried to get Buffy under his thumb by pretending she needed to pass his tests? Yeah, right… because he was a sweetheart. And he kept calling me ‘the boy’.” His eye rolled.

Spike chuckled. “Well, ta be fair, luv, you WERE th’ only bloke of th’ group aside from Rupert an’ me, yah?”

Harris grinned. “Yeah… it was still rude, though. I DID have a name. He could have used it.”

Giles cleared his throat quickly then leaned forward, taking the bottle from Xander and refilling his glass. “As I was saying,” he said pointedly, nodding as the young man across from him and the vampire on the speaker both subsided, “Quentin’s records. When I was able to access them, I found that…” He sighed softly before going on.

“Marianne, as it turned out, had suffered an accident as a small girl and was diagnosed as being unable to carry a child to term due to the damage. That didn’t deter her or her husband, however. I believe they were truly in love, and judging from the entries Quentin himself made, he was pleased with that. He was equally pleased when Marianne met and befriended the young, single and pregnant woman.”

He took a deep swallow of the fiery liquor, leaning his head back to rest against the chair as his body relaxed somewhat and he fell into a more narrative tone.

“He researched the girl’s background extensively and that of the child’s father. Apparently the young man had simply disappeared one day although later entries made it clear that he’d somehow run afoul of Chaschit demons and had been… eaten. Still, he’d been of good stock, as was Olivia. Good families… very good in the young woman’s case. No incidences of genetic disorders or rampant stupidity on either side for well over a hundred years. And I believe that was when Quentin hatched his plan.”

Giles frowned deeply, unaware of the tense silence in the room.

“The girl had been cut off by her family, although they might have recanted that if they’d known her young man had died rather than abandoned her. And so Quentin chose to hide that information-- even from his own flesh and blood, his notes said-- and he had arranged for his daughter to adopt the child secretly. Ostensibly the young woman would be permitted to see her child and would have a suitable income while she trained for a position within the Council’s clerical department. However, she would only be acknowledged as a favourite aunt and good friend of the family. To that end, he had all records of her arrival in England expunged.”

He sighed softly and drank again.

Harris frowned, already sure he wasn’t going to like the rest of the story. “And?” he demanded roughly, taking a sip of his own drink, “What happened?”

Giles shrugged. “Apparently Olivia changed her mind after a month or so. She decided that she wished to keep her child. Quentin wrote that she’d begun looking for work and if she’d succeeded in that… well, that would have destroyed his plans, you see. He’d rather set his heart on the child being his grandchild. Quentin always did imagine himself as the head of a dynasty.”

“In the end,” Giles said after a moment and another long swallow of cognac, “He sent the girl and his daughter to visit with Watchers in Ireland. It was only a week later that he deliberately leaked word that Marianne was with child. And a year later, she returned with her son… who was small and blond and quite easily passed as being three months younger than he actually was.”

“He had her killed,” the vampire’s voice snarled, echoing through the room.

“He killed her?” Harris demanded at the same time, his eye wide.

“I… believe so, although he didn’t state it quite so… baldly in his records. He merely stated that everything had worked out as he’d hoped and his grandson was healthy and fit.”

“So… what happened to the kid?” Harris asked, biting his lip.

“Marianne and her husband raised him. He was a reasonably happy child. And he grew up strong, although perhaps a bit… lonely. He was never told of his true origins. I’m sure he never even suspected, as Marianne’s husband was blond, as well.” Giles nodded, finishing his drink and pushing the bottle away. He didn’t need any more liquor or he might become maudlin… more so, rather.

“He spent most of his free time at Watcher Headquarters, learning about the organization and what we do during his holidays from school. As I said, he was mostly a happy lad. Until the explosion.”

Giles sighed. “Marianne and her husband were there that day, although the boy was away at Eton. And so he was twice orphaned, although he doesn’t know it.”

“What happened ta him, Rupert?” Spike growled, sorry that Quentin had died in that same explosion. He would have liked to kill the shit himself. “Th’ boy. What happened ta th’ boy? Where th’ bloody fuckin’ hell IS he?”

“Well, he… inherited a reasonable income due to the ‘gas leak’ that had killed his parents and grandfather… and when we rebuilt, of course I took him in. He was one of our own. We… owed him that much. And he finished growing, became a young man any mother or father would be proud of. He became a trusted member of the new Council, privy to things most of the other new Watchers would never be comfortable knowing. He… he’s a good man. A VERY good man. One I’d be proud to call my own, in fact, much like you, Xander.”

Harris smiled a little, flattered by that. “But Giles…”

The older man sat up suddenly and turned wounded eyes to the brunette. “Bloody hell, Xander. How do I tell Robert that his entire life has been a lie…? Based entirely upon deceit and possibly murder?”

“Bloody good question, mate,” Spike growled from New York.

Harris shook his head slowly. “Giles, I… Robert…?”

The Watcher shook his head, too. “Do you see now why I came? I couldn’t… I couldn’t tell you this over the phone… not even had I been able to reach you. And I don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry, Giles,” Harris finally said after a few minutes of silence. “We’ll figure it out, okay? It’s just gonna take some time.”

“Yah, Rupert,” Spike agreed, “An’ I’m comin’ down, Xan. Tonight. Think you need ta be held, yah?”

The brunette sighed. “You have no idea, babe… uh, I’ll give Giles the bedroom. We can manage on the couch for one night… or two or three, even.”

Giles’s brow furrowed. “If it’s not too intrusive, Xander… or frightening… why are you so worried about me sitting or sleeping on your couch?”

Spike had to laugh at that, a low, rich rolling sound that was very suggestive and very him. “Trust me, mate… you don’t want ta know. I’ll be there in two hours, Xan… three at th’ outside. Not takin’ th’ time ta drive seein’ as it’s dark, an’… can feel how sad you are…”

“I… I’ll be waiting, babe. And I… fuck, Spike. Hurry, okay?”

“Don’t worry, luv… I’ll be there in time for you ta cry on my shoulder. Luv you, pet… see you in a bit, Rupert.”

“Yes,” the Watcher said quietly, almost unable to believe that he was looking forward to the blond’s presence as well as envying the relationship the formerly evil vampire now had with his one-time charge. What he wouldn’t give to have someone so dear to him… “Until then,” he agreed, sighing internally.

“Love you too, babe,” Harris replied, pouring himself another cognac, “But just so you’re warned… I might be really drunk by the time you get here.”

Spike’s voice was warm and accepting. “Then I’ll be there in time for you ta pass out on my shoulder, luv… an’ you can cry later. See you soon.”

“Yeah,” Harris agreed, even as the loud click announced that his vampire had hung up. His own hand reached out, closing the line.

“Okay… let’s get you settled in the bedroom, Giles. Uh, towels and stuff. I… I’ll take care of it. You just relax. You had a… long flight. Yeah.”

Gods, he had to get the rest of his and Spike’s toys hidden. The last thing he needed was for Giles to find them. And he needed to change the sheets, he realized with a bright blush as he stepped into his bedroom and saw the unmade bed.

He set about doing those things, trying not to count down the minutes until he’d feel his Claimed’s arms wrapped comfortingly around him.

“Gods… poor Robert,” he whispered to himself. “But… lucky Lily. He’s a good kid. She’s gonna love him.” He smiled slightly. “And maybe… just maybe he’ll love her, too. And Trixie.”

He didn’t even think about what the ramifications of Robert coming to the US where Elliot and Trevor were could be.

But Spike did. Then he shrugged it off. His beloved was his concern, after all.

Part Eleven

His beloved had been right, Spike admitted as he used his keys to enter Xan’s apartment three hours and twenty-two minutes after he’d gotten off the phone with him. The young man was well and truly drunk. “Hullo, luv,” he murmured, locking the door behind him and moving to crouch in front of his love’s chair.

“Spike!” Harris announced loudly, a sickly grin on his face. “I’m… so… glad you’re… here…” He felt himself crumpling inside at the sight of his claimed, woozily realizing he’d only been holding on until the other man got there. “Gods, Spike… Quentin… so evil… how could he…”

“Shhhh… shh, pet,” Spike murmured comfortingly, his arms wrapping hard and tight around the brunette man and pulling him forward. “Bloke’s burnin’ in his own special Hell now, yah…?” He stood slowly, balancing his drunken lover against him. “C’mon, luv… let’s get all comfy on th’ couch, ‘ey? Need ta just touch you, Xan… hold you an’ feel you against me, luv…”

The human swallowed hard and slowly moved to the sofa, still wrapped tightly in his vampire. “N-need that too, S-spike… I… Gods, poor… Robert… how… Giles is right, love… we CAN’T…!” He sobbed softly, remembering how he’d felt knowing his own parents hadn’t liked him, but… at least they’d KEPT him. Robert… Robert’s grandfather had thrown him away.

“Hush, luv,” Spike murmured again, pulling his beloved down onto the couch with him. He shifted until they were laying tangled and close, his eyes flying to the bedroom door as he heard the small creak of the hinges.

His eyes met Giles’s and he shook his head slowly, relieved when the Watcher nodded his understanding and closed the door again. Morning would be soon enough to deal with what they knew… or afternoon, rather, considering just how sodden his Claimed was and the fact that Rupert was five hours ahead of them, still being on jolly-old time. It was four AM in England, after all.

“Hush,” he whispered, one hand softly and slowly rubbing circles on his love’s spine. “ ‘s goin’ ta be alright, luv… promise you, Xan… won’t let young Bobby get hurt…”

Harris swallowed hard, nodding his head slowly against the hard, cool, cotton-clad chest beneath his cheek. “I… thanks… for being… here… for… coming…” he said shakily as the room began to spin, only the arms around him holding him still.

Spike purred low and deep, well aware of how soothing his Claimed found it. His hands continued their gentle strokes and touches on his Xan’s spine. “Don’t want ta be anywhere else, beloved… always with you, always yours, never anywhere else…” He pushed their bond open to its widest expanse, letting those same feelings flow to his love as he felt the man finally slip into slumber. “Love you, Xan,” he whispered, pressing one gentle kiss to the strap-crossed and still slightly furrowed brow before letting his own eyes close and following him.

* * * * *

The true tenderness he’d seen the vampire display the night before had been the death of the tiny bit of concern Giles had still felt about the relationship between Spike and Xander. Somehow, as unlikely as it might have seemed to him, Spike truly loved the young man. He had no true notion of how it might have come about, but it was obviously true. The two men were in love. It wasn’t simply that Spike had wanted to hold on to some reminder of his past, as Giles had initially feared. And Xander… well, he’d never been one to prevaricate and that being so, Giles had never doubted the reality of HIS emotions.

Of course, he never would have expressed his concerns to either the blond or the brunette; mostly due to the fact that it might have caused them both to pull away from him and the rest of the Council, but as it was no longer an issue, he pushed it aside for good. The two were well suited by whatever miracle had occurred and he was happy for them.

He showered quickly, luxuriating in the strong water pressure that he’d been missing ever since he’d returned to England, then finished dressing and whatnot.

Finally he stepped from the bedroom, smiling slightly at the sight of the two men still wrapped around each other. Apparently it was still a bit early for the lovers, but that was fine. He owed Xander’s neighbor a word of thanks for her kindness the day before, after all, as well as the news that the young man had returned safely.

After leaving a note to that effect on the coffee table, he stepped from the apartment, not noticing the slightly cracked eye of the vampire on the couch.

As it turned out, that barely open eye didn’t matter because Spike simply smiled, held his beloved closer and went back to sleep, his emotions still flowing steadily to his love.

* * * * *

Harris groaned softly as he opened his eye in the relative darkness of his living room, the afternoon sunlight muted by the four layers of sheer curtains he’d put in. He groaned again as he tried to lift his pounding head. “Fuck… what the hell was I thinking?”

Spike chuckled, cradling the head against his chest again. “Don’t think you were, luv… or not about anythin’ but how young Bobby’s goin’ ta feel, yah?” His fingers stroked gently through the soft, thick dark hair, rubbing his beloved’s scalp softly.

The younger man sighed and nodded slowly against the strong chest he was laying on. “I’m sorry I was such a… mess when you got here, babe… I just…”

The vampire purred softly. “I’m th’ last one ta tell you a bender every now an’ again ‘s a bad idea, luv… been on a few myself. Think you might recall that, ‘ey?”

Harris laughed softly, then winced at the throbbing in his head. “Oh, Gods… I think I’m gonna be sick…”

Spike shook his head, still stroking the beautiful brown hair. “Nah, pet… but you’ll feel better if you have a shower an’ some orange juice.” He loosened his hold on his beloved slowly, helping the other man sit up. “Tell you what, Xan. You go ahead an’ get started on th’ first. I’ll bring you th’ second.”

He smiled a little and managed to lever himself from the couch. “What about Giles?” Harris asked finally.

The vampire snorted. “He can get his own bloody juice. Besides…” he scanned the note on the table. “Seems he’s payin’ a visit ta our Lily, luv. Now get your hot little ass inta th’ shower an’ I’ll join you in a minute, yah?” He smirked as his human blushed, then staggered towards the bedroom and the attached master bath.

Part Twelve

His eye patch was on the floor, along with the clothes he’d been wearing for more than twenty-four hours. The shower was turned on to its full pressure, pouring icy cold water over his head as he leaned under the flow and Harris groaned at both the temperature and the relief it almost immediately provided. He could literally feel the pounding subsiding second by second.

Finally he thought he’d be able to stand under the spray without toppling over and he adjusted the water, letting it grow warm before he stepped over the lip of the tub. “Oh… Gods…” he groaned, his hands finding the tiled wall as he leaned forward, the water running in stinging, then soft rivulets against his tanned skin. “That feels… so good…”

Spike smirked as he stepped into the bathroom, glass of orange juice in one hand and the bottle of lube he’d found in his Xan’s suitcase in the other. The bottle he placed on the ceramic top of the toilet before he reached past the hanging curtain to stroke his beloved’s shoulder. He chuckled when the young man jumped a bit.

“Here, luv,” he said, holding out the glass of juice. “Drink up. Th’ vitamin C will help more than you know.”

Harris smiled and shook his head but leaned out of the warm water to drink a good third of the glass down in one swallow. “Thanks, babe, I’ll finish it later… and you were right about the shower. It feels… really good.” He blew his lover a kiss, then disappeared back into the steamy enclosure.

Spike arched a brow at that and closed the bathroom door, locking it just in case Rupert came back sooner than he thought he would. Lily could be a regular chatterbox when she chose to, and if the Watcher happened to mention that ‘Harrison and William’ were both here, he had a feeling the charming old bird would keep her guest occupied for hours.

Good thing, he told himself, even as he stripped himself of t-shirt, jeans and socks before picking up the bottle of lubricant and slipping past the slightly billowing curtain at the relatively dry end of the tub.

He smiled as he looked at his love leaning against the tiles beneath the shower head, eyes trailing wantonly down the strong ropes of muscle at either side of that long spine and down further to the perfectly toned globes of his beloved’s ass and the blissful, deep crevice separating them. “Bloody hell, luv,” he muttered, taking one step to press himself against all that smooth, water-slicked skin, “You look good enough ta eat…”

Harris gasped, then moaned as he felt Spike’s tongue laving wickedly at his neck. His hips rocked back slightly and he moaned again at the sensation of his vampire hardening against his ass. “Fuck, babe… we… we can’t… Giles!”

Snort. “ ‘s Spike, luv… not th’ bloody Watcher,” the blond teased, his empty hand sliding around his love’s hip to cup softly haired balls before slipping higher, caressing soft, silky skin which was slowly becoming less soft but no less silky. “Told you, pet… he’s at Lil’s. An’ I locked th’ door.” His fingers moved teasingly over the thickening length in his hand and he purred. “C’mon, Xan… for me…?”

As if he’d ever be able to tell Spike ‘no’, Harris thought, his eye closed. He leaned back, pressing harder against the cooler shape of his claimed. “Anything, love… anything for you…” He gasped, his head dropping back onto one strong slender shoulder as that hand continued to stroke him, teasing him to rampant hardness. “Gods, babe… I…”

Spike grinned and spun the man quickly, nipping at his neck before slowly lowering his lips and moving across and down the smooth, hard chest. He nibbled softly, then bit at tightly budded nipples, purring at the reaction he got before slipping lower, his hand still rubbing gently at the taut flesh between his fingers.

“S-spike…” Harris sighed softly, leaning back against the tiles and watching as his love’s head slid down to his navel, tongue circling and dipping within. ‘Spike!” he sighed again, louder, when that soft, full-lipped mouth wrapped around the tip of his cock, water still pouring down over them both.

Hell yes. That was all Spike could think as he tasted his human for the first time in over a day. HELL. YES. He didn’t think his Xan knew how hard it was for him when they were apart. He’d made a point of never mentioning the deep, aching hollow that comprised his being every time he knew his Claimed was leaving for more than just a few hours. He knew there was no helping it, anyway.

They HAD to be apart more often than not right now, but… once things were straightened out and his beloved was where he belonged, there was zero chance that Spike would be letting his human even out of their apartment for more than a minute or two without him. Not for a good long while, anyway.

His hand cupped his beloved’s sac, rolling the balls lightly as his lips slid to Xander’s base, taking the entirety of his beautiful cock deep into his throat and purring as the small dribbles of pre-cum coated his tongue. He pulled back fully, his tongue darting out, pink and wet, to flick lightly at the seeping tip before swallowing him down again.

The sight of his vampire lapping at him like a favorite flavor of lollypop had Harris’s eye slamming shut. His hands found their way to Spike’s hair, clenching gently against his scalp. “Spike… babe… please…” he groaned, hips arching into that perfect wetness. “Gods, babe… PLEASE…”

And that was what Spike had been waiting for.

“Please what, luv?” he murmured, pulling his mouth from the perfect cock to look up at his beloved. “Tell me what you want, Xan… anything, pet.” He waited a moment, his hand still rolling the tightening balls gently.

“Do you want ta cum in my mouth, luv… feel my throat closing around you, feel me purr an’ vibrate for you, pet?” He squeezed the sac lightly. “Want me ta bend you over after, fillin’ your ass full of me, luv? Full of my cum, my everythin’…? Or do you want ta bend me over th’ side of th’ tub an’ slam inta me… nearly break me with this bleedin’ amazin’ shaft of yours, mate? Slam inta me hard an’ rough, lose yourself in my tight ass until you can’t hold back…?”

He smirked, watching his pet’s cock bounce with his words. He leaned closer, blowing a slow, cool breath over that lovely seeping tip. “Just tell me what you want, luv… tell me…”

Fuck, he could cum just from listening to his claimed’s voice, Harris told himself. “I… fuck, Spike,” he shuddered, “All of that… any of that… Gods, I just… I need you, babe. Please, please, please… anyth…” His voice stopped on a gasping grunt as he felt the extended top of the bottle of lube against his hole. He grunted again as it slipped inside and a good amount of slick, shower-warmed liquid sped into him.

“Goin’ ta do you first, luv,” Spike purred, licking at that seeping tip again, “Then you’re goin’ ta fuck me, Xan… hard an’ rough or soft an’ sweet. Whichever you need, pet… an’ I’m goin’ ta scream for you… shout your name so loud no-one will ever wonder whose I am…” His lips spread wide around his beloved’s shaft, sliding to flush in less than a moment as his hand left the pulsing sac and slipped back, one slim, elegant finger driving deep into Xander’s ass.

“SPIKE!” Harris shouted immediately, his love’s words and finger proving to be too much already. His hips jerked as he held that wonderful mouth tight against him, his cock spasming and spurting deep within his vampire’s throat. “FUCK! LOVE YOU!”

The blond purred, swallowing hard around the exploding shaft as he slipped another finger into the grasping channel he was going to fill in another moment or two. He pulled his lips back a few inches, then sucked the twitching member deep again, one more finger entering his beloved to spread, scissor and tease.

And thank Gods for the tiled wall behind him, Harris told himself in a rare moment of lucidity which was swiftly lost as one of the fingers within him found that pleasure point. “Unnngh…” He groaned softly as his cock was released and within seconds he found himself spun again, this time with his hands against the back wall of the shower, his vampire between him and the spraying water. “S-spike…” He moaned, his hands shifting against the tiles until they found the towel bar there and wrapped around it, hanging on for dear life. “B-babe…”

“Yah, luv,” Spike answered, his voice slow and sexy as his fingers drove deeper, pulling soft, deep whimpers from his love. “Goin’ ta be inside you, Xan… goin’ ta go so slow, so deep… goin’ ta make luv ta you, pet… until you’re so hard an’ ready for me… goin’ ta squeeze you, luv… keep you from cummin’ until you’re inside me… fillin’ me with that beautiful cock… makin’ me… but you know, luv… you know how good it’s goin’ ta be….”

He slowly pulled his fingers from his human’s slick, stretched hole, then pressed his tip against the still-tiny opening. “Got enough slick in you, Xan… don’t need ta put any on. Know you like a bit of pain with your pleasure, beloved…” His hands fastened on hot, wet hips, pulling his love back even as he thrust forward, growling softly as just the head of him was forced inside.

Harris moaned louder, deeper, the slight burn feeling just right. Still, he wanted more. He used his hold on the towel bar for leverage and pushed back suddenly, releasing a loud grunt of enjoyment as the motion drove his anus to the base of Spike’s shaft. “F-fuck! YES!” he cried out, small tears of pure happiness leaking from his good eye. “Spike… n-need…”

“I know, luv,” Spike managed to groan, his eyes golden and locked on his human’s neck as he pulled back and slid in again, gently but hard at the same time. “Know… just… what you… need, pet…” His fingers tightened, making immediate bruises on the sleek, toned hips he was grasping and he growled, pulling himself back again before reversing the motion, his cock angled to press hard against the sensitive gland within his love’s channel with every stroke.

“J-jesus FUCK… babe… love… claimed… fuck yes… just… like… unnngh….!” His hands gripped the metal bar harder, even as his body rocked swiftly back and forth, begging to be impaled even more. “B-b-babe… n-now…”

One hand abandoned a heated, solid hip, sliding to wrap roughly around his Xan’s base. “Now, luv?” Spike demanded, thrusting smoothly in and out, “You want me ta cum, pet…? Fill you ta overflowin’ with everythin’ I’ve got…?”

His whimpering, shuddering and rocking would do as a response, Harris hoped, because he was for damned sure incapable of speech suddenly. A high-pitched keening spilled from him as he pushed back again, this time clenching hard around the welcomed intrusion of his vampire’s shaft. “spppnnnngggghhhhhhhhh…!” he whimpered, gasping as he felt that thick readiness swell even more. “spnnnnnggghhhhhhhh…. Mnnnnnn…. Sppppunnnnggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh….” When the first rapid, cool spurts of jism soothed his innards.

He’d lost his rhythm, lost his cool… lost everything but his grip on the base of his beloved’s cock. He held even tighter, still careful not to hurt his love any more than he could handle as his back arched, driving himself deeper into the brunette as his cock exploded roughly and at length.

He was gasping and sweating slightly, although he knew vampires didn’t actually do those things most times. Then again, Spike figured most vampires had never known the bliss he felt. His soul and demon were entirely besotted with Xander… and who could blame them?

He growled loudly, pushing himself deeper still, burying himself to the root as his shaft’s eruptions slowed. His body dropped forward, draped over his love’s. “B’bloody hell, Xan, that was…”

A wordless moan left his lips as Harris tried to thrust within the hand fisted around his base. “P-p-p…”

Spike smiled shakily, his body still tight from the overwhelming orgasm he’d just experienced. “Shhhh… wait a moment, luv… know you want ta cum, pet, but you’ll thank me in a minute when you do it somewhere nice an’ tight… Promise, Xan… an’ I can’t wait ta feel you…”

Harris moaned low and deep, his vampire’s words not helping at all. “Fuck, Spike,” he whispered a minute or so later, “You are truly evil…” His hands released the towel bar and flexed at his sides for a few moments, getting the blood circulating again.

The demon was smirking as Spike finally released his beloved’s still-throbbing cock once the human had calmed down a little.

“Yah, luv,” the blond said with a smile as he dropped to his knees and bent over the side of the tub, pushing the curtain to the end of the rod and finding the bottle of lube he’d dropped earlier. He pressed the pleated plastic into his lover’s hand. “But you knew that… now fuck me, Xan… need ta have you, pet.” He bit his lip when he heard the other man breathing hard. “I’ll beg if you want, luv…”

And just like that, Harris found himself on his knees behind his vampire, slicking him quickly. “Gods, babe… I can’t…”

“Don’t wait, beloved. Vampire. Don’t mind feelin’ you… YAH! Bloody FUCKIN’ hell, pet!” His eyes rolled back and he held himself still as the much younger man—the human man—forced himself deep, his big, beautiful cock piercing him fully and all at once. “Xan… luv… pet, precious, heart, soul, yes! Do it ta me, Xan… fuck me… fuck YAH!”

The tight, cool burn surrounding him was entirely too much. Harris felt his eye slamming shut, even as he tensed in an effort to last more than two thrusts into his lover’s ass. “G-gods… S-spike… I… no… not yet…! I’m… fuck… babe! Nooooooo….!” He groaned disappointedly even as he slammed deeper, his hands on Spike’s shoulders, pulling him back.

And no matter how short it had been, Spike found himself jerking roughly as his cock spurted great thick shots of milky semen against the side of the tub. His body spasmed wildly, anus clamping around his beloved’s shaft with vampiric strength, holding the spurting shaft deep, where it belonged.

Harris groaned again, this time because he felt himself cumming again at the tightness gripping him. His eye opened wide, gazing at the ceiling blindly as the sensation rolled over and through him. “S-spike…” He moaned, collapsing over the slightly smaller body of his lover. “G-gods…”

And that was a sentiment Spike completely agreed with. Fast as it had been, he had no doubt that he’d remember it forever as one of the best times he’d had with his beloved. “B-bloody hell… luv…” he shivered slightly. “Always… amazin’…”

Harris sighed after a few minutes, forcing himself to pull away from his vampire’s taut, wonderful form. “Shit. I… really want to crawl into bed with you, babe, but…” He frowned, flopping back in the tub and pulling Spike down on top of him, the sleek spine and slender shoulders pressed hard against his chest. His chin rested on one of those shoulders as he kissed the scar he’d given his claimed.

Spike purred, arching his neck into the soft press of lips. “Mmmm… want that too, beloved. But Trev an’ El can keep an eye on things for a while. Not goin’ anywhere ‘til you’re ready ta move in with me.” He made a stubborn sound when his Xan would have objected. “Bloke keeps sayin’ he’s my soddin’ Watcher. He can bloody well look after what he’s been watchin’ me do. NOT leavin’ you again, Xan. Not goin’ ta happen.”

And Harris sat there in his tub, his vampire held against him as the warm water kept raining down on them, and… “Fine, babe,” he agreed with a smile, his hangover entirely gone, although he hadn’t noticed it leaving. “But that means we need to go shopping. I don’t remember you coming in with a bag.”

He groaned. “I’ll get th’ gits ta pack some things an’ send them. Don’t make me go ta th’ soddin’ Mall. ‘s a bloody nightmare! Besides… think I left a few things here before. Might not be stunnin’, but they’ll do.”

The human grinned, kissing Spike’s neck again. “Don’t worry, babe… I know your sizes if you didn’t. And you’re always stunning.” He grinned again. “Besides, there’s something I want to get for you, too. It’s… a surprise.”

“Tomorrow, then,” Spike murmured, pulling himself reluctantly from his love. “Because it’s getting’ late an’ I have a feelin’ we’re on borrowed time in here, mate. Rupert’s likely ta be back any time.”

Harris blinked then tried to leap up, panicked at the thought of Giles finding them like that. “Shit… uh, clothes! We need clothes! And… fuck, soap!” He snatched up the bar of Dove and began scrubbing himself while Spike laughed. “What?” he demanded, staring at the blond.

Spike sniggered then shrugged as he stepped from the tub and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his hips. “Doubt th’ bloke doesn’t know we’re havin’ sex, luv… he’s a Watcher, remember? Not that I want him watchin’ US, but…” He shrugged again.

He couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he finished rinsing off then stepped out into the towel his love was holding out for him. “Okay… one more point for the Master Vamp…” He leaned in, almost giving Spike a soft, slow kiss before realizing he hadn’t brushed his teeth yet. Somehow, being all groiny with his lover had made him ignore the foul taste. He pulled back, blushing. “Um… go get dressed babe. I’ll be right there.”

The vampire chuckled, admitting to himself that he was happy to wait for a minty-fresh kiss rather than a morning-after dragon-breath fest… although he wouldn’t have objected even so. Hell, even his beloved’s morning breath was worthwhile when it let him feel those lips, that cock, that ass. Still… “Right, then. Bring you some clean clothes, pet. Be right back.”

He kissed his Xan’s cheek softly then slipped from the bathroom in search of clothing as his beloved began to frantically brush his teeth, glad Spike hadn’t noticed just how bad a night of getting drunk on cognac and Jack Daniel’s smelled on a human’s breath.

Part Thirteen

In the end, the three men decided only to tell Robert what they thought he needed to know, with some careful fudging of the truth.

Giles had felt the name Olivia Jamison was somewhat familiar and had searched the old records. He’d discovered that the woman had been Robert’s biological mother and had tragically died in childbirth, whereupon her best friend, Marianne Travers-Hargrove had chosen to adopt the boy. There was some indication—and this was the untruth, but they all felt it was necessary—there was some indication that Robert’s adoptive parents had intended to tell him the true story of his origins on his eighteenth birthday but as they had died prior, along with his grandfather Quentin, they obviously had been unable to do so.

They would explain to Robert about his birth father as well as what had happened to him, and that his mother’s father had been a bit of a prick but that as both men were dead, his mother’s mother had been looking for him for quite a while.

It was a good story, they felt, and would prevent the young man from feeling any more bitter or angry than necessary.

It would also, Giles pointed out, have the effect of not upsetting Lily, Xander’s sweet and gentle neighbor-lady.

He’d had no idea that the woman was the person he’d been searching on behalf of; mostly because as soon as she’d realized that he was a friend of her ‘favorite boys’ she’d insisted upon using only Christian names, saying that he was already like one of the family because he obviously had the good sense to know quality when he saw it.

Giles had almost snorted, remembering what he’d thought of Spike during the early years of their relationship. But the vampire had grown and changed in ways the Watcher never would have thought possible in the beginning, so he’d simply smiled and accepted a cup of tea, agreeing that ‘William and Harrison’ were very good boys and quite unlike most of their generation.

“Right, then,” Spike finally said, his arm around his love where they sat on the couch, “Question is… who gets ta tell young Bobby that he has a grandmum he’s never heard of… oh, an’ ‘s likely ta inherit a soddin’ fortune, assumin’ he an’ th’ lively old bird get on?”

Harris frowned. “I’d offer, but… I mean, I really barely know him, right? It seems like the kind of news that should come from a… friend. Mentor.”

“Erstwhile father-figure,” Spike agreed, arching a brow at the Watcher.

Giles rolled his eyes. “Yes. Of course I’ll be the one to inform him of his new… situation. However, I hope you two will remain available should he decide to visit and meet his Grandmother. He hasn’t any true friends in this country and you’d at least be familiar faces.”

Harris nodded quickly, ignoring the annoyed look it earned him from his lover. “Yeah, I… just let us know when and if he’s coming, okay? We can come back… or I can.” He blushed deeply. “I can’t speak for Spike, but I’LL be here at least until he and Lily get a little comfortable with each other.” He nodded again, his hand rising to tangle fingers with those of the arm around his shoulders.

Spike was blinking rapidly. It had sounded like his Xan had just said… “Come back?” he demanded, just to be sure he truly understood. “We can come back. Meanin’ we won’t be here. Meanin’ we’re goin’ ta be somewhere else.”

Harris smiled and kissed his vampire slowly as Giles looked amused. “Babe… I’ll still need to fly up here every week or so, just to check up on Lily, but… yeah. I think maybe… well, what’s that they say? ‘I want to be a part of it, New York, New York…”

The Watcher blushed slightly as the human’s words led to a deeper, longer kiss. He stood and made his way across the room. “I’ll just be in the kitchen giving Robert a call. It’s… entirely possible that it may take quite a while to explain things, so… please don’t think I’m ignoring you. I’m sure you can find some way to… amuse yourselves…”

The vampire raised his free hand, waving Giles off. “Do what you like, mate,” he grumbled, forcing himself to pull away from his beloved’s lips for a moment. “Just… take your time about it, ‘ey…? Wouldn’t want you havin’ heart failure at what I’m about ta do with my luv on this couch.”

“Spike!” Harris cried, laughing, “We are SO not gonna do ANYTHING here when Giles is in the kitchen!”

The blond smirked, his fingers trailing wickedly over the front of his Claimed’s jeans. “Care ta make a small wager on that, pet?”

Giles shook his head, blushing even more as he entered the kitchen and closed the door. Perhaps he’d make his call from the small balcony designed for al fresco dining on the other side of the kitchen. One more layer of insulation couldn’t possibly be a bad thing.

And suddenly he was very glad he hadn’t slept on that couch.

* * * * *

Explaining to Lily about Robert had been fairly simple. Harris simply told her a slightly modified version of the story Giles had told Robert, the only true differences being that he implied Olivia and Marianne had met in Ireland, rather than England and he’d told her that Bob, her daughter’s fiancé, had run afoul of a gang and been killed, his body unidentified for years and by the time it was, his listed ‘next of kin’ was also deceased, meaning Olivia.

He didn’t try to explain why there was no record of Lily’s daughter arriving on the Emerald Isle, and the woman assumed it had just been an error with paperwork.

He was smiling as she simply glowed, finally knowing that her favorite child’s baby was not only alive but thriving and apparently wanted to know her, and that Olivia’s young man hadn’t been the scoundrel she’d thought.

He was smiling even more a few minutes later when his cell phone rang at the appointed time and he passed it to her.

“H-hello…?” he listened to her say shakily, her eyes brimming with happy tears, “Is this… is this Robert…? This is… yes, dear.”

Tears poured down Lily’s face, her smile truly sparkling. “I… I know it may be awkward for you, dear. If it helps, please just call me Lily as Harrison and William do…”

Harris smiled again, softly, as he stood and crossed to her chair, kissing her cheek softly. “Good luck, Lily,” he whispered, “He’s a good guy. I think you’ll get along really well.”

He hadn’t told her that Robert was gay, but knowing her, that wouldn’t matter in the slightest. Besides, he had a feeling that it would come out in conversation, so to speak and… some truths weren’t his to tell, anyway.

* * * * *

“Well, they’re talking,” he said, still smiling as he entered his own apartment a moment or two later. “I think it’s gonna be fine.”

“Right, then,” Spike said, setting another packed suitcase by the door, “Got everythin’ you’re goin’ ta need for th’ next few days, luv. Plane leaves in two hours. Rupert has th’ spare keys ta th’ door an’ he’s promised ta keep an eye on our Lil’ for th’ next couple days. Called Trev an’ El. They’re meetin’ us at th’ airport.” The vampire frowned. “Didn’t mention Bobby ta them. Figure it’s your place if you choose ta. Not tryin’ ta make trouble, you know?”

Harris laughed and grabbed his claimed around the waist, pulling him tightly against his body to still the obvious jittering. “Babe… babe, relax. I’m not gonna change my mind, okay?” He kissed the much older man slowly, his tongue caressing teeth, gums and the slick, cooler tongue joyously. He let the mingling of flavors continue for a few minutes then pulled back slightly. “I’m just wondering if you found all the toys I stashed, babe… because I’m pretty sure we’re gonna want them.”

The blond smirked. “You mean th’ ones in th’ box under th’ bed marked ‘old school reports?” He sniggered. “Never saw anythin’ designed ta make Rupert more curious, luv. Lucky for you I’m bloody well thorough.”

The human blushed, shaking his head. “See, and that’s exactly why I never understood G-man. Old school reports should be boring, and… BORING! Thank Gods you found it before he did.”

Spike smirked again, deliberately not telling his beloved about the queasy look on the Watcher’s face when he’d basically ordered the vampire to ‘pack what’s in that box. I don’t need nightmares from sleeping above it’.

“Yah, pet… bloke would have blushed nearly purple, I’m thinkin’.” Or knowing. Whichever. Spike grinned even more.

Part Fourteen

Harris moaned softly, stretching as he woke beside his claimed in THEIR apartment. It wasn’t just Spike’s anymore, it was truly theirs.

He’d been there almost two weeks straight, aside from the three day-jaunts he’d made back to DC to check on Lily.

She was doing very well, he’d been happy to note, and as the time for Robert’s visit drew closer, she’d become almost as giddy as a school girl. Even Trixie seemed to know something was going on. She’d been just as hyperactive as her mistress.

Fortunately for the old woman’s heart, after numerous phone conversations Robert had finally set a firm date and would be arriving in Washington in just under two weeks. Giles had returned to England just a day ago, assured by both Harris and the woman he’d been looking out for that she would be fine. And she would, he knew. Lily was a strong woman and now that she knew she had a grandchild she could bear to even speak to, she’d become even stronger.

The brunette grinned wickedly as he heard the soft mumbles coming from the mound of sheets beside him then wormed his way under them as well, arms and legs wrapping tightly around his love’s body. Enough thinking about his surrogate mother-figure. He had his claimed to worship, just as he did every afternoon when they woke up.

* * * * *

Spike chuckled, his hair drifting teasingly over his beloved’s chest as he nipped wickedly at the tightly pointed, still-tanned nipples. His Xan had taken to sunbathing in the rooftop garden on bright days, although with no spectators, the tan lines he’d had before were disappearing rapidly.

One of the vampire’s favorite things to do was watch him from the shadowed safety inside the sliding glass doors, then pounce on him when he came in all sun-kissed, sweaty and hot. He called him Ra on those occasions. Or Apollo. Whichever. His sun-god, in any case.

He bit lightly at one strained little bud, then harder, purring as his love arched against the rug, pressing harder into his lips. “Mmmm… luv how your tits are so sensitive,” he whispered, his tongue sliding roughly around the point. “An’ if you’d just get them pierced, pet…” he groaned, imagining shining silver rings against the hard chest, “Bet I could make you cum without ever touchin’ your cock…”

Harris moaned loud and hard, his fingers in Spike’s hair pulling his mouth to the other straining bud. “Gods, babe… what do you think I was gonna do that day I was supposed to go to the mall?” He gasped wildly as his claimed closed teeth over that tight nub. “Fuck, Spike… you just HAD to still… have clothes… in… DC…”

The blond chuckled, devoting just as much attention to this nipple as he’d given to the first one. “Bloody hell, luv… should have just said so. I’d have tossed what I had there out th’ window just ta let you get out an’… shop.”

Harris groaned again, his hips arching against the floor. “Gods, babe… it was gonna be… a… surprise…”

Spike’s only response was to nip harder, his hand sliding down to cup tight balls for a moment before stroking the thick, hard shaft just above. “Tell you what, Xan… we’ll both get them… an’ then we’ll come home an’ see just how wild we can make each other, yah?”

The brunette moaned, one hand sliding under the edge of the couch and fumbling for the bottle of lube he knew was there. “Shit, Spike… you’re gonna look so good…” he groaned as he handed his love the bottle and felt himself slicked up. “So good… can’t wait, babe…”

The vampire smirked, his fingers sliding in and out of his beloved’s hole. “Goin’ ta have ta wait, pet… need ta do a different sort of piercin’ at th’ moment…”

“Oh… fuck, yeah…”

* * * * *

A few hours later, Harris stood in the garden fully dressed. He leaned against his favorite potted plant as he waited for the phone to be answered on the other end. Finally it was.

“This had better be important, Harris. Trevor and I were just… saying goodbye.”

It was the smug and happy tone to his friend’s voice that had Harris laughing. “So you’re still going to DC?”

“Of course I am. Have to finish the paperwork for the transfer and GOD knows why they can’t just let me do it here, but… whatever.” A loud, sensual chuckle followed by a soft smacking sound and mumbled ‘stop it, I’m on the phone’.

“Can you do me a favor, El? I… well, shit. I left the disk with my new project on it at my old place. Do you think you could stop by and pick it up for me?” Harris bit his lip, knowing his claimed would never let him go back just for that, especially since he’d been there two days earlier. “I just… I really need to get back to work, you know? Please?”

“I’LL say you have to start writing again. It’s been what? Three MONTHS since you’ve even bothered?” Elliot snorted into the phone. “I want my percentage, damn it.”

The teasing tone made Harris laugh again. “Well, if you get me that disk…”

“Fine, fine,” Elliot groused good-naturedly, “The usual place?”

“Yeah. Box on top of the entertainment center.”

“Okay. Hey! Does my key still work?”

“Definitely,” Harris said with a grin. “Mrs. J’s holding the place for me. Just for when Spike and I visit. So it’s all good, buddy.”

“Fine. Now, if you don’t mind I was…” Elliot moaned softly.

“Have fun, El… and give my best to Trev. Tell him I’m sorry for interrupting his coitus, and… call me when you get back, okay?”

“Hey, it’s MY coitus too! But I will, Harris. Later.”

* * * * *

The brunette was chuckling as he ended the call, then he smiled happily at the leather-clad arms encircling his waist from behind. “Ready to go, babe…?”

Spike purred, nuzzling against his Claimed’s neck. “Always, luv…” His hips rocked slowly against the back of his love’s pants, “but I suppose I’m ready ta go get us made inta pincushions, too.” His teeth flashed to fangs for a moment, the sharp tips barely grazing the warm, smooth skin. He let his tongue dance over the reddening points and whispered “Goin’ ta watch, Xan, while you’re done… th’ needle, th’ spreader… th’ ring… goin’ ta catalogue every moan an’ sigh, wishin’ I had my cock in your bum while th’ pain sings through you…”

Harris moaned softly, his arm rising to tangle in short blond locks and hold that sinful mouth against his skin. “Gonna watch you too, babe… think about your cock slamming deep into the back of my throat each time you so much as move while the… needle and stuff… pierce you…” He released a huge, shuddering sigh and forced himself to let go of Spike’s hair, stepping away from him at the same time. “Fuck, Spike… we’re never gonna get it done if we don’t get out of our apartment, and that’s looking more and more unlikely by the moment.”

It was a toss-up, Spike figured. Shag his beloved unconscious, which was always a good thing, or… wait until later and be able to taste the blood on his chest as nipples started to heal, becoming so sensitive and swollen he’d… “Bloody fuck. Let’s go, luv.”

He was laughing joyfully as his vampire grabbed his hand and dragged him through the apartment and out to the hall.

He was still laughing when they got into the Jag and tore out of the garage, heading for a place Spike knew. ‘Friend of a friend of a demon I know, luv,’ his claimed had told him. As much as that might have worried him years earlier, it just didn’t now.

His hand caressed his lover’s thigh softly as they ripped through the night. “So… when do I get that driving permit you promised me, babe…?”

Spike grinned wickedly, darting a glance at his beloved. “You can drive ME anytime you like, Xan… as for th’ other…? Next cloudy day, yah?”

He couldn’t do anything but squeeze Spike’s leg. It would be more than soon enough, and in the meantime… he was actually looking forward to feeling the pain he knew would come when the rings went through his tender flesh, making him that much more his vampire’s.

Of course, Spike was thinking very much the same thing, although in his case… he was thinking of the nipple rings more as a promise than anything else… no matter WHAT his human decided about Mating.

The End

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