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Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to the homepage for Theta Phi Alpha's Gamma Theta chapter!

Prior to becoming a chapter of Theta Phi Alpha, Gamma Theta was known as the Sigma Delta local sorority. Sigma Delta officially colonized with Theta Phi Alpha in the spring of 2004, and about a year later, we became a chapter in May of 2005. Located in Shippensburg, PA, the Gamma Theta chapter has a rich history and a hopeful future.

The Theta Phi Alpha fraternity dates back to 1912, when the first chapter was installed in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Today, there are chapters all across the United States. Through the Theta Phi Alpha Founders' Foundation, we support two main philanthropies: the Glenmary Lay Missioners and the House That Theta Phi Alpha Built. The Gamma Theta chapter is also active in street cleans and bring cheer to local nursing homes.

Theta Phi Alpha provides for lifelong friendships and gives all of its members satisfaction in doing good for the community.

Want to know more? Come on in and look around!