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The Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist

Download or view The Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist here for free!

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The Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist (html version)
The Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist (pdf version for printing)

The pdf file is a simple pdf (no macros), please download it to your local machine or print it out to save bandwidth.

The Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist is now available free online.
In Testament and Book form, the book answers most basic questions about Atheism,
from a non-political point of view. A synopsis is below.


The Testament of Philosophy

The first testament answers questions about morality and ethics from the point of view of the Good and Moral Atheist. It goes on to describe the different categories of Atheists and other Freethinkers. Next it covers the primary philosophical arguments for and against Atheism, then follows with a categorized list of quotes on the subject of Atheism and Freethought. The Testament of Philosophy ends with a categorized and annotated list of the most important and well-written books on Atheism and related topics.

The Testament of History

History starts with Genesis (of course!) from a rational, scientific point of view. The timeline of the Big Bang is laid out, followed by some of the more common arguments for and against it. Next comes Biogenesis (the story of evolution) and Human Evolution, both using the same timeline/evidence format. Finally there is a discussion of the evolution of religion and the role of science.

The Testament of Life

How should an Atheist approach life without god? How should we view death, and our fear of it? What should we turn to for inspiration without religion? Read the Book of Life & Death and the Book of Inspiration. Are there any Atheist-built hospitals? Read the Book of Charity. The Testament of Life has answers to your day-to-day questions about Atheism. It covers holidays, an Atheist substitute for prayer if you have such a need, and answers to common questions about Atheism.

Looking for a website? Check out the Book of Resources, where not only are the websites categorized, they are also reviewed to save you time. This chapter covers all the major Atheist organizations. You can find Atheism websites related to charity, politics, student activities, people from specific religious upbringings and cultures, dating, Atheist merchandise, debunking of paranormal claims, holidays, internet communities, and international groups as well. Nowhere else will you find such a useful list!


Who is this book for?

The book is for two primary audiences. First and most importantly, itís for questioners and new Atheists, someone just coming out of the shell of traditional religion and looking for information, answers, meaning, and friends, without turning to the falseness of religion.

Secondly, the book serves as a reference for us, the existing community of Atheists. We may not need a description of our own morality, or reflections for comfort, or detail on the various arguments supporting the Big Bang or Evolution. However, we still all sometimes need a link to a website, or a book on a particular topic, or a good quote, or an answer to those who claim Atheists arenít charitable. This book points us in the right direction.

In addition to those two audiences, we also welcome theists to come and read up about Atheists. Rejecting gods doesnít prevent us from being Good and Moral people!


Looking for a source for the quotes in this book? Most of them can be found in the impressive list at Positive Atheism!



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