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THUNDERSTORM is a Doom Metalband from Italy and their latest release on DRAGONHEART RECORDS is a very strong release, so that’s why we hooked up with bandleader Fabio "Thunder" (guitarist/vocalist of the band)… 

First time I talk with your band, so please get back to the beginning of the band, that was like 18 years ago???

Oh yes, the band roots go back to the early 90’s when I started a classic heavy metal band called “Thunderstorm” In 1998 after two demotapes ("Thunderstorm" and "Force of Evil")  the band split up due to musical incompatibility and the same year I form a new band called “Sad Symphony”. Giving up Classic Metal, the band aims at playing pure Doom Metal without any external influence. In the Spring of the following year the first demo tape by Sad Symphony is released.


Unlike many other Italian bands playing fast Italo Power Metal, your band focused on playing slower Doom Metal, I guess BLACK SABBATH was your biggest influence?

 Yes, Black Sabbath are our biggest influence, specially on guitar riffs: But we've got a lot of influences from all metal world: Classic metal, NWOBHM.....not just classic doom metal!


Sometime during the late 80s THUNDERSTORM was put on hold for a while...

Oh, in the late 80' I had played in various local bands, in a sort of embrion of "first" Thunderstorm formation.


Then came a comeback which started with the release of your first CD release on the NORTHWINDS label, please tell us about it...

 Ok: In June 2000, the band signs for Northwind Records (a small italian label ) and enters recording studio to record its first album with monicker “Thunderstorm”: The label don’t like “Sad Symphony” monicker and the band is forced to take the name of previous band. Northwind Records was a small italian label and I don't know if existing or not now!


In 2003 your band switched to the new label DRAGONHEART RECORDS as part of METAL BLADE RECORDS, how and when did that happen?

I don't know what happens exactly, really! One day I had received an e-mail from the boss of Dragonheart Rec: the summary of this e-mail was: You're free for a deal with my label? Our reply was YES, cause after two albums with Northwind records we were free from any deal.


To me, you sound like one of the better Doom Metal bands around and now your new CD release is your best effort so far, can you tell us all about 'AS WE DIE ALONE'?

In my opinion "As We Die Alone" is a big step forward respect previous releases: There are  great songs like "We Dream As We Die" and "I Wait" where the style of the band  is changing to be more deep and melodic but not "commercial". With the new album we escape from the classic "cliché'" of doom-metal like Black Sabbath, Candlemass ect. ect. The sound is becoming very personal, not a simply clone of historic bands.


I think your band is the Italian version of CANDLEMASS, what do you think?

Oh,thanks, it's a compliments, that's sure! But now we're not too much similar to Candlemass now. This album sounds different from the classic doom-metal bands. "Faithless Soul", the previous album of the band sounds more and more "Candlemass style", our last works sounds more....Thunderstorm Style!


The covers of your releases are old paintings, can you tell us about that?

Yes, previous albums were paintings: We like old historic art, it feels mysterious and strange! We are really satisfied about the old ones, but with new album we needed something “new”. We didn’t know nothing about what to put on the cover, what we knew was that it was not going to be again a painting.


Any touring plans coming up?

Of course: Will we play some gigs like “Release parties” first days of April: For now the confirmed in Germany are: Kutter4ever Fest at “Headbanger Ballrom” in Hamburg, Heike Music Club at Crailsheim and Metropolis Music Hall (Kultfabrik) in Munich. To stay updated with new “Release parties” gigs go to our official website:   


Finally, anything to add yourself?

Yes: Buy our last album and please don’t download from sharing programs on Web!! Sharing commercial albums from internet kill the bands!