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THE POODLES made a huge comeback last year with their fantastic debut CD 'Metal will stand tall'. The band was more an act put together for getting a song on the Eurovision Song Contest, but when that didn't succeed and the song nevertheless became a huge hit in Sweden, the band started to get shape and an album was recorded. 1 years later it was re-released by AFM RECORDS and already a new CD has been released as well, so 2007 marked the name THE POODLES in the European market and therefore we had an interview with them...

Hello there! Without a doubt 2006 was a big surprise when we were welcomed by a new band THE POODLES, can you tell us all about the beginning of the band, when and where did it all start?

The band was pretty much formed around the opportunity to perform the song “Night Of Passion” in the Swedish edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. We are all guys who knew each from before and we have all been in the business for quite some time but when this chance came up this current line-up of “The Poodles” was put together. So that’s how the story began and you definitely haven’t seen the end yet, we’re just getting started.

How was it possible that you didn't make it to the Eurovision Song Contest, because after the contest it seemed you were even more successful than the Swedish competitor CAROLA…

Well, we can’t be held responsible for that, it wasn’t our choice. If it would have been up to us we would have competed for Sweden in the Eurovision. But, we’re very happy with the way things have turned out anyway. So far we’ve been very successful both in our home country and abroad. We’re just releasing our second CD, “Sweet Trade”, the second CD in less than a year, we’re right this moment heading out on our second tour of Europe this year, twenty days on the road together with Gotthard so we’re not complaining.

You have been extremely popular in Sweden, will this continue with the release of the new album?

We sure hope so and it looks very promising so far. The first single from the album, “Seven Seas” has reached gold status and the album sales are looking good. Also, at the live shows we’ve been doing this summer the response to the new songs have been very good even though the album wasn’t released then. So we keep our fingers crossed and just keep doing our thing, 110%. 

Your new CD sounds bigger and better produced than the first one, can you tell us all about the new CD and it's songs?

In my humble opinion “Sweet Trade” is a collection of twelve great tracks, better and bigger sounding than “Metal Will Stand Tall”, maybe a bit harder but still very much in the same style musically.

Norway has WIG WAM, Finland has BROTHER FIRETRIBE and Sweden has THE POODLES, are there any plans to do a full European tour together?

No plans like that at the moment. We were this close to doing a show in the UK together with WigWam this summer but it didn’t happen.

You play pure 80s Melodic Rock, which bands influenced you?

We’re influenced by a lot of different things musically. Of course we all have a background of growing up listening to 70’s and 80’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal but there is a lot of other stuff out there so our influences come from all over the place. Basically we try not to look to much in the rear view mirror though, we look ahead and try to do what feels right for us.

What more can we expect from your band in the future, perhaps a DVD release?

A DVD release is definitely part of the plan, a third album hopefully during 2008 and a whole lot of touring.

I saw you live once and although it was just 30 minutes you gave an excellent show, where does the upcoming tour take you this time, any new places you haven't been to?

This tour we’re embarking on now takes us through a bunch of cities in the northern part of Europe, mostly in Germany. Some of the places we’ve visited before but some are places where we’ve never been so we’re looking forward to new experiences and new acquaintances.

You re-released earlier this year your debut for the whole European market, how did you get in touch with AFM RECORDS, your label?

It’s actually thanks to the guys in Hammerfall. Our A&R guy at AFM used to work for Nuclear Blast where Hammerfall is signed and through them he first heard our music and then contacted our record label in Sweden. That’s how it all came about and they’re doing a fantastic job with it at AFM so we’re very happy.

Finally, do you have anything to share with our readers?

I would just like to encourage everyone, if you haven’t already, to check out our music and our new CD “Sweet Trade” and come to see us live if you get the chance. Also, visit us online at

Thanks for the interview and success with your band in the future!

Thank you and rock on!