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LIZZY BORDEN is a legend, mainly active in the 1980s when he shocked the world even more than ALICE COOPER, KISS, WASP and TWISTED SISTER had been doing and now in 2007 a new CD has been released, which is his best record ever, so time to do an interview with LIZZY BORDEN...

What have you done the last seven years since your last record “Deal with the devil”?

We recorded a Lizzy Borden record that we never released. We recorded two Starwood records, one that has been released and one that will be released next year. We toured a bit in between all of that, and spent good amount of time working on and recording appointment with death.

This was the second time there was a big gap between two albums, which was also the case in 1989-2000. Tell us something about the period that the band was founded till the release of “Deal with the devil” in 2000?

Lizzy: at one point in the 80’s we recorded four albums in 14 months and although people love those records we needed to branch out and learn how to sing and play in the studio and not just be a live band. “Visual lies” helped us understand how to do that and “Master of disguise” was a huge breakthrough for us in learning how to make the studio our friend. And then finally recording “deal with the devil” we were practicing what we preach and what we learned over those long in between periods.

Can you tell me something about the creating process of the songs. Where did you get the inspiration from, are all the members involved in the writing process?

Lizzy: this is the first record since 1987 that I invited the band to work on the music, so we all wrote the music together. As far as inspiration for the theme and lyrics I had to dig down deep to write about death. At that point death was in my reality, a lot of what was happening to me and around me found its way onto this record, but I still try to look at it as fantasy so I can keep it fun.

You’ve changed your (make-up) looks, what was the reason for this change?

Lizzy: I’ve changed my make-up and look on every record that we’ve done. Whatever the main character is for any given record has a look, as soon as I know who the main character is I start trying to find out what he would look like and that’s how the changes start.

Are there any stories behind the lyrics besides that the main subject is Death?

Lizzy: Basically I’m playing death in a few songs but there are other characters throughout this record. My main goal is to write songs where you could read them and see yourself in them or see someone you know in them so I don’t like to reveal too much of the storyline. Like I said before I don’t write concept albums. Not yet anyway.

You’ve stayed true to your style, but what is in your opinion the difference between the new album and the albums from the eighties?

Lizzy: the albums in the 80s were written by people who didn’t know how to write songs, we were just winging it. Over the years we’ve learned how to write songs that make since to us. Learning how to sing and play in the studio and not repeat at ourselves. After we recorded Master of disguise it opened our eyes to the possibilities of what we were capable of.

I heard there is going to be a worldwide tour next year, is this true and what can we expect?

Lizzy: we are live band so bringing the appointment with death tour to the world stage is something we’ve been counting on and can’t wait to get started. We’re going to play songs off of appointment with death as well as some of the old Borden fan favorites and of course, the show will be second to none.

If we could travel into the future say 20 or 30 years from now and I would ask you what have you done with your life, what are you hoping you can answer?

Lizzy: did I record many more Lizzy Borden albums? Did i write a few novels? Did I make a few films? And the answer would be, I kicked ass!

Finally I have some short personal questions

First bought LP: Billion dollar babies (Alice cooper)

First gig: Kiss Alive

Favorite singer: Ian Gillian (Child in time)

Favorite guitar player: Ritchie Blackmore

Best Lizzy Borden song: (Master of Disguise)

Favorite food: White tuna

Favorite drink: Jagermister/redbull and beer

Favorite country: USA

Favorite sport: Hockey

Best place to play a gig: (so far): Mexico/Japan/Germany but ask me again after we take Appointment with death around the world!

Most important person in your life: the woman that I have not met yet.

Anything to add for our readers: Please go out and buy Appointment with death, download all you want but at least buy one copy. Ask for us at the festivals. Can’t wait to see you all, and yes, oh yes, there will be Blood!