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    These touching pictures tell a remarkable story of the Belgian girl RegineVillers who has taken it upon herself to become a "godmother of war" for the American soldier Fredrick Vallini who was killed in the battle in the Huertgen Forest. Fredrick was buried under the cross shown above and in the cemetery of Henri-Chapell located in Belgium.

    Her search to find the soldier buried under the cross started with a friendly, "Hello," and:

    I'm a Belgian "godmother of war" at the American cemetery of Henri-Chapelle. I adopted the grave of Frederick F Villani from New Jersey. He was a PFC in the 112th Infantry 28th Division. His serial number was 32055361. He died on November 8 1944.  I don't know if you could help, but I'm desperately looking for any information on my "godson." I also wonder if he has some relatives who are still alive.

 I found your e-mail on your website "The Worst of the Worst" which gave me an idea of what my godson's last days were like.  I'm writing to anybody who I think might help me.  I'm sorry if I bother you without reason, but if you can help me, would you mind writing me back ?   Thank you very much for your time.

 I'm also in contact with Newark's newspaper, the Star-Ledger, which is interested in my story and which will maybe publish an article on it.

"We will never forget".
Régine Villers.

Found Frederick in February 2002 thanks to the Star-Ledger....


© Copyright Régine Villers 2003