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....SnApPa'S page of ???? .....

"Grow Old Disgracefully"

VTX ride to Tin Can Bay ... January 2006


.... photo's of my bikes.....

First bike was a new Honda scooter[yellow] which was used for one month to get the the station.

max speed was 50 k down hill...

..Then i upgraded to a honda 750 shadow that lasted ONE week

How The "VTX1300"

.... Purchased Caravan For My Retirement....."MAYBE"

Windsor Statesman Seaview January 2006

...........all crew to share the total cost of trip .. .a great days fishing......

Offshore Fishing From Moreton Island

To Double Island

Fishing For Snappa .. Red Emperor..Cobia.

on board "Snappa" .. Haines Hunter 585 Seeker

You Wil be Required To Share COSTS $70 .. Fishing Deep Tempest
please phone any time


-you will need your own gear

.... "Razza Made Handles".....

"Extended Handles" for the TLD 25

Contact Razza[troy] for details [ausfish & fga Member]..

.photos of my old and trusted Shark Cat 560 series twin 85hp..

..sold 2004 ..

- "BUGGA" -