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"GO FISHING CLUB"... .... team leader

"fraser island"...2006

....5th - 13TH AUGUST 2006... .. ..... My annual trip to fraser island. The site was the same as last year 05, couldn't believe we were so lucky. But the same as 05 the wind was 30 kts from the south and forecast to get stronger. All hands required again to put up main tarp for the cooking station and general chat area and not to forget the card nites.... total number for the team this year was 19 and prospect of growing for 2007.
"bring it on".
2006 was a non event for fishing as the weather was just plain shit full .. winds to 40 kts with rain and HUGE seas
midday tides cancelled any plans to travel the beach, as the waves were up against the sand dunes cutting away banks all the way to indian head. Some of the "go fishing" team did make it up to waddy for a fish and scored half a dozen that were SMOKED for a snack the next day. I never took the rods off the 4x4. Regardless of the weather i enjoyed the week sitting back doing nothing. I lost my glasses and of course i was playing around with the camera and deleted the photos of the the first 4 days to the delight of some members as we had a visit from a group of female backpackers. I forgot to mention the weed ....

members that were present at the time

main tarp

..we were lucky
main tent with another tent inside. great weather protection

frigs inside

my cooking from the back of trailer

another pic of my camp

"go fishing" sub team .. the heals team

some of the members

food locker for main camp..dingo proof

quick trip across ... way home

dav and ken's set up

social nite for the visitors ..

"fraser island"...2005

....13 - 20TH AUGUST 2005... .. ..... My annual trip to fraser island. weather on saturday arrival was 30 kts from the s/e which made putting up the tarps hard ever with the help of all hands. Next was the "WEED" every where...... I managed the bag limit of tailor plus eating some smoked tailor at the camp plus i cooked up the row --? bloody great all, a very good week sitting back and enjoying doing "NOTHING" This trip was the official raising of the flag ----

founding member of the club. Mark Schull "chilly"

some members of the club.

..another pic of the team
my camp.

the camp site .. mesh tent.

official colors of the team for 2005.

I found this every "FUNNY" fillet & release classic..

..card nite. not lucky that nite

"fraser island"...2004

.."go fishing" team camp site
my camp.

.. mesh tent...

my trailer used for fraser is..


fillet & release tailor..

just playing in the sand


chatting again.

chat time.


happy fisherman [story to this]

arm full.


"fraser island"...2003

.. camp site
my camp.

.. pajero and trailer

the shark was caught using whole tailor, 100kg wire rope connected to a pajero.

the shark was release back into the surf, so that one day it may be responsable for biting a surfer. .

Report by ... snappa ....