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SUMMARY: These drabbles are based on William and Liam's relationship in The Wild Man series - it follows each of their differing thoughts, feelings, and reactions as that relationship progresses.

Thanks to [info]sexymermaid for suggesting that I do some Spangel drabbles based on her characters of William and Liam in her Wild Man series.
I hope that I have done them justice and as before I am very grateful for the opportunity to play with such amazing characters.

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Manip by [info]elizabeth_cs

Drabbles and Ficlets from the Wild Man Verse



William heard a rustling in the trees and it was not a beast parting the branches to peer at him, but a man.

Dear Lord.

The man stepped from the brush, apparently a savage, shameless in his nudity - William drew breath.

Shameless and yet glorious, bronze skin covered in a near golden sheen of perspiration, muscles bulging and hard like a statue with beauty just as classic.

He tried not to look at the wild man's exposed sex.

Surely it wasn't shameful to look on the nude form for its artistic merits.

William looked at it again.

Dear Lord!


Liam saw it through the trees, the sun reflected off it and made him look.

This hunter man looked different than the other hunter men he'd seen in his jungle. It had head fur that was bright like the sun shining on the water.

The hunter man watched him back. He wanted to see this one up close.

This hunter man wore too much coverings, he knew this one was different underneath them.

This one looked soft, like flower petals.

He always stayed away from hunter men.

He wanted to touch this one, without those coverings.

This one looked soft.


William couldn't stop thinking about him, the Wild Man.

His Wild Man.

He behaved so strangely, his manners quite uncivil, approaching Will in a manner not fit for gentlemen - standing too close, touching his undergarments.

The most disturbing behavior of all involved the Wild Man sniffing him, yes sniffing him.

Each time they'd met, the dark haired stranger leaned in close and inhaled deeply at William's throat.

Today the Wild Man had sniffed his privates.

How odd, sniffing another man.

Then why could he not stop thinking that his Wild Man smelled like leaves, clean sweat - and honey?


The little hunter man is strange.

With the head fur like bird feathers and he wears coverings underneath his coverings.

He doesn't know how to communicate.

He makes the mouth sounds all of the time, but he doesn't know to sniff.

He doesn't know that is how you greet the others like you; he seems scared of the sniffing.

His neck smell, it is like flowers but more nice, more sweet, more soft.

His male parts smell like something I want to lick and taste, smelling them made my parts gets big and hard.

Smelling them makes me need something.


Why can I not stop dreaming of touch?

Touching soft furs, touching myself, my Wild Man touching me.

I didn't know how starved for touch I truly was until I felt his lips touching my face, breath caressing my ear, teeth nibbling, his tongue swiping warm and wet over my neck and onto my ear.

How can something be at once terrifying, thrilling, intimidating and exhilarating?

I was so over-wrought that I tried to cool myself in the water, but then my Wild Man touched himself.

Did he dream of me touching him as I dreamed of his touching me?


I know two things.

He is called Leaf and

touching is better than sniffing.

Touching with hands makes Leaf make mouth sounds.

Touching with lips and teeth makes Leaf shake and make mouth sounds.

Touching with tongue makes Leaf take off all of his coverings and run away to get in the wet.

My male parts need touching.

Touching my male parts makes Leaf come back.

I think Leaf wants to touch but its too late, I have to touch him now.

I have to touch Leaf hard.

I know another thing.

Touching male parts together is better than food.


My poor Wild Man, he's an innocent, without any knowledge of propriety.

He had no idea what he was doing, partaking of such dangerous physical self-abuse. I'd only hoped to stop him, to still his hand in its pulling of his own flesh, such thick, hard flesh.

He wholly misunderstood my intentions, thinking that I meant to stop him from his play.

Owing to his upset he'd pressed me down and rubbed himself against me until he found his relief, and shamefully so did I.

For his protection, I must never see him again.


Leaf feels so good, more soft than flowers, more soft than moss, more soft than fur.

I want to touch leaf with my male parts and rub on him to feel the soft.

Rubbing on Leaf makes me feel more good than ever before, more good than rubbing with my hand, more soft.

I want Leaf.

Leaf is mine.

I want Leaf to be my mate, even if he has the wrong parts.

The same parts like mine.

I'll mate with him different.

I can rub on Leaf whenever I want.

Leaf is mine.

I will see him always.


Though I'd sworn to avoid him for his own protection, this Wild Man I called Liam consumed my thoughts.

I was thrilled when he found me in the temple room.

I gave over, surrendered, told Liam I was his though I knew he couldn't understand the words.

I knew I wanted him, wanted something, even if it was wrong.

What would mother think?

He rubbed his hardness against my own until I felt I'd very nearly reached heaven.

Then he lost control and pushed his enormous thickness inside me.

Liam pushing inside me is the worst thing that's ever happened.


I found my Leaf.

He had been with the other man.

I didn't like it.

Leaf is mine.

He had no coverings and I needed to touch him.

I rubbed our male parts together.

It's good, but I need more.

I saw the rock picture, it showed me the way to make Leaf my mate.

Then I knew where to push inside Leaf, mate with Leaf.

Leaf tried to get away.

I held him down with my hands and my teeth to protect him.

It felt more good than anything.

Pushing into Leaf is the best thing that's ever happened.


Liam hurt me, but I cannot be angry with him as we are both innocent in such matters.

Even though I am presently his captive, I fear that I've no real desire to be anything but that.

I fear he'll hurt me if he takes me again, but I find myself wanting it so much.

If only we can learn to communicate better, maybe I can make him understand.

He's learned many words, gentle being the most important of them.

Now he seems to be the one afraid to touch or be touched.

Why does he persist in saying cheese?


I want to push inside Leaf, I want it all day.

Pushing inside Leaf made the red come out. The red is bad, it means hurt.

Pushing inside made Leaf cry and make the mouth sounds like "NO" and "BAD".

These mean don't push inside.

I know the mouth sound "more gentle". I do this for Leaf. I give him more gentle so he will be more happy.

Leaf tries to touch me, he doesn't understand that will make me push inside. I won't be able to stop.

I must make the mouth sound "Cheese" so he will feel safe.


I've come to realize that it is not my body that Liam, my Wild Man, is holding captive. It is my heart. He owns this as surely as he owns my body.

The more we learn to communicate with each other, the more glorious our time together becomes. We're no longer afraid to touch each other. I've accepted that our physical desire is not a thing of shame, but a thing of beauty.

I've never felt so safe, so desired, so loved as I do with Liam.

It is truly love; I know we both feel it.

This can't last.


Leaf is more happy and I'm more happy too.

He makes the word sounds, "Good", "Liam", and the best of all "OH MY GOD".

The louder Leaf makes the "OH MY GOD" mouth sound, the more happy I know he is.

Leaf touches me now and I only touch him with the "more gentle", he never makes the "NO" or "BAD" mouth sounds now.

Leaf keeps making the new mouth sound "love". I think this means "push inside me again Liam, using the more gentle and I will make the OH MY GOD mouth sound".

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