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Sabre Shadowkitten

Part Sixteen

The backs of Spike's knees were ticklish. When Xander brushed his calloused fingers along them, the blond squeaked and squirmed. It was most amusing. It was also making Xander horny again.

Spike was sprawled on his stomach on the bed, arms folded under his cheek, eyes half-closed in relaxation. He looked thoroughly debauched and was sporting more bruises than he started with. The love bite Xander had given him hours earlier was still vivid on the faintly gold skin of his neck.

Rather debauched-looking himself, Xander sat beside Spike, fingers dancing along the backs of the vampire's bare legs. The bedroom smelled heavily of sex, two rounds worth, not including jagging off on the floor. Xander's pondering had been proven true: any skin-to-skin contact with the blond caused the gold glow to occur, and Xander's dick had glowed continuously as he screwed Spike into the mattress. Apparently the area around his hole had glowed as the vampire fucked him, too, if Spike's hoarse sex-chatter was to be believed. All in all, the glowing caused sex to be a new kind of kinky fun.

Virgin no more, Xander was sore and achy in places he didn't know could be sore and achy. After having tried sex with another man both ways, he could state that being on bottom was okay, but being on top was ecstacy wrapped in silk. Yes, he'd enjoyed Spike's fingers caressing his prostate, but having the blond's penis inside him was more of an emotional pleasure than a physical one.

"Spike, question," Xander said, squirting a small amount of Astroglide into his palm. He closed the flip cap, tossed it back on the bed beside him, and slicked his burgeoning erection. "Top or bottom, which did you like more?"

Spike's blue eyes opened fully and he licked his lips when he saw Xander touching himself. "Either is good, but..."

"But...," Xander prompted when the vampire trailed off.

A blush stained Spike's sharp cheeks, and he finished bashfully, "But I really like being on bottom."

"You do, huh?" Xander crawled over Spike's prone form, blanketing his body, powerful thighs bracketing his lean ones. The brunette nuzzled the hair behind Spike's ear before asking huskily, "Why?"

Spike swallowed and replied thickly, "I like feeling you surrounding me. Possessing me. And you warm me on the inside, which feels so bleedin' good."

"You mean, this inside?" Xander shifted and pressed two slick fingers into the vampire.

"Yessss," Spike hissed, pushing back against Xander. He was still slippery from the first round of sex, although they had washed with a wet washrag. Xander had learned, to his excited pleasure, that he didn't need condoms when having relations with the undead.

"So, if I did this--," Xander replaced his fingers with his turgid length, seating himself fully within Spike, "--you'd like it?"

"Oh gods, Xander," Spike moaned, shuddering.

Xander began to thrust slowly, only moving his hips as he stayed covering the smaller man. Despite being fragile-looking, Spike easily bore Xander's weight. "You are so damned tight," the younger man growled in Spike's ear. "I could do this forever."

"No argument... from me...," Spike panted.

Xander was surrounding and possessing Spike, just as the vampire said he liked, and Xander could not deny that he liked it, too. His larger body almost completely covered Spike's, both protectively and dominantly. His shaft felt like it was encased in a velvet-lined glove. Spike's still-virgin tightness sent frissons of pleasure zipping along Xander's cock to that place behind his balls where orgasms originated. The pressure there built higher and higher until Xander was balancing on the edge of his climax.

"Tell me you love me, Cricket," Xander rasped in Spike's ear, his thrusts speeding up on their own. "Tell me you're mine."

"Always, Xander. Always," Spike responded, arching his head back against Xander's shoulder, baring his jugular and the dark-colored mark Xander had made. "I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours, I'm yours..."

Xander pulled out suddenly, flipped Spike onto his back, and slammed their mouths together. Teeth clacked and cut as the brunette kissed Spike harshly. Possessively. Kneeling over the vampire, Xander blindly pressed their engorged shafts together, grabbed them roughly in one hand, and began to jerk off.

"Help me," Xander ordered, barely breaking the kiss to do so. Two thin hands joined his between their bodies and wrapped firmly around both steely lengths. Hard and fast, their co-joined hands stroked, the slick sounds of the lubricant against their palms underlining their heavy pants and wet kisses.

One climaxed right after the other with stiffened cries of pleasure. Milky come mixed together on Spike's bare abdomen. They stayed unmoving for several long seconds, then Xander's trembling support arm gave, and he collapsed on top of Spike, bodily fluids squishing loudly between them.

Xander chuckled at the sound, propped his chin on a fist, and looked at Spike. "I hope we don't get stuck together."

"Wouldn't be so bad." Spike's blue eyes crinkled in the corners as he grinned. "Someone's got a bit of Dom in them."

"And someone else proporting to be a big bad master vampire begged for it," Xander countered with an evil smirk.

"True," Spike said, gently running his hands up and down Xander's sweaty back. "It kind of sounds like a fairy tale: 'The Mortal that Mastered a Monster.'"

"No," Xander shook his head slightly, "'The Mortal that Loved a Man.'"

Spike sucked in air through his teeth. "You've successfully turned my insides to mush."

"Neat." Xander suddenly grabbed Spike under the shoulders and rolled to the left. The vampire was now on top of Xander, their torsos still glued together by the sticky semen. "Ah, much better," the younger man said. "Now I can stop worrying that I'm crushing you."

"You weren't," Spike told him, folding his arms on the brunette's chest and resting his chin on the back of his wrist. "But I understand."

Xander reached up and ran his non-sticky hand through Spike's mop of bleached curls. He studied the vampire's slightly battered face, the too-sharp cheekbones, and the sparkle in those blue, blue eyes. Spike seemed much happier than he was yesterday, but still in dire need of some TLC. And Xander was just the man to provide it.

"When do you have to leave?" Xander asked, lightly rubbing the shell of Spike's ear between his forefinger and thumb.

"No time soon," Spike answered, eyelids dropping shut in contentment.

"Good," Xander said, "because you need to gain at least twenty pounds before I'm letting you out of my sight."

Spike grunted non-committally.

"Don't make me turn woman and nag your skinny tushie until you cooperate."

One eye opened. "Tushie?"

Xander slapped his palm on Spike's ass. "Tushie."

Spike closed his eyes and wiggled, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. Xander rolled his eyes, stretched a bit, wormed a digit into the cleft of Spike's still-lubed tushie, and started a slow finger-fuck.

The blond moaned. "Keep that up, and I'll do anything you want."


"Yeah," Spike agreed with a pleased-sigh, dropping his knees on the outsides of Xander's legs, opening himself to the brunette's touch. He turned his head and rested his cheek on the back of his folded hands.

"No, not a slut," Xander changed his mind. "You're acting like a deflowered virgin."

Spike grinned, eyes still closed. "'S'because I am."

Xander added a finger and smiled in satisfaction at the sounds his lover made.

His lover. Spike was his lover. How wild was that? Xander was officially a homosexual. Or maybe just a Spike-o-sexual. Other men didn't really turn Xander on... well, Angel did a long time ago when Xander was a teen. Then again, like he'd once told Cordelia, as a teen linoleum had turned him on. And he knew he just really insulted Angel somehow, snerk.

Finger number three elicited a whimper and the start of a syncronistic rise and fall of thin hips. Xander brought his other hand up and cupped the back of Spike's neck. He nuzzled the mess of curls on top of the vampire's head as his mind continued to wander.

Willow must've gone through the exact same experience, minus the penis-part, Xander realized. He suddenly understood why she'd kept quiet about Tara for so long. Accepting that his own sexual orientation had changed was difficult enough without trying to explain it to his friends. His co-workers at the construction company would freak. The Scoobies might be more open-minded than most about the male-male thing, but the vampire portion was a big no-no. One disastrous relationship with a vampire was enough for their little group, so Xander could count on having a problem. And that was before he shared the fact that Spike was unchipped and invisible, never mind that Spike was no longer a bad boy.

How was he going to tell Buffy, Giles, Willow and Tara that he was in love with Spike? And Xander was in love with him. That "falling in love" crap he'd spouted the night before was just that: crap. You were either in love with someone or you weren't. There was no in-between. He just had been afraid to admit it.

Xander sighed mentally and added his pinkie finger, which Spike greatly appreciated if the throaty noises he was making were any indication. The blond was so openly responsive to Xander. He didn't seem to hold anything back. It was extremely arousing, and Xander Junior was trying valiantly to rise again... and failing. He didn't feel bad, though. Cricket's wicket wasn't hard, either, despite his vocal indices that he was really liking what Xander was doing with his fingers.

Too bad his fingers were needed to answer the phone.

"Noooo," Spike whined when Xander slurped free. The blond lifted his glowing ass in the air and wiggled it. "Keep doin' that."

"Can't. I have to answer the phone," Xander said, wiping his hand on the very soiled bedsheets. "The machine's broken and there's currently a mutilating crisis going on." He frowned as he reached over to the night-stand and picked up the phone receiver. "Or there was a crisis last night when you arrived, which may have been de-crisis-ed by now, and there's a new game afoot."

"Just say hello, Sherlock," Spike grumbled, thumping his pelvis down.

"Sherlock's Elementary School, Watson your mind?" Xander said into the phone.

Spike and the person on the other end of the phone line groaned simultaneously. Xander sniggered. I kill me.

"Terribly clever, Xander," Giles said in the brunette's ear. "Terribly terrible, as well."

"Thanks," Xander said with a grin. "What's up?"

"The, er, mutilations, we have discovered, are of a demonic origin," Giles said. "We could use your assistance in searching for the creature."

Xander twined one of Spike's white-blond locks around his finger and tugged lightly. "I don't know. If you need me, I guess okay. Spike's here, though, and I'd really like to spend some time with him."

Spike raised his head and stared at Xander in surprise.

"Spike's returned?" Giles questioned. There was a lengthy pause. "Well, I don't suppose that he would care to join us? He is... welcome."

"Let me call you back in a little while," Xander said and hung up without waiting for a response. He looked at Spike. "What? Did you think I was going to pretend that you're not here?"

"Yes," Spike replied bluntly.

Xander's face twisted. "Maybe I was going to. I hadn't decided until now."

"Embarrassed of me?"

"No," Xander said immediately. "I just don't know how to explain that I'm in love with you to them. Or about the fact that you're a Samuel for the Powers, announcing an upcoming apocalypse, and, ha-ha Buffy, you're not invited."

"You're in love with me?" Spike's voice was filled with wonder. "Admittedly?"

Xander thumped his forehead. "Oh yeah, that's right. I knew I was forgetting to tell you something."

Spike mock-growled. "You think you're funny, don't you?"

"I know I am."

"Uh-huh. Then why aren't I laughing?"

Xander smiled wickedly and raised his hands to tickle-attack position. Spike squealed like a stuck pig before Xander even touched him. The blond scrambled off the bed, snagged his underwear from the floor, and ran from the bedroom.

Laughing, Xander rolled out of bed, slid on his boxers, and followed at a more leisurely pace. "Hey, Spike," he called. "Random thought burp: once you're done collecting all your warriors, what then?"

Spike was in the kitchen, underwear on -- whimper -- removing a container of blood from the refrigerator. "Then nothing," he answered. "I go back to being my normal, non-glowy, gorgeous not-so-Big-Bad self."

"So this is only a one-time deal?" Xander asked for clarification, grabbing his room-temperature soda off the table.

"'S'right," Spike replied.

"Do you think, after you're done, you'll come back here, to Sunnydale?" Xander said casually, dumping the soda into the sink.

A lazy smile tugged up a corner of Spike's mouth. "I might be persuaded."

"You might, huh?" Xander took the blood from Spike, set it aside, and put his hands on the blond's hips. Dropping his head, he placed a soft kiss on Spike's mouth. "I do love you, you know."

"I know," Spike said, blue eyes twinkling. "But it's gonna take more than that to persuade me."

Xander's brow arched, and he silently accepted the challenge. He lifted Spike as if he weighed nothing -- which was practically true -- and set him on the kitchen table. The younger man pushed Spike back until he was laying on the hard surface. Then Xander lifted the vampire's legs and peeled the white jockey's down just far enough to expose Spike's reddened and well-played with hole.

Luckily, Xander was young and he could get it up a fourth time in an evening. It wasn't that difficult of a task, either, with Spike splayed-out before him with his underwear like that. He shoved his boxers down and stepped out of them. Wrapping his hand around his growing erection, he pumped himself a dozen times before pressing the purplish head to Spike's puckered opening.

"I love you," Xander stated clearly, looking right at the vampire. Then, he slid home.

Spike reached for him, pulling him into a deep kiss. Their lips met and parted. Their tongues twined, dancing together to music only lovers could hear.

Xander adjusted his stance and, with long, steady thrusts, he took Spike right on the kitchen table.

And Spike took him to heaven in return.

The Scooby Gang was gathered at the Magic Box, deciding who was going with who on their demon hunt when Xander finally arrived. Everyone immediately fell silent, and Xander knew by that that Giles had told them about Spike's presence in town. The silence, however, worked in Xander's favor. He took a deep breath, smiled, and made his announcement.

"I'm in love with Spike."

The End


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