Rating: nc-17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings :PWP, slash… daddy kink, un betad, I spell checked it.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them Joss does, I’m only using them for my own personal pleasure :)

Daddy Likes


Daddy likes it when I suck on his ear lobe, daddy also likes it when I kiss his throat. Daddy likes it when I sit in his lap, putting my weight on top of his cock.

Daddy likes it when I squirm, he also likes it when I bite his neck, leaving lots of red marks for him to try and explain to his friends later.

Daddy likes it when I pinch his nipples hard and twist them giving them a tug, his cock always gets hard everytime I do this.

Daddy likes it when I reach down and to undo his pants. Putting my hand into them, feeling his cock as it leans towards my hand, almost as if it’s reaching for me.

Daddy likes it when I’m touching him down there, he also likes it when I kiss it.

Daddy likes it when I squirm on his lap, and rub my bottom on his cock, making him wish he was inside me.

Daddy likes it when I slide my body down his, touching every curve I can, before I land at his feet.

Daddy likes it when I’m reaching up towards the waist of his pants, reaching to take them off so daddy’s beautiful cock is free.

“No touching yourself, do not give yourself pleasure do you understand me?”

“Yes daddy, I understand, do not touch myself.” I look up at him through innocent eyes.

“There’s a good boy, daddy loves you.”

“I love you too daddy.”

Daddy likes it when I take his cock in my mouth and taste him all over. He likes it when I gently touch his balls with my hand running fingers over his perineum.

Watching daddy’s eyes as they glass over. I reach down between my legs and directly disobey daddy.

Daddy likes it when I’m a bad boy, because daddy likes to punish me when I’m naughty. He likes to pull me over his knees and spank my bottom until its red and sore. Then daddy likes to take his hard dripping cock and shove it into me.

Daddy likes it when I let his cock slide out of me, and then thrust down hard letting him slide all the way inside again. Daddy likes it when I bounce on his cock. Letting it slide in and out of me.

I like it also especially when his cock rubs against something inside me, daddy calls that something my prostate… I call it the make Spike happy spot.

Daddy likes to tease me so much he likes to let me ride his cock. But he never lets me finish. Daddy likes to hear me beg.

“Please daddy, let me. Daddy, I want to… daddy.” Daddy stops moving, his hard cock sits inside me as he speaks.

“Do you think you deserve to cum baby?”

“No daddy, I…daddy…” my cheeks want to blush because daddy’s looking at me with that look in his eyes, that one that always makes me want to curl into him and snuggle with him for hours on end. The one that means, he is playing with me, teasing. “daddy you’re a tease.”

Daddy laughs, I like making daddy laugh. “Ahh indeed I am, and you love it don’t you baby?”

“I do daddy, I love everything you do.”

Daddy Begins to move again. Daddy begins to thrust deeper, making sure he touches my prostate with each thrust. Daddy begins to make sweet little sounds, breathy moans, and pants.

Daddy touches my cock, wrapping his finger around it he begins to run his hand up and down it, making me want to spill all over his fingers.

Daddy likes it when I call him by his real name, but I’m only allowed to say it when he’s about to cum, he doesn’t like it any other time.

“Baby, Almost…oh fuck, yes. Baby!”


And with that daddy thrusts once more and fills me up. I watch his face as it displays the amount of pleasure he is feeling, it makes my own cock spill all over daddy’s hand.

“You made daddy’s hand all dirty.”

Daddy shows me his hand, covered in my cum. Grabbing onto his writs I lick it clean. Removing every bit of evidence.

Daddy grabs my neck and pulls my head towards his, then daddy kisses me, I love daddy’s kisses.

“Oh baby, I love you, you’ll never leave daddy will you baby?”

“Oh daddy don’t be silly, I’ll never leave you. I couldn’t live without you daddy, I love you too much.”

“Love you to baby. Come on lets go to bed.” He lifts me off him we both groan at the feeling of loss as he slips from me. Daddy leads me to the bedroom.

I stand at the doorway and watch as daddy turns the bed down and hops in. Daddy looks over at me and calls to me with out saying a word. I lay down on the bed, placing my head on the pillow.

“ Daddy will you snuggle with your baby?”

“Always Spike, always.”

And with that daddy pulls my body into his and hugs me, holding me while we fall asleep.

The End

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