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The Submition Rules

ok, here's the deal. you can ask me to post up anything on this page, as long as it does not conflict with these rules:


All items being presented for upload are going to be checked before being posted. anything i determine to be: Pornographic, Hentai, Yuri, Yaoi, or just unappropriate will be deleted and you will recieve a notice saying it was deemed too explicit for the site.

2: I've gotta like it.

Definately the second most important rule, you have to remember this is my webpage. someday soon, it'll cost me money to keep up. so, what i don't like doesn't go on the page. the only real way to find out if i like something or not is to send it in, and i'll check it out. if i like it, i'll send you a notice saying i'd like to put it up, and if i don't like it, you'll get a notice saying i didn't really like it, sorry.

3: For comic requests only:

As i said in the above rule, it's my webpage, also meaning it's my webcomic. Any submitions for comics will probably be edited just a little (heh, no comic on the page is the way it was in my head, i can tell you that) to a lot, depending on what it will take to get the comic out. every comic that has been submitted will get a little thanks to whomever submitted it to me, saying how little to how much it was edited (for example, "Comic submitted by (insert name here), Somewhat edited from his/her original request) the reason it might get edited is because i like it, but feel i could make it better, or it just gets edited like most of the comics i do ><

well, there's the rules, please don't let them sway you from sendin something in. i'm very tolerant of stuff, so anything sent in has a chance of showing up (unless it's overtly breaking rule number one)