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W.A.K. Comic's

for those of you who are wondering what that white cat is, click on it. it'll chase your mouse. kinda cute if you ask me. click it again to have it go back to being lazy at the top of the screen


for those who bother to read this sorta stuff: I've got a feedback thingie for a reason: i want to know what you think of the comic! what you find funny, what you don't find funny, any comic suggestions, and any actuall comics you'd like made! i will do fan submissions if i like them. heh, another good reason for feedback is so that i know people actually read this stuff, and when i upgrade account status, i won't just be wasting $20 or so a month on web-provider fee's for something no-one ever see's. so feedback is much appreciated. thank you to those who took the 20 or so seconds to read this little announcement.
1 - W.A.K.
2 - Blasted Lands
3 - Sarge
4 - Short But Sweet
5 - Bridge of Death
6 - Technological Menace
7 - Depot
8 - Enter The Weasle
9 - Scientific Failure
10 - Contest
11 - Soy
12 - Little Red Button Of Doom
13 - Difficulties
14 - B.E.S.T. #1
15 - B.E.S.T. #2
16 - B.E.S.T. #3
17 - B.E.S.T. #4
18 - B.E.S.T. #5
Appology Comic
19 - Still Dangerous
20 - Promotion
21 - Weasle-Breath Strikes Again
22 - Bathroom Pass
23 - Invasion
24 - It Could Be Worse...
25 - The Plothole's Thicken
26 - Standard Issue
27 - Off To See The Wizard
28 - Coming Out Of The Closet
29 - There Is A GAWD

All items in this webcomic are copyrighted by their rightful owners. for example, Bionicle is owned by Lego, Mechwarrior: Dark Age and Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction are owned by Wizkids games, ect... ect...

basicly, any credit is given to those who it is owed to.

S.M.A.C. Comic's

T.H.U.D. is below this. Yes, it's an inconvenience, but tough, S.M.A.C. was made first. S.M.A.C. (Stupid Mercenaries Assaulting Chickens)is a project started by Shion (me) and Tai Son, and is just another funny comic along the lines of W.A.K., except with people instead of figurines. In exchange for more emotions and funnier pictures, we have to deal with getting a photographer, arranging for everyone required for a comic to show up, ect, ect. so S.M.A.C., seeing as it's a collaboration, will be ALOT slower in coming than W.A.K. ever will be. so don't expect it to show up much, ok? just a warning. (this is kinda a no-brainer, but everyone featured in the comic has given the permission to be put up on the web, to be laughed at for being in such a silly comic.)

Unfortunately, this little project kinda died, due to:

A: no real fans.

B: no-one helping out with it.

So SMAC is only here for archival purposes for my own personal satisfaction. Haha. Ha.

Comic #1
Comic #2
Comic #3
Comic #4
Comic #5
Comic #6

T.H.U.D.'s Comic's

T.H.U.D. (The Humerous Underdog Drama) is my first attempt at making something funny with a piece of paper and a pencil. It's still a project at this moment, seeing as it still needs more work. Updates on it can be found at

So go there. Now. I ain't explainin anythin else until it's up. Tough, you can flame my email if you want, you ain't gettin anymore until it's ready!