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Hi, welcome to Parodisa Studios: the home of the Webcomics:

W.A.K. (Warriors Against Killing)

Why kill when you have Ketchup?


S.M.A.C. (Stupid Mercenaries Assaulting Chickens)



T.H.U.D. (The Humerous Underdog Drama)

Len, Where are your pants?

Updates Mondays for WAK at around 4:30 PM -0700 GMT (currently on hold)


THUD at around 4:45 PM -0700 GMT (currently working on it, the reason WAK is on hold)

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Wednesday, May 20th, 3:03 AM: Well, I know I haven't updated in something like 2 months. Well, tough luck. I haven't had the easiest of rides since the last update, and I'll be getting to work soon(ish). As the site now says, there is a third comic in the mix, but i have to draw that one. So it's kinda eating up any time or resources for WAK right now due to the required time to figure out the plot, characters, etc... We'll keep you updated?

email address: (for feedback, suggestions, and submitions)

When sending feedback, please say that it is feedback, and which comic it's for in the subject bar of your email. for example, a subject saying "Feedback Comic 11", then i'll know it's for comic 11 and be able to respond proporly to it. (also, knowing it's feedback helps when i go diving into my junk email folder ><)

Submitions to me are:

A: Comics that are asked for (for example, asking for me to make a comic with certain characters doing certain things)

B: Stuff you want added to the site, such as art, short stories, pictures, ect.

All submitions are subject to the rules in the page below this text bar.

Submition Rules

special thanks goes to my friend Zapbraider, for the help he gives me on the comic (holding people in poses and such) and for everyone who's given me suggestions and influenced the comic in one way or another. Also, special thanks goes to those who have helped me though the hard times, and stayed with me through thick and thin.

Thanks for checkin out the webcomic. Come back if you enjoy, and tell everyone you know about it! if you don't... well... we'll just say that something odd might happen...