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Bitten By Books
Stairway to Heaven hooked me from the moment I picked it up. Shannon Leigh does a great job of drawing the reader into Rhea’s mind and her state of confusion. It is an enjoyable book and Rhea and Valos draw you into their world. Pick it up if you get the chance and enter the world of the Amazon and intrigue.
4 1/2 Tombstones!

Coffeetime Romance
Ms. Leigh has written a wonderful fantasy come true. The storyline is appropriate for the genre, and I became caught up in the dream world of fantasy men myself. This is definitely a keeper.
4 Steaming Cups of Coffee!
--Katherine L. Hunt
August 2005

Crystal Reviews
This short but intensely erotic read is sure to absolutely delight lovers of romantic fiction.
--Viviane Crystal
October 29, 2005

Eternal Night
Impossible love made possible is one of the most appealing plots in existence, and this take on it is very different. Though slightly racy, the overall emotion evoked is one that is heartwarming. We all want to achieve a dream, and when Valos and Rhea do so, you will cheer.

Fallen Angel Reviews
Stairway to Heaven has a wonderful light-hearted story that captured my interest with both the intriguing unknown and the personality of Rhea. The additional characters of Ashley and Jon provided a backdrop for humor and compassion. Stairway to Heaven offers readers a touching love story worth reading. Shannon Leigh has done a great job earning 4 Angels!
September 2005

Fallen Angel Reviews 2
I found this story to be a delightful treat! Stairway to Heaven combines detailed characters, vibrant descriptions, and a unique storyline into an unforgettable tale that grabs your attention from the first page and holds it throughout the book. The interaction between Rhea and Valos is hot, passionate, and very loving. If you are looking for a sensuous story with lots of romance that will appease your paranormal side, look no further than Stairway to Heaven.
5 Angels!
February 2006

Gotta Write Network
Stairway to Heaven offers readers two unique characters. Rhea is a scientist, therefore everything is explainable by facts and logic. Valos is the paranormal twist that is not so easily explained, but he is also a compassionate and determined man after something. They are quite the compliment to each other. Rhea and Valos have a magical connection that leads to tantalizing chemistry which readers will find touching and intriguing. Additional characters add humor to this story as well as more compassion. Shannon Leigh has done a great job creating a touching and light-hearted tale with some unknown elements, wonderful personalities, and a tender love story worth 4 stairs out of 5.
--Jessica Pittman
January 2006

Joyfully Reviewed
Stairway To Heaven by Shannon Leigh is an intriguing tale about a native legend from the Amazon Forest. The Guardian comes to those who need something he can give. Rhea is a very well-developed character who I felt like I could reach out and touch. The Guardian is likeable, but somewhat illusive. When Rhea and the Guardian come together, they create a scorching passion that singed my eyebrows. Stairway To Heaven is a delightful story and I look forward to more unique tales from Ms. Leigh.
--Gene King

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
“Overall, I found this to be a very intriguing story and enjoyed it from beginning to end.”
--Francesca Haynes

Loves Romances
Ms. Leigh writes a bold, poignant paranormal romance that will sweep the reader away on a tide of craftily created characters and an exotic setting that will keep the reader entertained from beginning to end. Run to get Stairway to Heaven and see what the Amazon has in store for your senses!!! This is truly one of the best works by this exceptional author yet in this reviewer’s opinion!
4 Hearts!

My Shelf
Shannon Leigh’s Stairway To Heaven is a true testament that good things do indeed come in small packages. The tropical setting is the perfect location for this sultry romance that dives deep into the hearts of paranormal fans. Readers will become enchanted by this author’s hypnotic voice that shows that her talented pen writes one unforgettable romance.
--Suzie Housley

Mystique Books
STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN is a tightly woven love story with fabulous world-building. Shannon Leigh is a talent on the rise! Look for her.
4 ½ Moons!

Paranormal Romance Reviews
STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN is a very original love story. Shannon Leigh has done a wonderful job of bringing the Amazon jungle to life in her story, along with the native inhabitants of the area. I easily identified with Rhea, a very realistic character. Ashley was the blonde bombshell, who changes boyfriends as often as some people take out the trash. These two characters, while very different, get along well and provide a wonderful contrast. If you're in the mood for something a bit different, don't miss out on reading STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.
--Chere Gruver
August 26, 2005

The Romance Reader's Connection
If you are looking for a quick story, filled with different imagery, then STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN is a good choice. While I would have liked to have seen more character and scene building, the basis of a compelling story is there.
4 Plugs!
--Sarah Silversmith
September 2005

We Really Dig Romance Novels
"Starting with Ms Leigh bringing the Amazon jungle to life and after the long plane ride that has Rhea, and you, thinking Rhea could be seeing things, to the rest of the sexy and creative story that also has wonderful secondary characters, reading this book is a good way to spend a couple hours. This definitely isn't your typical romance. Ms Leigh we are grateful you decided to send us this book to review, Thank You."
Wild Child Publishing
Stairway To Heaven has a bit of something for everyone. It had enough mystery to keep me reading through to the end in one sitting with a language of such ease, the time flew by. Highly recommended.
4 Cats!
--Dan Russell
October 2, 2006

Writers Unlimited
...light, erotic and with a happy ending...
Stairway to Heaven has a wonderfully dreamy feel to it. Shannon Leigh has a wonderful storytelling style. Light, erotic and with a happy ending, this book is a wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon and will leave you with a feeling that anything can happen.
--Jan Douglas
October 2, 2006

Heartstrings Reviews
"...a sensual, flight-of-fancy release that will whisk readers away to a place of enchantment..."
Stairway To Heaven is yet another stepping stone in Shannon Leigh’s writing career, and paves the way for lengthier releases from this author (such as Ms. Leigh’s previous release, More Than Prophecy). It’s sexy, creative and light-hearted, and has an intriguing paranormal twist to the plot. Can a reader really ask for anything more from a novella?
--Cheryl Jeffries

May Reviews
This is a fast read, the storyline is original and shows great imagination by the author. The sex is HOT, and the well written characters are comfortable with their roles.. Stairway to Heaven is a pleasure to read. Ms Leigh is to be congratulated on a well-written, imaginative, romantic tale.
Superior Rating, 5 Stars!

Enchanted In Romance
Stairway To Heaven is a beautiful story of a love meant to be…but will Rhea take the chance at possible happiness or will her fear of being hurt again keep her from it? Shannon Leigh has written yet another spectacular story, one that had me so absorbed that I could feel Rhea’s confusion and Valos’ determination to have this one woman for his own. Stairway To Heaven brings love, magic and hot sex together to create a story I fell in love with. I highly recommend this book to all readers of romance.
4 1/2 Unicorns!

Yet Another Book Review Site
This steamy paranormal romance promises readers delightful passion, and is for women who want something spiritual mixed with romance. It’s also for women who lead busy lives and want only a “quicky.” ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is a fast and breathless read. It will cradle and rock them hard, and fast, leaving readers gasping for more. The experience mirrors many women’s secret and wild desires. An unforgettable and thrilling experience.
--Christina Francine

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