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An Amber Heat Best Seller!

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Bitten By Books
Absolutely delightful! This very short story hits its marks with ticklish expertise. Nana’s Little Black Book is a perfect little filler when you need something short and sinful to cleanse the palate before plunging into a new book. I’m a Nana and I should be so lucky to have a little black book like this one. And the cover model ain’t bad either!
Rating: 5 tombstones!

Joyfully Reviewed
Nana’s Little Black Book is a truly wonderful story that I thoroughly enjoyed! Cat is a strong woman that is tempered through tragedy and softened by unconditional love. Malthus, what can I say about him? Yummy, definitely yummy, hot, strong, mesmerizing… Oh, what I would do to have a Grigori demon of my own… Ms. Leigh is a very talented storyteller that brings Nana’s Little Black Book to full and brilliant life.

Enchanted Ramblings
This is a fun story in which a young woman learns things about the world, and herself, she never knew. When faced with dozens of hot, sexy men to choose from, all there to do your bidding, who wouldn’t take advantage of it? I found this a quick, amusing read, and a good way to pass a little bit of time.
Rating: 5 Wands!
July 31, 2006

Eternal Night
This is a short story filled with bits of humor and spice and a couple of surprising events sure to bring a smile, maybe even a giggle or two, a great way to zip you away from the everyday world into the realm of fantasy.
January 2006

Fallen Angel Reviews
Nana’s Little Black Book is a hot, steamy passionate romp with an obliging demon. Shannon Leigh cleverly reveals how Catrina’s uncertainty and lust war with her rational side’s demand that she send Malthus back. Nana’s Little Black Book is a quick, gripping fervent romp into the darkly delicious ardor found with a demon as your lover.
Rating: 5 Angels!
November 2005

Fallen Angel Reviews
Shannon Leigh has written a wonderful story with Nana’s Little Black Book that will instantly peak your interest and hold it beyond the last page. This erotic tale will have the readers glued to the pages with its hot and steamy encounters and leave them wanting more. I enjoyed the paranormal aspect of this book along with the well thought out story line and exciting characters and give Nana’s Little Black Book 5 Angels.
Rating: 5 Angels!
November 2005

Kari's Korner
Author Shannon Leigh is always an auto-buy for me, and her CHINATOWN BUFFET, GREENWOOD MANOR, and NANA'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK ( are no exceptions. Ms. Leigh writes with a passionate pen that brings to life her characters and stories. Her heroes are 'to-die-for', sexy, alpha guys that can easily melt the hearts of their heroines every time. Her heroines are smart, sassy, and endearingly real as perfect matches for any hero that comes their way! Reader fans of the spicy romances, mixed with a little adventure, as well as witty dialogue, sexy-hot scenes, and 'not-to-be-forgotten' stories, will definitely recommend Ms. Leigh's books. Also look for her best selling novel MORE THAN PROPHECY --- a not-to-be-missed paranormal romance!
--Kari Thomas
March 2006

In The Library Reviews
Nana's Little Black Book is a fascinating story that really made me think…what if? Cat is a very likeable woman that has been through the tragedy of losing a loved one, yet was given a childhood that has made her strong and gave her the ability to deal with it. The demons are yummy and oh, so, hot! This short story drew me in and had me glued to the monitor…especially after Malthus showed up. What I wouldn't do to have that little black book for my own… Shannon Leigh has brought us a tale that is as hot as Malthus' home, and thoroughly enjoyable. I really wish that it could have been longer, I'd have loved to find out just how good a Grigori demon is.
Rating: 8 Gargoyles!
--Summer Lasaire
November 14, 2005

Paranormal Romance Reviews
NANA'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK is a highly intriguing story. Shannon Leigh once again tells a tale of the paranormal with the heroine totally unsuspecting it. We become pulled into the details of Catrina's life with the very first page of the story and the action just keeps us turning the pages. And exactly what NANA'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK has inside is something totally unexpected! This is one you don't want to miss!
--Chere Gruver
December 1, 2005

TCM Reviews
This book is deliciously seductive; the sex is erotic with light bondage themes. The sexual situations are well written and tantalizing. It is definitely the perfect story to put you in the mood. Excellent read.

Wild Child Publishing
Ms. Leigh wrote a great plot and did a wonderful job of creating a believable setting. The story was very descriptive about the environment, and Ms. Liegh created a wonderful picture for the reader. She has a fluid style of writing, and I would definitely add this author to my favorites. This book was mysterious, exciting, and erotic.
Rating: 4 Cats!
--Allison Coleman
November 21, 2005

Writer's Unlimited
With her wonderful imagination, Shannon Leigh makes Nana’s Little Black Book a modern day fairy tale. The story is just right for a quick pick me up when you’ve had a long day. Just thinking about Nana’s supernatural problem solvers, will have you humming.
--Jan Douglas
October 2005

Heartstrings Reviews
As far as legacies go, Catrina's Nana has left behind a doozy. Her lack of disclosure is an impediment to her granddaughter, however, and makes one wonder why she never 'fessed up about the book and its very special, oh-so potent powers. (Let's not dwell on the sharing of these "powers" and the women's dual experiences with pleasure-giving demons and/or Grigoris). Obviously, the possibilities are endless, and endlessly pleasing, making Nana's Little Black Book a delightful burden to bear. In other words, this short erotic novella is destined to give a great deal of pleasure to fans of this raw, racy subgenre.
--Cheryl Jeffries

Kathy Erwood Reviews
“This book is a must read for every woman who loves surprises and gorgeous men. I look forward to reading more of Shannon Leigh’s work in the future and just for reference she has out four other books that I can’t wait to get my hands on.”
--Kathy Erwood

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