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Ebook Addict Reviews
Wow! I really enjoy werewolf / Shapeshifter stories and Lycan Lore by Shannon Leigh is no exception. I was entranced by the characters and by the dynamics of the various relationships.When checking out the story I noticed that there is another story following Lycan Lore; am I going to get it? You bet… and sooner rather than later. I don’t want to wait long before I dive back into Ms. Leigh’s world of shapeshifters.

Dark Diva Reviews
Ms. Leigh writes with such delicate detail, the reader is drawn in and held captive by her strong characters and their surroundings. This is my first Shannon Leigh book, but if this book is any indication, I will be looking for more from this author, and can’t wait to read the sequel to this book, so I can learn more about Cassie and Cray.
Rating: 4 1/2 Delightful Divas!

Romance Writers Reviews
I loved this short novel. I’m a sucker for paranormal romance and I also love werewolves. This sexy story drew me in right away with its touches of humour and searingly hot erotic moments. The plot moves along at a great pace, and had me furiously flipping pages until I came to the end, which didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly recommend Lycan Lore – a fantastically sexy paranormal romp with just a touch of moonlight and magic!
Rating: 5 Stars!

Fallen Angel Reviews
Shannon Leigh shows us the dark side of the werewolf and pulls the reader in with her in depth detailed story. Lycan Lore is a fabulous paranormal read you can sink your teeth into. Cassandra and Cray's story is packed full of passion and action that will have readers screaming for more. Ms. Leigh gives the readers everything they are asking for and so much more. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Leigh will come up with next.
Rating: 4 Angels!

You Gotta Read
In Lycan Lore Shannon Leigh let’s her imagination flow and creates an intense situation that just gets better as the book progresses. Ms. Leigh is exceptional at setting her scenes; making her audience feel both Cassandra’s fear of the unknown and her excitement at meeting and getting to know Cray. I found myself falling in love with these characters, and hoping that theirs would be a truly happy ending.
Rating: You Need To Read!

Whipped Cream
Lycan Lore is a hot story of werewolves with a twist. I found myself looking for something to cool me down when I wasn't on the edge of my seat yelling at Cassie what she should do. I recommend Lycan Lore for those who like a different type of paranormal story and I, for one, can't wait to read the next story in the series.
Rating: 4 Cherries!

In The Library Reviews
Wow! Lycan Lore is fantastic. Leigh's writing is detailed, drawing the reader deeper into the story with every page. The sensuality is intense, the danger palpable. I was so engrossed in the story I was on the edge of my seat and jumped when my kids called my name. Now that's the mark of a gifted author! Shannon Leigh has earned her spot on my list of auto-read authors.
Rating: 8 1/2 Gargoyles!
--Safiya Tremayne

Love Romances and More
Ms. Leigh is one of those authors that delivers strong characters and hot sexual tension that keeps the fingers edging for the next page just to see what happens next. I thoroughly enjoyed LYCAN LORE and anxious to see what happens next with Cray and Cassandra. If you enjoy a highly engrossing story with multidimensional characters and tight writing, then grab LYCAN LORE and settle in for one explosive ride.
Rating: 4 1/2 Hearts!

Romance At Heart
Lycan Lore is a terrific tale of shifters, mates, and the ability of true love to overcome a huge set of obstacles. For Cassie it is the hard job of facing the facts and truths stranger than fiction. For Cray, it is finding that one person who will make his life complete, but only if she can accept him for who and what he is - and his beast within. Shannon Leigh has dazzled the reader with a tale with rich roots in the realms of legend, set in the contemporary world of today, and has within it created a legend of her own. Bringing together the best of both worlds, Shannon's imagination flies, carrying the reader on a suspenseful tale of lust, love, and destiny.

Crystal's Book Reviews
Lycan Lore by Shannon Leigh is a riveting tale of horror mixed with erotica, it was scorching hot! I had to keep reading until my eyes hurt from staring at the computer for so long, but it was well worth it, I hope there is a continuation of this story.
Rating: 4 Hearts!

Bitten By Books
I like Shannon Leigh’s version of werewolves. I don’t have much to go on since I have just started reading about shapeshifters but this one was great. The sex scenes were extremely hot and left nothing to the imagination.
Rating: 4 Tombstones!

Literary Nymphs
I was thoroughly impressed with Lycan Lore because of the protectiveness that Cray had for Cassandra. The hot sex, shape shifting, danger and mystery kept me reading to find out what was going to happen to each of the characters and I was not disappointed at all. Shannon Leigh has written a fabulous story for those that are werewolf fans.
Rating: 4 nymphs!
--Goddess Minx

Paranormal Romance Reviews
LYCAN LORE is a werewolf romance, which is just as much a horror story as a romance. In fact, LYCAN LORE would make a great screenplay for a horror movie. As a lover of werewolf movies, I would certainly go see this one! At first, the pacing of the story is a little slow, but, soon the action amps up to a nail-biting crescendo. The romance between Cassie and Cray sizzles and the villain is eerily creepy. LYCAN LORE is a must read for the lover of werewolf stories.
--Marlene Breakfield
July 2, 2008

Dark Angel Reviews
Ms. Leigh's LYCAN LORE is a fun return to a more traditional werewolf tale. I really enjoyed the plot line and the characters she created. There are great elements of a classic horror tale with suspense, danger and a sense of evil. There are also all the classic elements of a great romance as well.
Rating: 4 1/2 fairies
--Sandi Potterton

Paranormal Romance Reviews
LYCAN LORE is a perfect story for Halloween. Shannon Leigh gives us a chilling look into the world of things that go bump in the night. We have all the necessary ingredients: a beautiful damsel in distress; out in the middle of the woods, and a supernatural creature or two. All of which add up to a wonderful fright. This is the type of story you don't want to read when you're alone. So leave the lights on and cuddle under a nice warm blanket and read this story. You won't be sorry you did.
--Chere Gruver
November 21, 2007

Love Romances and More
LYCAN LORE also throws a new light into the ways of the werewolf, something a little different and as the reader reads, she will be hoping that everything turns out fine for Cassandra and Cray. We must not forget the hot, sizzling sex scenes that will certainly get the reader hot and bothered. A great read!
5 Hearts!
November 2007

Review Your Book
Lycan Lore is Shannon Leigh at her best. Leigh specializes in erotic paranormal fiction. Her short stories are dark with strong graphic descriptions.
4 Stars!
--Debra Gaynor

Fallen Angel Reviews
LYCAN LORE by Shannon Leigh is a very good werewolf tale. In Ms. Leigh’s version there are good hereditary lycans who can control their change and bad “made” lycans who are just wild animals when they change. Cray is one of the good guys, but Cassie is still at risk from him if she is his one and only mate. When Cray gives into Cassie’s pressure to take their relationship all the way, he is one HOT lover. Werewolves just seem to have sensual down to an art form! Yummy, I do love a hot man who knows what to do with his woman! So for an entertaining, erotic, werewolf tale, read Lycan Lore.
4 Angels!
--Stephanie B.
November 2007

Romance Junkies
I liked Ms. Leigh's twist on a damsel in distress leading into a relationship in LYCAN LORE. Women everywhere will want to meet Cray on a camping trip. He can rescue me anytime. I liked the growing relationship between Cray and Cassie; I even wished I could have been Cassie.
5 Ribbons!
--Lady Bird Robin.
November 2007

Joyfully Reviewed
Lycan Lore has excitement, danger and some pretty hot sex. Cassandra is very accepting and Cray’s mysteriousness is sexy.

Coffee Time Romance
Lycan Lore is a stunning read. It was fun visualizing Cassandra working with the tent and then thinking about spiders and things in the woods. I could just imagine her reaction when Cray steps into the picture. The two are quite charismatic and pulled me into the story with their actions. Heather and Graham play an important part as friends. I liked how Shannon Leigh added some extra spice in the middle of the book, with just the twist to make this page-turner most absorbing.
5 Cups of Coffee!
November 2007

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