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What if love could withstand Hell itself?

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Ebook Addict Reviews
Ms. Leigh writes larger-than-life stories that allow the reader to let go and be taken on a voyage of discovery. I must say that I became very involved in Laura’s story and watching as it unfolded left me feeling, at times, a little spooked, a little heartbroken and a lot intrigued. Her characters are easy to get to know and to be interested in. This is definitely a story that I would recommend for readers that enjoy the opportunity to let their imaginations go and just accept what the author has in store. I think this is a story that you won’t soon forget: along with the haunting atmosphere (pun intended) this is a tale of love lost and found once again.

Bitten By Books
This book had me giggling and getting misty all at the same time. Shannon Leigh knows how to get the emotions out of her characters and bring them to life on paper. The love scenes are on the spicy side but done in a way that shows the special connection between Laura and Barnabas. Greenwood Manor is a book that I would recommend to all my friends.
Rating: 5 Tombstones!

Paranormal Romance Reviews
GREENWOOD MANOR is a haunting story of love. Shannon Leigh, as always, does a marvelous job of bringing her characters to life. As we learn more about Greenwood Manor, right along with Laura, we are brought into the mystery of why she is here and what happened to her and her family in the past. We become caught up in the very real emotions between the ghost and Laura as she begins to remember her previous life. The paranormal aspects of this story are incredibly realistic and force us to wonder if it could really happen. This is beautifully written story of love lasting through the ages and I highly recommend it!
--Chere Gruver

Cupid's Library Reviews
GREENWOOD MANOR is a first class erotic romance. From the start I fell in love with the premise of this book and as the story unfolds I just could not put the book down. The surreal feelings Laura undergoes while walking through the manor hints at so much more than just intense deja-vu. The ethereal feel of the maid and butler and their all knowing ways just adds to the mystery between the Manor's past and Laura. When the truth slowly comes out my heart ached and soared at the same time. Such a paradox of emotions just welled up when it is divulged who brought Laura to Greenwood Manor and why. Barnabas is a character I will not soon forget. His reasons and sacrifice for bringing Laura to Greenwood will just make you sigh. I realize my ambiguity in discussing this book but I do not want to give this story away because it is well worth your time to read and enjoy. The ending is wonderful and will make you beyond giddy. This book is definitely a keeper and one I will definitely read when I need a great story and something to make me believe that there are still great men out there. A beautiful romance with some great sensual moments and two characters you will fall in love with immediately. An awesome and poignant story!
Plot Factor: 5 Cupids!
Romance Factor: 5 Cupids!

Enchanted Ramblings
I was intrigued by the story, and it kept me reading to find out exactly what the “catch” was, since Barnabas insisted he wasn’t dead, exactly. It is a cute, light read for when you have some spare time.
4 ½ Wands!

Eternal Night
This highly imaginative novel puts a fresh spin on ghost stories, and asks a few philosophical questions by implication. However, you will not need to worry about getting a chill, just the opposite, in fact.

Fallen Angel Reviews
Ms. Leigh once again delivers with Greenwood Manor. This is a poignant story of love lost and rediscovered, as well as coping with the consequences of decisions made. Barnabas is a tragic figure, losing everything that he held dear and in the process damning himself. But he’s not willing to just give up and searches for hundreds of years to find his love again. At first, Laura doesn’t remember Barnabas but she does recognize that there’s something missing from her life. She comes to realize that she is a strong woman and risks everything in order to be with Barnabas. It was wonderful seeing them find their love again and recognize that it’s even stronger than ever.
4 Angels!

Literary Nymphs
Shannon Leigh gives us a wonderful paranormal ghost/reincarnation story that kept me glued to my seat. Laura is a great heroine – cautious, open-minded, yet confused by what she sees. Barnabas is just flat out yummy – a true hero. If you like ghost stories or paranormal books do yourself a huge favor – buy this book and read it. Trust me – you won’t be sorry!
4.5 Nymphs!
--Irish Minx

The Romance Studio
Greenwood Manor the title of course comes from the home in the story. This is an interesting story in how all the characters end up where they do. Laura is a levelheaded person with a good job. She is open and willing to listen. Barnaby, grief stricken, makes a deal that is easily imagined. The theme of the story is to reunite lost loves and it does so beautifully. The dialogue in this story is well written and does well in communicating the thoughts of the characters. The words are fluid and easily followed. This is a highly passionate erotic story with graphic details. The feeling of intimacy is accompanied by a feeling of knowing one another. The sex is detailed in its description and choreographed in such a way as to make it easily visualized. The setting of the manor is interesting because of how it is seen by different people in the story. 'Greenwood Manor is an emotionally powerful story that shows how far someone will go for love. This is a sweet story that has a happy ending and leaves the reader smiling. Shannon Leigh has written a wonderful highly erotic paranormal romance that will be enjoyed by all who read it.
5 Hearts!

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
I really got into this quick and exciting story. It has a certain tone that left me intrigued yet vaguely nervous. There is mystery, romance, and a dark entity that encompasses the whole plot. Laura is your typical single woman; she’s tired of the same-old-same-old and looking for a little excitement. She’s inquisitive and open-minded about her situation, but she’s not stupid when it comes to the strange happenings around her. She knows fear and isn’t one of those characters that ignores her instincts. I loved her realism, and as the truth is slowly revealed, I found myself becoming more immersed in the startling facets of the plot. This is a true love story that spans reality and time. The sex is HOT! I really got into these scenes, even with that additional tension-laced fear. The paranormal tones in Greenwood Manor were exciting and ingenious. Those readers looking for a ghostly boost to their day will find Ms. Leigh’s latest release to be a perfectly eerie break from reality.
4 Stars!
--Francesca Hayne

Writer's Unlimited
Greenwood Manor has all kinds of surprises woven into a fantastic storyline. There is no doubt that Ms. Leigh knows how to brighten a mood with her stories. A happy ending and eternal love make for a nice respite from the mundane events of life. Shannon Leigh’s style is enormously entertaining.
--Jan Douglas

Kari's Korner
Author Shannon Leigh is always an auto-buy for me, and her CHINATOWN BUFFET, GREENWOOD MANOR, and NANA'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK ( are no exceptions. Ms. Leigh writes with a passionate pen that brings to life her characters and stories. Her heroes are 'to-die-for', sexy, alpha guys that can easily melt the hearts of their heroines every time. Her heroines are smart, sassy, and endearingly real as perfect matches for any hero that comes their way! Reader fans of the spicy romances, mixed with a little adventure, as well as witty dialogue, sexy-hot scenes, and 'not-to-be-forgotten' stories, will definitely recommend Ms. Leigh's books. Also look for her best selling novel MORE THAN PROPHECY --- a not-to-be-missed paranormal romance!
--Kari Thomas

Heartstrings Reviews
The author's careful pacing of the plot and the methodical revealing of a painful history shared by Laura and Barnabas will provoke a reader's intense interest in this sexy, spirited tale, however, while intensifying the tension (most of which is sexual in nature). Greenwood Manor is an exciting, erotically-penned paranormal romance; one that will tickle a reader's fancy and make one yearn for a ghostly encounter of one's own. Oh yes, this is definitely one romance that's thrilling and chilling all at the same time.
--Cheryl Jefferies

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