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Dark Diva Reviews
Ms. Leigh has set the scene for a really great story. If you think that you have heard this scenario before because it sounds familiar to a movie, that is where it ends. The love scenes are hot and different, some parts you will smile at because they are just so outrageous. I really loved the premise of the book and it will definitely stay on my shelf and be read again. Ms. Shannon Leigh did a great job when she wrote Erotikos. I am glad I had the opportunity to review it and give it...
Rating: 4 Delightful Divas!

Romance at Heart
Shannon Leigh brings imagination, lore, and the gift for telling an erotic story to life again in Erotikos. She has skillfully crafted a tale of three friends who go on an erotic journey. Each is different, and yet each is the same, but all are fulfilling and urge the players of the game on to the next levels. It is a book that must be read to be believed, read to be experienced, and only in that way can you understand the delightful whimsey and talent of Shannon and her imagination. Erotikos is available from Amber Quill Press, and their Amber Heat imprint. As with all Shannon's books, it is a racy, sexy romp, and a page turner you will not want to put down. In this case, it is also an experience, and one trip I can highly recommend you take, especially if you enjoy a steamy and really HOT read! It is a keeper.

Mocha's Erotic Reviews
Renee,Mina,Candi three woman playing a board game. Erotikos is all about erotic fantasies. Shannon Leigh's story of sexy demons and their prey will have you burning. The erotica steam rising from the pages of this story will leave you hot!
Rating: Drenching Kitty Kat!

You Gotta Read
The writing is fantastic and the scenes are steamy. The end of each adventure leaves you wondering what has become of the woman involved, leading you to think they suffer one fate while ending with a twist. I very much enjoyed this story and look forward to more from this author.
Rating: You Want to Read!

Night Owl Romance
This was an entertaining story for me, which definitely had a unique storyline to it. At first, I didnít know what to expect from the board game, but once Ms. Leigh explained it in the story, it definitely got me interested in the game. I almost wish there was real game out there like Erotikos. This was a fun read that I think will spark quite a bit of interest in woman. If you want to read something thatís different with a slight paranormal twist to it, this would definitely be one to pick up.
Rating: 3.5 Hearts!
--Diana Coyle

Literary Nymphs
Erotikos is a story of intrigue, mystery and a fantasy that will come true if you believe in the game board. Shannon Leigh writes of darkness, legends and danger for each of the characters. This was a wonderful book that had me wanting to find a game with the same mysterious characters.
Rating: 4 Nymphs!
--Goddess Minx

The Romance Studio
Ms Leigh introduces us to the world of Erotikos where three friends on a girls' night out decides to play a game for fun. Fun would be the last thing on their minds when they find themselves in a world that turns out to be not quite home. I enjoyed reading this story. I found it a very entertaining, and eye opening, a book to read.
Rating: 4 Hearts!
--Margo Arthur

Bitten By Books
Each woman had her story and a certain man of her choice so there was a variety. The men that were chosen were perfect for each woman and I have to say that I would have picked them all. Hey, I can dream canít I? Shannon Leigh has been added to my automatic buy list. The sex scenes are very explicit in Erotikos.
Rating: 4 Tombstones!

TCM Reviews
Erotikos is an immensely pleasurable read. Shannon Leigh did wonders forming the plot and the characters are lasciviously depicted. I would definitely recommend this story to any reader interested in erotic paranormal romance, shape shifter and vampire genres.
--Amy J. Ramsey

Dark Angel Reviews
EROTIKOS was an absolute blast of a read! I thought the premise sounded like fun and Ms. Leigh certainly delivers both the fun and fantasy in this novella. I also want a copy of the game. LOL! Where can I find one? All three female leads are engaging and yet very different. The fantasy males are sexy and devilish. The plot is simple but tight and well written. The sex scenes cover all the basics and are truly smoking hot. Don't expect romance here, this is an erotic fantasy setting and that is exactly what Ms. Leigh delivers!
Rating: 4 1/2 fairies
--Sandi Potterton

Crystal's Book Reviews
Shannon Leighís novella Erotikos is sizzling hot and sexy. Ms. Leigh uses a fun board game to fulfill the hidden needs of each character. It was a very erotic, enjoyable read.
Rating: 4 Hearts
July 9, 2008

Paranormal Romance Reviews
EROTIKOS is a fun, quick read. Shannon Leigh sets the scene wonderfully with all three women relaxed and drinking enough to feel good, thereby questioning their adventures. Shannon Leigh's stories are always fast-paced and this one is no exception. I became caught up in the action from the very beginning and kept turning pages to find out how the story ends. If you're in the mood for a light, quick read, don't pass this one up.
--Chere Gruver
March 13, 2008

Manic Readers Reviews
I have to start off by saying Wow and Double Wow!! Shannon Leigh really knows how to bring on the heat. Erotikos needs to come with a warning, "Extreme Heat Ahead".
Rating: 4 1/2 stars!
May 2008

Review Your Book
Once again, Leigh brings fans a dark mystical story.If you like your books big on physical action and paranormal, you will enjoy Erotikos.
Rating: 3 stars
--Debra Gaynor

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