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Featured in the October 2008 edition of the Realms of Fantasy magazine!

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The Deepening
This is a dark tale. Leigh goes to great lengths to set the tone with her excellent descriptive talents. And I was quickly captured by the thoughts of Ivona and the nonverbal but electric conversation between herself and the handsome stranger across the room. Then, as I realized her story was going to be a true one, that Ivona intended to reveal who she is, my pulse began to race. The story thus set was doled out in a suspenseful way that urged me to keep reading. All in all, Vampyress was a fine example of storytelling.
--Clayton Bye

Bitten By Books
Vampyress is absolutely captivating. It is truly reminiscent of campfire stories with an audience simply eager to hear more. The story is simply evocative as if I was personally in the setting hearing Ivona tell her tale that I was actually sorry and disappointed when she finished. I ate up every word and personally am anxious to read its sequel.
Rating: 5 tombstones!

Manic Readers Reviews
Deeply dark you will want to save this tale for the light of day. This short story will delight all who love scary vampire tales. Filled with things that go bump in the night and from the things of nightmares, keep your sweetie close. You will definitely want someone’s hand to hold with this one. Every page is written wonderfully, to pull you in and suck you under. Watch out, it's the Vampyress.
Rating: 4 stars!

TCM Reviews
Dark Tales 1: Vampyress will captivate the reader until they finish the last page and left wanting more. I was impressed on the aspect Shannon Leigh gave to this story. The plot and the character development are sensational for such a short story. I will definitely be awaiting the next book in the series and eager to read more about the characters. I would recommend this for anyone who likes paranormal, vampire, horror, and thriller genres.
--Amy J. Ramsey

Dark Angel Reviews
The heightening sensual tension between Ivona and Lucien, the dismay and fright of members of her audience, the alternating of Ivona’s “personas”, and the continued underpinning of the recounting of Vlad’s sadistic depredations all lead to an intriguing tale which the reader can’t set aside. VAMPRYRESS will linger on in memory and creates an exciting beginning to the DARK TALES Series.
Rating: 4 1/2 Pixies!
June 1, 2008

Cocktail Reviews
As Ivona’s tale evolves, with fantastic imagery and information about Vlad the Impaler, Ivona’s emotions are clearly defined and heart wrenching. Lucian puts pieces of the puzzle together and realises he is bound to Ivona in a way he didn’t envisage…
A thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.
Rating: The Whole Bottle of Champagne!
--Nutty Nana
May 23, 2008

Fallen Angel Reviews
Author Shannon Leigh takes a familiar historical story and offers a creative twist in the Vlad Tepes Dracula tale. Part fiction, but mostly historical fact, Vampyress takes the reader on a dark journey of brutal torture and utter despair for the Wallachian region of Romania.
Rating: 4 angels
June 2008

Coffeetime Romance
This is the story of Dracula told like no other. The character of Ivona is captivating and surreal. Lucian may be silent throughout much of the story, but he is just as intriguing. Ms. Leigh enthralls the reader, much like Ivona's audience. She weaves a tale of mystery, and you are just waiting for something to erupt. This will have you anxiously awaiting Book 2.
Rating: 3 cups of coffee
June 2008

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