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Amber Heat's #1, May 2008!

Some slight changes are being made to the book and it will be re-released soon!

See what the reviewers are saying...
Complete Heart
Excellent! Chasing Booty is a story that sucked me in right from the start and held my attention until the end. And this is not my choice of genre. Ms. Leigh built a wonderful world that I could visualize in a short period of time. The plot was fun and exciting. The love scenes were hot and definitely out of the normal—in a good way. The writing was fantastic.
Rating: 5 Hearts!

Dark Diva Reviews
Chasing Booty is a science fiction book about a human woman, Gaelyn, and a Trondite, Reese. They are both bounty hunters and nearly enemies. Their dialogue was realistic and the plot was interesting. I enjoyed reading about all the different sorts of aliens and planets and am amazed at the imagination it takes to create such creatures and places. Gaelyn and Reese meet up and decide to partner up for this particular bounty contract, resulting in an amusing clash of tempers and scorching passion. As for the ending, I can’t help but think that there is much more to this story and I wonder if there will be a sequel coming soon.
Rating: 4 Delightful Divas!

Romance at Heart
Chasing Booty is truly a fun and sexy romp filled with danger, lust, sex, and some good old-fashioned romance. Set in a futuristic setting, Shannon Leigh has a hero who is a bit of a rogue, one who has taunted, teased, and vexed the heroine to pieces. He plays a game of one upsmanship until he is caught in a bad situation. Then Reese turns to seduction, and with his devilish good looks, and the reputation of his species, he is truly "sex on a stick," and a temptation too hard for Gaelyn to resist. Her heroine is strong, savvy, independent, and very resistant to Reese’s advances until now. For her to see such a proud one brought low makes her suspicious, but in her heart of hearts she cannot turn away from a colleague in need, even if it he was her chief tormentor. If you are really interested in a good story, a pair of "at the throat" squabblers who only heat the action, and a down and dirty good futuristic adventure, then Chasing Booty is the book for you. Available now from the Amber Quill Amber Heat imprint, Shannon Leigh's book is a must read. It is sexy, sassy, exciting and a lot of fun, so get a copy of Chasing Booty today and settle in for a great read.

Mochas Erotic Reviews
The title gives the reader an idea of what to expect Gaelyn and Reese are two strong willed characters chasing after a bounty. Shannon Leigh created a tantalizing world of Sci-Fi with her characters. Shannon Leigh's world of bounty hunters and aliens is exhilarating.
Rating: Drenching Kitty Kat Rating!

Joyfully Reviewed
Chasing Booty is good for a chuckle or two. Gaelyn and Reese are an unlikely pair…human and alien. But that doesn’t stop them in the least in their pursuit of booty. Fast paced and fun, Chasing Booty will take you away from it all. Ms. Leigh has a talent for fun entertainment. I’ve enjoyed reading other of her books in the past and look forward to more.

Manic Readers
Chasing Booty by Shannon Leigh is a fast paced read that is so hot my eyes were sweating. It was also incredibly sweet at the end when you find out the steps that Reese was willing to take to get Gaelyn and keep her safe. Another great read, I hope to see more from Ms. Leigh soon.
Rating: 4 stars!

Bitten By Books
What a thrilling ride! Ms. Leigh brings us a different kind of intergalactic tale… With lots of suspense and action, Chasing Booty will surely keep you at the edge of your seat. This is definitely a must read to those who love a short tale with lots of suspense and thrills.
Rating: 4 Tombstones!

TCM Reviews
Chasing Booty is an interesting read. The characters are entertaining and the plot will keep the reader intrigued and wanting more. Shannon Leigh is a wonderful and talented writer with a wild imagination. I would recommend this e-book to any reader that has an interest in erotic paranormal, romance, sci-fi and futuristic genres.
--Amy Ramsey

Paranormal Romance Reviews
CHASING BOOTY is a hot, fun futuristic read. Shannon Leigh proves her talent once again as she takes on a new genre and totally masters it. Gaelyn is a tough as nails woman and doesn't back down from a challenge. Reese is pure alpha male, but Gaelyn is up to the challenge of taking him on. The action is non-stop, the danger is very real, the world building is perfect and this all makes for a very hot, enjoyable read. This is one you don't want to miss.
--Chere Gruver
May 24, 2008

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