Dear all,

Here it is. I am sending the list to Pam first. Please would Pam then send on either to Tim or Chris, and then whichever of them gets it first can forward it to the other. Please delete what you plan to buy before you send it on. When it has gone all the way round SEND  IT BACK TO ME so that I can put whatever is left on the website. If you change your mind about what you are getting, or think of other things you'd like, let me know and I'll amend.







Andrea Boccelli CD     - Vivere

Hotel Babylon Series 2 DVD

Torchwood Series 2 DVD

Dr Who Series 4 DVD 

Large/Double Camp Blanket

Self-inflating air bed (for camping)

Book Tokens






Leather gloves – for driving

Small pincers

Shirt – long or short sleeve – colour or design of your choice (NOT pink!)

Leather driving gloves large

Gardening gloves large

Luggage scales

½ inch paintbrush

Small sealable lunchbox for sandwiches

Victorinox 1377300 Army Knife Handyman Red  (Amazon 18.99)





Name,   price,   shop,    rating…


Debut omega 6ft snooker/pool table.     £79.99  Argos (pg.66, no.2)       Rating.10

ATM multi-function savings bank.           £19.99  Argos (pg87, no.21)      Rating 9

Radio controlled morphibian.     £24.99  Argos (pg.87, no.23)     9

Fairground penny pusher           £14.99  Argos (pg.88, no.8)       7

Fairground candy grabber          £14.99  Argos (pg.88, no.9)       7

Ultra coin sorter £17.99  Argos (pg.88, no.10)     8

Super Mario bros          £29.99  Argos (pg.185, no.7)     10

Xbox 360 premium (most expensive)      £159.99 Makro   10

Guinness world records 2009     £11.00  WHsmith (pg.61)           5

Golden balls     £18.00  Argos (pg.237, no 17)    9

Wii play            £39.99  WHsmith (pg.93)           8

Lego technic off roader £89.99  Argos (pg.232, no.9)     8

Night vision goggles     £9.99    Argos (pg.1694, no.8)    8

Money (saving up for a laptop)  -           -           10

Iron man 2 disc £15.71       8

HMS Belfast     £16.99         8

HMS Ark royal   £16.99         8

Metroid prime hunters DS          £28.12     9

Nerf dart tag     £34.99          9

Mini Plasma Ball            £14.99          10

MB Battleships Torpedo attack game     £14.99     8

Stylophone       £14.99  Hawkins Bazaar 9

Mastermaze      £12.99  Hawkins Bazaar 8





Funkeys starter set   £19.97 

Golden balls board game £19.97

Guitar £16.97

Now 70 now that’s what I call music CD £12.71

High school musical 3 senior year CD £8.93

Kung fu panda DVD £12.71

Space chimps DVD £11.71

Wall-e DVD £13.71

Camp rock DVD £10.91

Home alone DVD collection £14.93

Guinness World Records 2009 book £9.00


Nike Baller Basketball  302/1361   £6.99

I teddy 383/7074  £49.99

My Sims kingdom DS game 566/6267 £29.99

Dalmation nintendogs DS game 568/0535 £29.99

Chihuahua Nintendogs DS game 568/5406 £29.99

Dachshund Nintendogs DS game 567/9474 £29.99

Supergrafix 383/4486 £16.99


High School Musical 3 Swimbag £5.95

High School Musical 3 Despatch Bag £6.99

Sylvanian Families Rose Cottage £19.99

Sylvanian Families Caravan and Pony £49.00

Sylvanian Families Dalmatian Family £14.86

Sylvanian Families Water Mill Bakery £28.42

Sylvanian Families Cream Cat Family £13.34


Sugababes CD Catfights and Spotlights £9.00

Walk this Way CD Sugababes v Girls Aloud £7.99

Now 71 CD £9.99

Britannia High Series 1 DVD £11.98


Book tokens


Silver Charms for Charm Bracelet - horseshoe







Golden balls electronic board game 390/0365£18.00

Matchbox mega rig shuttle mission 387/5768 £ 28.49

Lego city fire station 081/4935 £ 39.99

Silver dare way 367/2648 £ 129.99

Hornby coastal freight train 387/1755 £ 39.99

Guitar rock star 390/1089 £ 14.99

Indulgence by mistral chocolate fountain 420/1269 £ 14.99

Dart tag strike fire set 367/3403 £19.96

Hornby flying Scotsman train set £124.99

Hornby digital virgin pendolino tilting train set 081/5006 £169.99


W H Smith

The beano annual 2009 £7.99



Kung Fun Panda DVD

Wall-E DVD

Indiana Jones Lego:

7623Temple Escape

            7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure

            7620 Motorcycle Chase

            7624 Jungle Duel

            7625 River Chase

            7628 Peril in Peru

Lego Indiana Jones Wii Game 

Star Wars Lego:

            7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack

            7662 Trade Federation MTT

            7654 Droids Battle Pack

            7660 Naboo N-1 Starfighter & Vulture Droid

            7673 MagnaGuard Starfighter


            2836 100 pcs case

            Spectral Parts bar/Lights/Xtenders/Connectors 60pc

            2811 Primary Colours Box 35pcs

            Magna-Saurs T-Rex

            2845 Combo 250pc in Metal Storage Carry Case

            Primary 50pc

            Magnext I-Coaster

            150pc Set Rose Art

            MagnetixA 150CT Metallics

            Supermag Dr Who Dalek 131 pcs

Dr Who Jigsaw puzzles

Zap Dr Who Single Duvet Set

Dr Who Umbrella

Dr Who Puzzleball





Gold coloured tie and/or “Science” tie

Spectacles case (less bulky than the one I got free from the opticians)

CD of songs by Chris de Burgh

Polo-neck thin sweater / shirt – beige, black or other dark colour to go with navy blue suit



Good alarm clock with small range of sounds to wake up to

Scented candles (lavender is a favourite)

Scented soap

Clothes shop voucher



Tie (not striped or boring colours!)

DVD “The Dark Knight”

DVD collection set “Rush Hour”

GAME (electronic game shop)voucher or gift card

JD (sports wear) voucher

Pen drive (1GB or more)

Computer keyboard

PC game “Far Cry”

PC game “Left 4 Dead”

Apple i-pod in-ear headphones

Wii game “Link’s crossbow training”

Wii game “No more heroes”

Money, money, money!



Constant ladies’ gold-coloured bangle watch (Sainsburys or similar) £9.99

Pink chic combination safe (Sainsburys) £9.99

Vouchers for Boots, Claires or clothes shops




Hugs and cuddles! 



Perfume laboratory (Argos or other toy shops) £12.96

Bubblegum machine (sweet dispenser) (Sainsburys or similar) £5

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pokedex (Argos 081/4832) £19.99

DS game “My SIMS kingdom”

DS game “Pokemon Diamond and/or Pearl



Michael and I want to say, anything from 'Oxfam unwrapped' would be acceptable.  We feel such charities will be even more need of help this year, when probably some sources of their funding are likely to have been reduced on account of credit crunch effects!  Also African problems seem  to get even more horrific because of out-of-control wars, there.  However, if this is not interesting for the children to give...., so


Oxfam unwrapped or Potted plants for the conservatory


Michael Oxfam unwrapped or C.D's for computer, roll of brown sticky paper (not plastic), short ball-point pen (about 4" long for his pocket!). 






Very bright torch

Theatre tokens

Oxfam etc unwrapped...



Garden gift tokens

Book tokens

Oxfam etc unwrapped