The Parochial Church Council (PCC)

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About the PCC

The PCC is the body of people, elected by the congregation or serving "ex-officio", who work with the parish priest to care for the church and further its mission.  The PCC is elected each year at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, held during March or April. PCC members are the representatives of the congregation. The PCC meets approximately 6 times per year.

The PCC is the first of a series of bodies which govern the Church of England under our system of "synodical" government. "Synod"literally means "coming together"
There are also Deanery synods, with representatives from each parish, covering small areas (Sevenoaks is our local Deanery), Diocesan synods, governing each Diocese (ours is Rochester) and the General synod, which passes legislation affecting the whole of the Church of England.
In this way everyone can have a voice, and everyone can shape the church. You can find out more here.