I have been working on a Golden Witten project now for a couple years. Because I am picky and want mostly GFL banded birds it has been a slow project to say the least as Mike does not have these anymore. So I have been watching the auctions for those special breeders that are starting to get up there in age, but that breeders have kept around forever because they raise great birds. I have watched Mike do this many times with his stars from Europe!! Matters of fact the Golden Witten was one of them, older when Mike bought him and bred a ton of winners with him!!

I have been lucky enough to acquire two foundation breeders in the past couple months and today came the best to date of the Golden Wittens!! He is a super cock bird, a 2003, so 10 years old, and just immaculate!! I call him WITTEN'S BEST!! He is a double grandson of GOLDEN WITTEN and will be going on my granddaughter of WHITE HORSE & GOLDEN WITTEN, the hen I call WHITE ANGEL!!

I have already sold the first nestpair off them, if you are interested in the 2nd or 3rd nest of youngsters I will let them go very reasonably, the deal is $150 per youngster plus shipping or take two youngsters and I will pay the shipping!! Like I said the 1st 2 youngsters are sold, but will take orders for the 2nd and 3rd nest, then will be done as I want a couple nest for stock for myself!! I think they will be a match made in heaven!!

Let me know via email if you are interested. As always this is a prepay order offering. I hope to get just a little more out of them in the fall when the youngsters are mature, providing I breed more than what I want to keep, cannot imagine that, but who knows!!