Please email Tim Lucas or me for availability, thank you, Ron.
Tim Lucas:
Ron Deisher:

Announcing the Mother Jewel of the Black Widow Family, that is Black Widow herself!! Recently Tim Lucas of Champ Camp Racing Lofts acquired Black Widow from Mike Ganus for a tremendous investment and we are happy to welcome Tim and Black Widow into the Widow's Connection project. With the addition of this hen to the project we now can breed into the future with confidence that our investments will be complimented by being able to breed direct children from Black Widow herself.

Black Widow's children have already bred the Best Young Bird in all of Canada in 2008, they have bred Mike three birds that have accomplished amazing feats in China, and for many breeders around the United States the Black Widow Family is now making a huge difference in their race results, not only scoring in local races, but in the one loft races like the Vegas Classic and the Flamingo!

Widow's Connection and Champ Camp Racing Lofts can now proudly say that we are "Your Knockout Choice for Foundation Breeders"!! Look no further than Widow's Connection with Champ Camp Racing Lofts' Black Widow and all her kids that are involved in the Widow's Connection Family!!

Our intent is to share a few of these with all interested in propogating the BLACK WIDOW Family. This is a longer term project and we are looking for flyers interested in having a part of this family and going on this journey with us.

Price $2000, 50% deposit required with order.

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