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Harold Lamons and I are continuing the work on the WIDOW'S CONNECTION project. Between my friends Joe Grimes, Harold Lamons and myself we will found a family of birds centered around one of the greatest German National Aces ever flown and then brought to the USA by Mike Ganus. The bird I am referring to was bred and flown by Andreas Drapa, she is the BLACK WIDOW!! We have seen over the last few years how Drapa has dominated the world on big money races!! We will be continuing the founding of this Family of birds with my JET BLACK mated to BLACK EAGLE. JET BLACK is a direct son of AVIATOR & BLACK WIDOW and BLACK EAGLE is a direct daughter of BLACK STALLION (Black Widow's Uncle) on BLACK WIDOW, what a magnificant combination. What a perfect mating he is full bodied, but yet extremely bouyant, looks big, but is just a medium sized male, she is small to medium in size, perfect in the hand and extremely strong through the back, together they are truly a foundation pair. This pairing is a dream pair, the more I look at them the more I know they will produce youngsters that are just unbelievable!!

Our intent is to share a few of these with all interested in propogating the BLACK WIDOW Family. The ones we breed for ourselves will be used back and further with the children of WIDOW'S BET and STEWARDESS. This is a longer term project and we are looking for flyers interested in having a part of this family and going on this journey with us.

Price $750, 50% deposit required with order.

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