Please email me for availability, thank you, Ron.

UPDATE 11-18-08 Here is what Duane Gragg had to say when he received one of the first two youngsters off Widow's Connection: "Bird got here this afternoon in great shape. This might be one of the nicest ones I've gotten from you. Thanks, Duane" The first two off this pair were super, congrats to the two breeders that received them and thank you.

Joe Grimes and I are starting to work on a little project together to found a family of birds centered around one of the greatest German National Aces ever flown and then brought to the USA by Mike Ganus. The bird I am referring to was bred and flown by Andreas Drapa, she is Black Widow!! We have seen over the last few years how Drapa has dominated the world on big money races!! We will be starting this Family of birds with my Widow's Bet mated to The Stewardess, you all are familiar with Widow's Bet being off Sure Bet and Black Widow. The Stewardess is off Aviator and Black Widow, what a magnificant combination, she is a perfect mate for Widow's Bet, she is small to medium in size, a tremendous rich dark orange eye, perfect in the hand, put together like any foundation bird should be. This pairing is a dream pair, the more I look at them the more I know they will produce youngsters that are just unbelievable!!

We are going to breed 12 youngsters off this pairing, we are going to share 6 of them and then Joe is going to take three youngsters and I will take three youngsters to start to form our families, his will be based around Stewardess and mine will be based around Widow's Bet. Then after a generation or two we can bring the families back together. This is a longer term project and we are looking for flyers interested in having a part of this family and going on this journey with us.

Price $1000, 50% deposit required with order.

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