Like Father, like Son, his daddy wins =1st in the 2012 race, he wins =1st in the 2013 race!! In the Red Rock 330 One Loft Series in Utah he scored =1st Place, Trapping 6th at 326 miles!! He was also 20th Average Speed!! Super Black Widow Family!! Three years in a row the Black Widow Family has produced the winner at the Red Rock 330 One Loft Series, they absolutely love the north course down through Utah!!

BREAKING NEWS - TODAY MARCH 8, 2014 Today was the final race of the RED ROCK ONE LOFT RACE Series, a 330 miler!! For the 3rd Straight Year DEISHER'S PDQ LOFTS BLACK WIDOW FAMILY Places in the 1st Drop!! This year however instead of having just one on the 1st drop there were TWO birds!!
DEISHER 362-13 & DEISHER 363-13!!
Today there was a clock malfunction and according to multiple witnesses including Jon Belt Jr, Lyle Dahlberg, Josh Hawks and Jon Belt Sr, there were 6 birds on the drop with 362 trapping 1st and 363 trapping 6th!! Three more birds slipped in right after the first 6 and could not be separated from them, therefore the clock shows nine on the first drop!! Both 362 & 363 are both Black and they were the only blacks in the race, therefore they were easily seen as far as when they trapped!!

From the Red Rock 330 Official Website: Published March 9, 2014 | By Randy Campbell
Flyers: Todays race speeds where faster than I would like to have seen them, but thatís pigeon racing. We had a little clocking problem with the first 9 birds. There were 6 that came together maybe 10 to 15 seconds ahead of the next three, but there was no way to distinguish for SURE who they were as the last three actually landed the same time on the landing board as the other were coming off the roof. So it was decided to count them all as the drop. I believe everyone there agreed with that. Those first 9 were herded into one section so there was no mistaking who they were. I didnít have the clock set right (my fault) so those first 9 were scanned again and does not reflect the actual clocking order, and thankfully, it did not affect the average speed winners.

My Good Friend Jon Belt Jr & DEISHER 363-13
after his Victory at the Red Rock 330!!

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