WCI 49-2007 - LOTUS - Direct son of PRETTY BOY and ROCKET LADY!! This is one of my three best breeding pairs for One Loft Races and Futurities. PRETTY BOY is a super combination of MIKE'S PICK, SILVER BOY and FUTURITY WINNER. He is so well muscled that he is never out of condition, not even when feeding babies, just a super cock. Then ROCKET LADY is just one of a kind breed, it does not matter what she is mated to, she breeds winners, she has never missed a year of breeding winners. In 2007 their son was equal 1st on the I-Race, this year that son bred winners in Oregon for the flyer that now owns him. The winning tradition passes from one generation to the next. LOTUS is a super male with a strong back, single pin tail, he is the small side of medium, super orange eye even if I messed up the eye shot!!
Price $275

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