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BONITA - WCI 222-08 direct daughter of SUPER SON, my favorite grandson of SUPER CRACK OLYMPIADE 699!! I had him mated to an inbred great granddaughter of SUPER CRACK OLYMPIADE 699 in pen #22 this year and somehow the band #222 was put on this super hen I call BONITA!! She is a real dandy, small to medium in size, full body, very rich eye that is awesome. If you are looking for something to take onto the SURE BET line this is your hen!! SUPER SON has been in my breeding loft since 2000, no other bird has survived the cut for that many years and that is totally due to the quality that he breeds, his youngsters perform in the air giving me two birds of the year in my club and they breed winners too as his kids have bred me first place winners too!
Price $250

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