CAMILLA - WCI 203-2008 Direct Daughter of ACES HIGH when mated to a granddaughter of SURE BET bred by Steve Mistler, JEDDS 24433-06!! ACES HIGH is SURE BET's half brother. CAMILLA is a full sister to DEISHER 149-07 19th place 350 miles at the Winners Cup in 2007. In 2008 DEISHER 149-07 bred two birds that have scored very high in club competition in Georgia and Arizona!! CAMILLA is the best I have raised of this pair in 2008, she is medium in size, super, super body, so well muscled, great well ventilated wing, single pin tail and a strong back, just an all around super bird!! The kids of ACES HIGH seem to be every bit as good a breeder as they are a flyer!! The SURE BET legacy continues here at Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts, super flyers!!
Price $650

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