January 7, 2013

When I bought Heavenly Dream I knew there was something special there, in Mike's Auction on I-Pigeon that ended 12/30/12 this is what he posted about her Sire, CAPTAIN!! He is the sire to GFL's 30th place AU Convention Winner, then this weekend he is the sire to 1st Place World Ace Challenge at 200 miles, and 88th place at the South Africa Million Dollar Car Race #4 - 188 miles only 13 minutes behind the first bird to trap with 3299 birds going to the race. What both these races had in common, they were two totally tough races with less than half the birds home on the day. CAPTAIN is destined to be on of GFL's premier breeders, he is a son of AVIATOR and MONA LISA and it seems to me that Mike has a goldmine in this pairing as so many are now raising winners!!

Then take a look at what else MONA LISA has done, grandmother to 7th Place THAILAND GRAND PIGEON RACE~!! With over 1800 bird entries - more then 800 birds from other parts of the World England Holland Belgium China Taiwan Germany and America. The race was flown in extreme Heat over 95 degrees with head winds and side winds 350 miles 656 released - a day made for the Real Champion bird with the biggest Heart to keep on Racing~!! Then in South Africa at 188 miles, 14th place grandkid of Memories, mother to Mona Lisa, 16th place grandkid of Mona Lisa, 82nd place grandkid of Memories!! Also in the World Ace Challenge 200 miles Mike had 29th place with a grandkid of Aviator and Mona Lisa!! The family that keeps on giving!!

Well the triggered was pulled again, I have two double granddaughters and another granddaughter of Mona Lisa, therefore I was needing a double grandson!! So to my delight Mike pulls off another fantastic auction on I-Pigeon and I was primed, knew what I was looking for and that was a son of CAPTAIN!! To my delight Mike had two on the Auction, I flash bought the better of the two!! I would like to introduce to you my newest addition, THE ADMIRAL, he will be sailing our fleet of breeders into the future!! He is a gorgeous bird with red eyes, a medium sized body, super muscled, bulging from the breast bone, with a very strong back and single pin tail, he is one of the nicest cock birds I own!!

The mate I have selected for THE ADMIRAL is none other than the best Creator hen I own, that being CREATIVE DANCER!! She is a direct daughter of CREATOR and his full sister SUNDANCER(Sunrise on the ped)!! THE ADMIRAL is a grandson of Aviator, Mona Lisa, & Creator, great grandson twice of MEMORIES, the nestsister to Creator's mother DAWN OF CREATION!! Therefore this mating will really concentrate the blood that made MEMORIES and thus MONA LISA!!

This is my final introductory offer for the year!! So don't pass this one up!! The first 6 babies off this pairing will be sold!! I would normally be asking $500 each for these youngsters, but for the 1st six youngsters I will be offering them to my friends at $300 each, that is a $50 savings over the previous offers, just a way to say thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR, that includes the shipping when they are weaned. Of course I cannot guarantee the sex of the babies unless you want me to have them DNA'd. But I will have your babies hatched and weaned no later than early March if all goes as planned, you'll get to watch your prized breeders grow up in front of your eyes through next spring and summer!!!

photo coming soon