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PICASSO DEISHER 190-2006, a real super, direct son of my BEST WHITE EAGLE hen, WHITE ANGEL ELL 31-04. He will be one of the best in your loft, his grandfather is HOLLYWOOD on the sire's side, you just can't beat this mating. His father DEISHER 0556-00 is the sire to the 4th place EMF Race in 2005!!

DEISHER 0556-00 Hofkens based, direct son of GOLDFINGER GFL 146-98, my original HOLLYWOOD male. His dam GFL 440-91 raised winners every year I had her including the MVS Futurity, the EMF Race, and the local club!!

NL 4053083-93 HOLLYWOOD
1st National Ace, Old Male, N.P.O.. All Holland '97

1st Nameche 2512 b. 2nd Creil 1301 b.. 1st Roye 2036 b. 12th Vervins 6231 b. 2nd St Ghislain 5818 b. 15th Creil 2322 b. 2nd Provins 2823 b. 18th Chantilly 3881 b. 3rd Epernay 2823 b. 17th Peronne 1125 b.. 3rd St Ghislain 2623 b. 20th Epernay 1585 b. 4th Roye 5308 b. 20th Etampes 1890 b. 4th Creil 5175 b. 21st Montargis 2049 b. 4th Chantilly 3133 b. 20th Creil 1332 b. 3rd Creil 1684 b. 23rd Chantilly 3200 b. 4th Strombeek 2947 b.

--1st Ace Pigeon 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997!!--
--34 prizes in the top 5 places!!--
--14 times 1st Club!!--

HOLLYWOOD is one of the world's top racers and breeders. Can anyone show me a better bird anywhere in the world?

WHITE ANGEL ELL 31-04 direct daugher of WHITE EAGLE, the best grizzle Harold ever owned. WHITE ANGEL is by far the best grizzle Harold ever bred, the Pair One confirmation in a grizzle!!

WHITE EAGLE GFL 1091-02 grandson of WHITE HORSE when mated to ZOONTJENS BEST and GOLDEN WITTEN when mated to his daughter DAISY. WHITE EAGLE is the foundation cock for Lamons' Grizzles. WHITE EAGLE has sire and grandsire to countless winners, a true foundation breeder.

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