FITZ – DEISHER 176-2006 this is the last of the WHITE EAGLE grizzles I will have to offer this year (unless I take them out of the breeding pen) that is priced at $100 starting bid!! FITZ could easily replace 6 of the 8 WHITE EAGLE family males I breed from, you are getting top quality!! FITZ is a full bodied, well muscled, medium-large, orange eyed, single pin tail male. He has as grandparents EAGLE’S PRIDE MIS 1007-03 son of WHITE EAGLE & SILVER BOY’S LADY GFL 919-04. The pair bred 1st place in 2005 in the Ft. Wayne Memorial Futurity Race, flown by Harold Lamons, Jr. & son Wes!! The pair was grandparents to 2 birds in the money in the 2006 Ft Wayne Race!! In FITZ’s pedigree you not only find WHITE EAGLE and SILVER BOY, but also FUTURITY WINNER, GOLDEN WITTEN, MR UNIVERSE, WHITE HORSE, BLUE MIRACLE, SUPER CRACK OLYMPIADE 699, and BREEDERS BEST!! What a family tree!!

EAGLE'S PRIDE MIS 1007-1003 a true white diamond!! Direct son of WHITE EAGLE when mated to RBF 1746-2002. Sire to 1st Place Ft. Wayne Memorial Futurity in 2005. EAGLE'S PRIDE is the perfect combination of the Ganus Grizzles crossed to LAMONS PAIR ONE Bloodlines!!!

"SILVER BOY'S LADY" GFL 919-04, direct daughter of "SILVER BOY" when mated to "FUTURITY WINNER".

"SILVER BOY" The fantastic breeding male from Ludo Claessens. Father, grandfather, and great grandfather to countless winners. Everyone in Holland knows of "SILVER BOY", he is a key breeder. Now let's look at his family tree. Nest brother, "VOS 77" (NL 9410377-77), 3 years running (1996, '97, and "98) in the top 15 Golden Crack Aces. Then his famous father, "LATE RODE 430" (NL 8926430-89) sire to 25 - 1st prize winners and 3 Golden Crack Aces of Holland. Possibly the best breeder Ludo ever owned. Also his half sister, "DOUBLE GOLD", also a multiple winner bred "RED VENUS" (NL 9779579-97) the best record hen ever for Ludo at long distance winning: 5th Prov. Chateauroux vs 2,012 birds, 5th Provencial Limoges vs 1,981 birds, 8th Provencial La Souterraine vs 3,408 birds, 8th Provencial Dax at 600 miles vs 1,295 birds, 15th Bordeaux 600 miles vs 1,584 birds and the list goes on. Now you can see why "SILVER BOY" is a dominate key to the family of Ludo Claessens pigeons. A super breeder.

"FUTURITY WINNER" direct daughter of "WHITE CLOUD" when mated to "DAISY". "WHITE CLOUD" direct son of "IKON" (NL 9323197-93)
Winner of:
1st World Champion, V.L. 1996
1st Middle Distance National Ace N.P.O. 1996
1st Middle Distance National Ace Vredesduif 1996
4th Orleans-11,435 birds, 2nd Rambouillet-5,603 birds
4th St. Witz-3,180 birds, 6th Arrats-9,752 birds
10th Orleans-6,626 birds

"DAISY" GFL 750-99 Direct daughter of "GOLDEN WITTEN" The gift from heaven. Ludo Claessens was in his yard when out of nowhere this beautiful white grizzle landed. Ludo contacted the Belgium Royale Federation who responded to him that the fancier had died. Ludo liked the bird so much that he bred out of him. He bred the Golden White which won 13th Provencial Orleans vs 3069 birds and 4th Provencial Chateauroux vs 2031 birds. These are 300 to 350 mile races.

Best Middle Distance Bird Olympiade 1993 and 1994 All Holland
Best All Distance Bird - Short, Middle and Long Distance, 1993 & 1994 All Holland

--1st Nat. Ace Old Male (Vredesduif) 1994
--2nd Nat. Ace Old Bird - Middle Dist. All Holland 1994
--1st Nat. Ace Yearling - Long Dist. (Vredesduif) 1993
--3rd Nat. Ace Old Male (N.P.O.) All Holland 1994
--6th NAt. Ace Old Male (N.P.O.) All Holland 1993
--4th Nat. Ace Long Dist. (Vredesduif) All Holland 1994
--3rd WORLD CHAMPION - Olympiade - All Distance
--4th WORLD CHAMPION - Olympiade - Middle Distance

1st - Orleans 1480 birds 3rd - Chantilly 8262 birds 8th - Strombeek 5687 birds 8th - St. Ghislain 3182 birds 9th - Pnt. St. Max 15,363 birds 13th - Bourges 6319 birds 13th - Chateauroux 5009 birds 17th - Orleans 7671 birds 31st - Creil 10,644 birds 31st - Orleans 10,474 birds

Is NL 1360699-92 the best pigeon in history??

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