PETRIE DEISHER 172-2006 White Grizzle Cock, direct son of EAGLE'S PRIDE, foundation son of WHITE EAGLE, sire and grandsire to multiple race winners including the 2005 Ft Wayne Memorial Futurity!! Performance based Ganus Grizzles! Dam to PETRIE is based around HOLLYWOOD!!

"EAGLE'S PRIDE" MIS 1007-1003 a true white diamond!! Direct son of WHITE EAGLE when mated to RBF 1746-2002. Sire to 1st Place Ft. Wayne Memorial Futurity in 2005. EAGLE'S PRIDE is the perfect combination of the Ganus Grizzles crossed to LAMONS PAIR ONE Bloodlines!!!

DNV 882-2005 direct daughter of CHAMP 178, HOLLYWOOD-LAMONS PAIR ONE super breeding cock when mated to GFL 1092 pure old line Hofkens hen. This cross produced some super flyers in the Bob & Tom Race for Riley's Children Hospital in Indianapolis.

CHAMP 178-2000, grandson of HOLLYWOOD when mated to BREEDERS BEST and grandson of Lamons' PAIR ONE!! Can you say foundation breeder? Well this is the definition of CHAMP 178, an absolutely amazing bird, one you'd love to own!! "CARLOS' LADY", direct daughter of CARLOS when mated to BIRD OF PEACE. The Old Louis Van Hove Hofkens Family crossed with the Flor Engels Family of birds.

GFL 1092-04 daughter of CARLOS and BIRD OF PEACE.

"CARLOS" direct son of ROCKET 63 and ASKE. The old Hofkens family bred by Louis Van Hove of Belgium. This champion fancier, that lived just a mile from Hofkens, built his family of race winners over 35 years with this super family of birds. Winning National Champion Loft Belgium, National Ace Pigeon and also Olympiad birds represnting all Belgium.

CARLOS is a beautiful strong body, medium to large body, rich red pearl eyes, a little longer cast body. Foundation breeding male, father to multiple winners.

The Hofken's pigeons dominated the pigeon sport in the early 70's just as they do now. Yes, 30 years later. With a family defined racing pigeons that win from 200 miles to 500 miles under all conditions.

"BIRD OF PEACE" A fantastic breeding hen. One of the nicest breeding hens you could ever find. Bred directly by Flor Engels of Belgium who is one of the best racing and breeding lofts of all Belgium. In 2002 Flor Engels was the top racing loft of all Belgium. This loft specializes on the middle to one day long distance races. There are many top lofts all over the world that are winning with their family of birds.

BIRD OF PEACE is a beautiful, medium size, strong perfect body with one of the finest dark red eyes that I have ever handled in my life. I have bred several supers off BIRD OF PEACE which have won from 100 to 400 miles as a youngster. I visited Mr. Engels in 2002 and was fortunate to select 3 hens of my choice from their breeding lofts. BIRD OF PEACE was one of my picks, a SUPER. She will be well known throughout the WORLD as one of the greatest breeding hens ever.

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