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SNOW PRINCESS - DEISHER 166-2006 inbred WHITE EAGLE, coming from FLASH (DEISHER 355-04) a grandson of WHITE EAGLE mated back to a direct daughter of WHITE EAGLE (EAGLE 168-05)!! Performance through and through, winning from New Jersey to Texas.

"FLASH" grandson of Lamons' WHITE EAGLE, his foundation Ganus Griizzle. FLASH'S half brother won the 2005 Ft. Wayne Memorial Futurity. The best of Ganus Grizzles coming together with GOLDEN WITTEN and WHITE HORSE in the pedigree!!

EAGLE 168-2005 Direct daughter of WHITE EAGLE when mated to INBRED MIKE'S PICK, both performance based families that fly well, irregardless of location.

"WHITE EAGLE" grandson of WHITE HORSE when mated to ZOONTJENS BEST and GOLDEN WITTEN when mated to his daughter DAISY. WHITE EAGLE is the foundation cock for Lamons' Grizzles. WHITE EAGLE has sire and grandsire to countless winners, a true foundation breeder.

GFL 384-04 INBRED MIKE'S PICK, direct daughter of MIKE'S BOY when mated to DIAMOND LADY his half sister, also in the pedigree is SPRECKLES and TRIPLE OO5, both super Janssen Hens!!

"MIKE'S BOY" direct son of "MIKE'S PICK" when mated to "SPRECKLES"

"MIKE'S PICK" Blue WF male, bred and raced by Theo Ijskout of Blegium. "MIKE'S PICK" winner of 5 first place wins with 1500 to 2500 birds per race, Antwerp Union. Also sire to 9th National Bourges 1989 with 49,303 birds competing. Theo Isjkout flies with 11 widowhood hens. "MIKE'S PICK" is the sire to 7 of the 11 hens with 5 of them being winners when mated to BELG 6512486-86 (MISS BOURGES). "MIKE'S PICK" is Ganus' favorite stock cock, he has everything. Super racer and proven breeder time after time.

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