RACHEL DEISHER 100-2005, direct daughter of HOLLYWOOD'S BOY GFL 553-04 when mated to a granddaugher of THE PRESIDENT GFL 1329-02. RACHEL is a medium sized, pearl eyed hen that is full of energy that shows as you try to hold her!! Bred around National Aces to be a foundation breeder!!

HOLLYWOOD'S BOY GFL 553-04 is inbred HOLLYWOOD with HOLLYWOOD back on his inbred BREEDER'S BEST daughter, HOLLYWOOD'S LADY GFL 37. HOLLYWOOD'S BOY is my foundation HOLLYWOOD bloodline cock and will be mated to numerous hens.

NL 4053083-93 HOLLYWOOD 1st National Ace, Old Male, N.P.O.. All Holland '97
1st Nameche 2512 b. 2nd Creil 1301 b.. 1st Roye 2036 b. 12th Vervins 6231 b. 2nd St Ghislain 5818 b. 15th Creil 2322 b. 2nd Provins 2823 b. 18th Chantilly 3881 b. 3rd Epernay 2823 b. 17th Peronne 1125 b.. 3rd St Ghislain 2623 b. 20th Epernay 1585 b. 4th Roye 5308 b. 20th Etampes 1890 b. 4th Creil 5175 b. 21st Montargis 2049 b. 4th Chantilly 3133 b. 20th Creil 1332 b. 3rd Creil 1684 b. 23rd Chantilly 3200 b. 4th Strombeek 2947 b.
--1st Ace Pigeon 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997!!--
--34 prizes in the top 5 places!!--
--14 times 1st Club!!--
HOLLYWOOD is one of the world's top racers and breeders. Can anyone show me a better bird anywhere in the world?

PRESIDENT'S BEST'S GIRL GFL 1329-02 direct daughter of PRESIDENT'S BEST when mated to BRIGHT EYES, granddaughter of PRESIDENT. PRESIDENT 1st National Ace Pigeon Short Distance W.H.Z.B. All Holland 1995, BRIGHT EYES is a direct daughter of SISTER WITTENBUIK!!

PRESIDENT 1st National Ace Pigeon Short Distance W.H.Z.B. All Holland 1995

While Mike was traveling around in Holland looking for that super bird he received a phone call about this special male that was the fastest 4 different times against 25,000 plus birds each week. He drove directly to the home of Joep Koch to check this phenomenal bird out. Wow, he was very impressed with the handling of this special bird called “The President”. The body, medium in size, like a one piece frame, very buoyant with a one pin tail. Wing, short arm with super ventilation and soft feather. The eye of a tiger, very strong, rich in color, one of the nicest breeding and racing eyes that I have ever seen.

Children bred:
1st Snow Bird Classic
1st place Midwest Convention
1st place Vegas.com
7 X 1st at 500 mile races.
This family has bred more than $350,000 in winnings. The President is a one in a million champion breeder!! Janssen Family.
1st Hannut 2,045 birds Fastest of 40,000 birds
1st St. Ghislain 2,074 birds Fastest of 30,000 birds
1st Roye 2,086 birds Fastest of 30,000 birds
1st Creil 1,867 birds Fastest of 26,000 birds
3rd Vervins 1,804 birds
8th Creil 1,581 birds

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