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ARCHIMEDES DEISHER 071-2006 direct son of SURE BET'S half brother A NOTCH ABOVE DEISHER 11-05. ARCHIMEDES is a grandson of SURE BET's mother MONEY MAKER. He is a medium size, pearl eyed, with a one pin tail. A NOTCH ABOVE has been described by others as the base of my loft!! In ARCHIMEDESís background you'll find many of the old greats including SUPER CRACK OLYMPIADE 699, OLYMPIA QUEEN, HOLLAND'S BEST, HOLLYWOOD, NATIONAL ACE 543, ROBINHOOD, DA BULL 777, and Lamons Pair One!!

"SUPER CRACK OLYMPIADE 699" Best Middle Distance Bird Olympiade 1993 and 1994 All Holland
Best All Distance Bird - Short, Middle and Long Distance, 1993 & 1994 All Holland
--1st Nat. Ace Old Male (Vredesduif) 1994
--2nd Nat. Ace Old Bird - Middle Dist. All Holland 1994
--1st Nat. Ace Yearling - Long Dist. (Vredesduif) 1993
--3rd Nat. Ace Old Male (N.P.O.) All Holland 1994
--6th NAt. Ace Old Male (N.P.O.) All Holland 1993
--4th Nat. Ace Long Dist. (Vredesduif) All Holland 1994
--3rd WORLD CHAMPION - Olympiade - All Distance
--4th WORLD CHAMPION - Olympiade - Middle Distance
1st - Orleans 1480 birds 3rd - Chantilly 8262 birds 8th - Strombeek 5687 birds 8th - St. Ghislain 3182 birds 9th - Pnt. St. Max 15,363 birds 13th - Bourges 6319 birds 13th - Chateauroux 5009 birds 17th - Orleans 7671 birds 31st - Creil 10,644 birds 31st - Orleans 10,474 birds

NL 4053083-93 HOLLYWOOD 1st National Ace, Old Male, N.P.O.. All Holland '97
1st Nameche 2512 b. 2nd Creil 1301 b.. 1st Roye 2036 b. 12th Vervins 6231 b. 2nd St Ghislain 5818 b. 15th Creil 2322 b. 2nd Provins 2823 b. 18th Chantilly 3881 b. 3rd Epernay 2823 b. 17th Peronne 1125 b.. 3rd St Ghislain 2623 b. 20th Epernay 1585 b. 4th Roye 5308 b. 20th Etampes 1890 b. 4th Creil 5175 b. 21st Montargis 2049 b. 4th Chantilly 3133 b. 20th Creil 1332 b. 3rd Creil 1684 b. 23rd Chantilly 3200 b. 4th Strombeek 2947 b.
--1st Ace Pigeon 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997!!--
--34 prizes in the top 5 places!!--
--14 times 1st Club!!ó

"OLYMPIA QUEEN" full sister to LATE RODE 430. Dam to MONEYMAKER, granddam to SURE BET.
NL 7070532-94 - OLYMPIA QUEEN. 5th St. Quentin vs 864 birds, 52nd Orleans vs 4327 birds, 83rd Argenton vs 3528 birds, 63rd Creil vs 2735 birds plus many other top prizes. OLYMPIA QUEEN is the aunt to VOS 77 (NL 9410377-94), Ludo Claessen's top racer and breeder for the past 10 years. OLYMPIA QUEEN has produced race winners and foundation breeders for several lofts around the world. She is one of the most beautiful birds I've ever seen. Perfect body, rich eyes, and the character of a champion. This bird will be known as one of the greatest breeding hens ever to be imported to America. A real super breeding hen.

"HOLLAND'S BEST" Sire to MONEYMAKER, grandsire to SURE BET. NL 1560140-90 HOLLAND'S BEST. The crack of all Holland, not only the 3rd Best Old Male of All Holland in 1992, but also the 5th Best Old Male of All Holland in 1993! This is with 55,000 fanciers competing. HOLLAND'S BEST, won 6 x 1st and 16 times in the top 10 places, winning from 100 miles to 500 miles. Not many old birds win back to back seasons at National Ace. HOLLAND'S BEST is one of the finest pigeons I've ever handled. Medium size, perfect body, rich violet eyes and most important - the will to win. He won, week after week, a top prize and the wind, distance or weather did not matter. Why, because he is a "wonder" bird - a bird that we all hope to have at least once in our lifetime and dream about. HOLLAND'S BEST has bred so many top producers of winners and foundation breeders for lofts throughout Holland, Belgium and Germany and now he's in America at Ganus Family Loft. I am very proud to own him.

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