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ROCKET'S DREAM - DEISHER 023-2006 Direct daughter of SUPER ROCKET, direct son of ROCKET, when mated to CLASSIC DOLLAR, direct daughter of TOP DOLLAR. This is a full sister to DEISHER 006-2006 who was 2nd high point bird in the Lou McElroy series of One Loft Races in North Carolina. DEISHER 006 two times equal first place, 150 miles and 300 miles. The ROCKET bloodlines combined with TOPO bloodlines have been winning throughout the USA. I love this little hen, she resembles her mother so much it is uncanny. This is a perfect mate for DEISHER 018-06 that is being offered this week also.

GFL 1519-2002 SUPER ROCKET is the cock I've always dreamed of, this is a perfect 10. I called Mike and asked him for something special, he delivered. SUPER ROCKET is a direct son of ROCKET when mated to THE DREAM. He is a medium sized bird with supple muscle, soft feather, single pin tail, a beautiful eye, absolutely everything you are looking for, he is possibly my #1 cock.

ROCKET NL 9669302-96, 1st National Ace Pigeon All Holland - Old Birds N.P.O. 1999. In 1998, If he would have been entered into the National Ace awards by Mr. Van Gestal, ROCKET would have been the first bird to be the 1st National Champion of All Holland back to back years. He had the most points two years in a row in national competition. The ROCKET's family is the old Tournier bloodline. The fancier who raced the ROCKET raced only 14 males in short, middle and one day long distance races. Four full brothers and five direct sons of the ROCKET were all 1st prize winners. ROCKET won 1st prizes at short, middle and also long distance races against thousands of birds winning 4 years in a row. He is a true champion racer and a proven breeder of winners. His race record is: 1st Creil 2,581 birds 2nd Etampes 1,255 birds 1st Creil 2,485 birds 3rd St. Quentin 3,072 birds 1st Chantilly 2,366 birds 3rd St. Quentin 2,590 birds 1st Reims 1,671 birds 3rd St. Quentin 2,414 birds 2nd St. Ghislain 2,535 birds 5th Peronne 2,177 birds 2nd Creil 2,633 birds 12th Nijvel 2,456 birds ROCKET is father to 1st National Race winner and grandfather to the 1st Middle Distance W.H.Z.B. National Ace of All Holland in 2004! He is medium in size, orange eyes, lots of supple muscle, and a strong perfect body.

BELG 6605436-96 THE DREAM. Pure old Hofken's bloodline. Goes back to the greats like PORTO (BELG 6565472-82) who represented Belgium at the Olympiade in Portugal.

CLASSIC DOLLAR full sister to GB E71561-00 equal first place in the 2001 clocking 2nd 1/2 second behind, winning the most money in the race $74,343 for owner Peter Fox. Direct daughter of TOP DOLLAR when mated to CLASSIC WINNER. A mating made in heaven and proven in Vegas!!

TOP DOLLAR is what you dream about in a foundation quality stud male. Rich dark red eyes, strong body, fantastic wing and directly off the greatest 1st National Ace (WHZB) Middle Distance Champion ever to leave Holland-TOPO. TOPO has bred more than 10 1st Place Winners and sired more than 50 foundation breeders that have produced winners. TOPO also bred GFL 55-2000, a blue hen that won $25,000 USD in the America's King Cup Races in 2000. She flew 1050 miles in 3 weeks. A super bird. This TOPO family is like no other.

GFL 216-1997 CLASSIC WINNER In 1997, as a youngster, she won the 1st Florida State Classic - 370 miles, 90 degrees and several minutes ahead. She then went on to breed winner after winner with several different males. Five grandchildren have also won 1st places at 300 and 350 mile races. CLASSIC WINNER brings the Janssen Bros. YOUNG MERCKX blood back into the winning circle. She is a rich orange eyed, stong body, super wing masterpiece. And CLASSIC WINNER is not only a winner, but a top proven breeder!!

Opening Bid was $200

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