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After several months of thought and consideration on Ocotber 19, 2007, Bill decided that after taking a new job and facing the fact that he would be away from home for 21 days at a time that it was time to liquidate his birds. The problem was that his new position starts on October 23, 2007. He emailed me and said, "Ron come and get them, please sale them for me, I'm out of time." So I rent a cargo van and a heroing journey begins on October 20, 2007! My brother-in-law, Eugene Miller, and I drove straight out to pick them up and straight back, we were gone 62 hours, of which we were behind the wheel of that cargo van 55 hours of it! Our only stops, 5 hours stopped for Interstate closures due to ice, snow, and accidents, 2 hours to pick the birds up and talk to Bill, gas and restroom breaks!! It was an unforgetable adventure that I'm not to sure I would have done for anyone else!!

Thank you Bill for trusting me to liquidate your loft for you.

This is one fine group of birds, honestly I have 50+ GFL birds, I could add anyone of these birds to my loft and improve the overall quality, these are worth every bit of your consideration, if you need references of people that have been to my loft and handled them, I can provide names and phone numbers! Sincerely, Ron Deisher

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(click to see pedigree)
Black Rain
BELG 2098850-04
Imported Michel Vanlint Huyskens VanRiel !!

(click to see pedigree)
NL 1260004-03
Full Brother to Ganus'
ACE'S BEST - 1st National Ace Youngster W.H.Z.B. All Holland 2003 !!

Click on Band # Sire Dam
BELG 2098850-04
BLACK RAIN bred by Michael VanLint
Winning Huyskens - VanRiel Family
NL 1417236-01 SOLD!!
The Eijerkamp Cock
One of Bill's Best Breeders!
Direct from Hans Eijerkamp
NL 1260004-03
Full Brother to ACE'S BEST
1st Nat Ace Youngster WHZB All Holland 2003
GFL 257-07 SOLD!!
Rocket's Gold (Rocket & Golden Breeder)
Breanne (Rocket & Jennifer)
GFL 353-05 SOLD!!
Champion's Pride (Super Champion & Golden Sissi)
Jangle's Pride (Bo Jangles & Hollywood's Lady)
GFL 364-05 Sold!!
Sir Elias (Hercules Family)
Mrs. Janssen (Bred by the Janssen Bros.)
GFL 402-05 SOLD!!
Golden Sissi (Bred by Gaby Vandenabeele)
Katherine (Hollywood & Hollywood's Lady)
GFL 431-07 SOLD!!
Alexander (President & Lucky Star)
Snow Queen (Sure Bet & Lady Diva)
GFL 460-06 SOLD!!
Crack Sissi (Grandson of SISSI)
Rose (Sure Bet & Viola Winner)
GFL 514-02 SOLD!!
Universe's Pride (Mr. Universe & Fantasy)
Carol Sue (Bred by Gaby Vandenabeele)
GFL 631-06 SOLD!!
Super Magic (Magic Star & Celeste)
Sterling Jewel (Bo Jangles & Sterling)
GFL 711-02 SOLD!!
Golden Witten & Olympic Angel
America's First & Blue Classic
GFL 724-01 SOLD!!
Lady Bird
GFL 845-06 SOLD!!
Classic Rocket (Rocket & Diamond Sissi)
Silver Diamond (Silver Boy & Black Beauty)
GFL 895-03 SOLD!!
Godfather & Sterling
Young Flower - bred by Gaby Vandenabeele
GFL 955-05 SOLD!!
Silver Boy
Black Beauty
GFL 965-06 SOLD!!
Terminator Man (Terminator & Solid Gold
Silver Lady (Silver Boy & Daisy Mae)
GFL 979-06 SOLD!!
Phantom's Legend (Phantom & Miss Mattens)
Green Eyed Lady
GFL 985-06 SOLD!!
Midnight Sun (Tiger Eyes & Eclipse)
GFL 1044-06 Sold!!
Silver Boy
Green Eyes
GFL 1089-01 SOLD!!
Rocket & De Juf
Super Crack Olympiade 699 & Assured Silver
GFL 1154-01 SOLD!!
The Producer
Super Crack Olympiade 699 & Assured Silver
GFL 1238-06 SOLD!!
Hercules Star
Magic's Beauty (Magic Star & Celeste)
GFL 1301-06 SOLD!!
Sure Bet
GFL 1318-05 SOLD!!
Magic Ace (Magic Star & Aneke)
Show Girl (granddaughter of Sissi)
GFL 1333-06 SOLD!!
Magic Man (Jan Aarden Import)
Green Eyes (Jan Aarden Import)
GFL 1357-02 SOLD!!
Rockey (Mike's Pick & Speckles)
Super Crack Olympiade 699 & Picanol 082
GFL 1368-05 SOLD!!
Godfather's Pride (Godfather & Sterling)
New Sissi (bred by Gaby Vandenabeele)
GFL 1439-05 Sold!!
Black Rain
Black Beauty

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