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For my valued friends who have purchased birds from me before on I-Pigeon here are the birds that I will offer on I-Pigeon in the coming weeks providing they do not sell prior to auction time. I offer these to you, my valued friends before they are offered to everyone else. This is a private sale only for my existing customers, please do not pass this link on to others.

They will be sold on a first come basis, sold to the first taker based on the date and time on your email that you reserve the bird. The bird will be held for one week to allow you to either mail me a check, or if you wish you can use my paypal link below to use your debit or credit card. Please add $40 shipping for one or two birds and $50 for more than two birds.

I send my birds to be posted on I-Pigeon Sunday Morning by 6:00 a.m. EST, therefore if you want to reserve a bird you must do it prior to that time. Thank you, I appreciate your efforts in breeding champions from my GFL based birds!

My email is:
It takes an email to reserve the bird!

(click image to enlarge and view pedigree)
(Will be listed on I-Pigeon 06-24-06 if not reserved)

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