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RASCAL - HADLOCK 161-06 Grandson of the GOLDEN MATTENS and HEAVENLY ANGEL. RASCAL is a direct son of my son of GOLDEN MATTENS and HEAVENLY ANGEL when mated to my daughter of MAN OF WAR and SOLID GOLD!! You just cannot find any nicer of a bird than RASCAL!! He is a medium size male with orange eyes, a strong back, tight vents, a single pin tail, and a great well ventilated wing!! In 2005 I was really wanting a son of the GOLDEN MATTENS but could not decide on the hen, then Mike told me about this hen he'd just paid $90 grand for, I knew what I wanted, something off GOLDEN MATTENS and HEAVENLY ANGEL!! I got the very first bird that was raised off HEAVENLY ANGEL on American soil and her son GFL 960-05 is my very best male bar none and RASCAL is built so much like his father you would have thought I cloned him!!
Price $450