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Nelson Paw at Grizzland

A New Concept for Pigeon Sales on the Web

"Friends Helping Friends Sell Pigeons"

After observing the auction sites an observant seller will find that most birds get one bid, the opening bid. And each seller then pays the auction service a percentage of their sales. Quite often you buy a bird knowing little about the seller. And the middleman, the auction service gets their cut! Then you wait two to four weeks to get paid on the bird you just sold while incurring the shipping cost to get the bird to the buyer.

Let's cut out the middleman, give the buyers the ability to deal directly with the seller and not have to worry about getting caught up in the moment and paying a ridiculous price for the bird, in the case it's a bird several buyers want!!

This will increase private sales, give the seller the ability to set a fair price for their bird, and to transact additional business with the buyers, without giving up some ridiculous percentage for commissions to the auction service.

On our website the buyer and seller deal directly with each other, no middleman taking a cut!! The seller is responsible for collecting from the buyer, therefore getting their funds much quicker and you don't have to ship the birds sold until you receive the funds from the buyer!!

If you have your own website that you sell birds from great, we will link it to our site to enhance your sales. You are then responsible for all of your own postings. To be listed in the Member Websites is absolutely free.

If you do not have a website or want a page on our site to post birds to, we will create a page for you and post birds on that page for you. You can find an example of this at Hadlock's Romeo Loft. You will receive a sidebar listing. The cost of this is $10 per bird posted to your webpage which includes your photo and your pedigree. We must have both to post on the site. You can leave the birds on your page as long as you like, but we appreciate knowing when they sell so we can mark them sold. If you desire, professional images can done by Nelson Paw at $10 each which must be prepaid and we will take care of getting this done for you.

Now the Co-op part, tell your friends about the site, email it to everyone you know, get your own site listed, have us build you a page if you are not already on the web, post some birds, help a friend get better stock, help a friend fly better, make this sport all that it can be for everyone involved!!

This is a low cost website built just for friends wanting to do business with friends. We are not responsible for business conduct between buyer and seller.

Email: pigeonfriends@yahoo.com